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    All My Children CAST - Opal Cortlandt - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Opal Cortlandt Played by Jill Larson on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jill Larson

    Birthday: 1947-10-07
    Birthplace: Minnesota
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jill Larson


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    She's Gone.

    Friday, May 20 2011

    After "Erica" acts uncharacteristically rude to Opal, she leaves Erica and Jack's place. Jack reminds "Erica" Opal is her best friend and even though she's been through a lot, she has to remember that the people who love her went through hell while she was gone. Jack gets a call about Ryan and Madison's baby and they leave for the hospital.

    Ricky heads over to Kendall's house, where Opal is watching the boys. Ricky gives Spike a gift and then learns the boy doesn’t know about the wedding.

    Sara Lavery.

    Thursday, May 19 2011

    "Erica" goes to Krystal's where Caleb finds her. He calls her Dorothy, but she doesn't react. She finally looks up and recognizes Caleb, who sits down with her. She asks after Asher and expresses her regret over what happened. He assures her it wasn't her fault and declares they will get the people who took her and put them away forever. She says she can't believe he came all the way to St. Bart's to try and stop her wedding. He notes she made her choice and says he has to respect it. "Erica" tells him she would never accept this kind of rejection so graciously and assumes his feelings didn't just go away. Opal sees them as Caleb tells her he is accepting what is: She's committed to someone else. Caleb picks up his takeout and Opal embraces her friend. "Erica" acts like she doesn’t know her, but then tries to recover when Opal tells her who she is. Opal is not thrilled "Erica" was making "goo-goo eyes at Mountain Man." "Erica" acts offended and leaves.

    Opal follows "Erica" home, but "Erica" doesn't feel like talking to her. Opal wants to know what she was doing canoodling with Caleb. "Erica" orders Opal to leave and to stick her nose in someone else's business, as Jack returns.

    Something Has To Give.

    Monday, May 09 2011

    After Cara dissects the perfect French fry at Krystal's, Tad suggests she has too much time on her hands. He informs her he got her a job offer at the free clinic. She is touched and thanks him, calling him the world's best hubby. She leaves the room, as Opal walks in observing the scene. Cara gets a call from Jake about the girl whose parents she upset. Cara wants to see her and hangs up on Jake, who doesn't think it's a good idea. Cara tells Tad, who also opposes the idea. After the Martins have left, Amanda enters and talks with Opal, who offers her a drink. Amanda says she and Jake are trying for a baby so she isn't drinking. Opal is thrilled and tells Amanda she has news that will make her very happy.

    Tad returns to Krystal's and gushes about how great Cara was with the girl. Amanda tells him Opal shared how close he and Cara are getting and expresses how happy she is for them. Through clenched teeth, Tad tells his mother she needs to keep her trap shut. Cara calls Tad and tells him what happened to Jake.

    No More Lies.

    Wednesday, May 04 2011

    Opal finds Krystal at Jack's and wonders what the hell she's doing there. Krystal insists she's Jack's friend. Opal thinks Krystal's taking advantage of Erica being gone. She loves Krystal but urges her to find a man who's available. Krystal only wants Jack to be happy. If that means with someone other than Erica, Krystal's all for it.

    Wired Up.

    Monday, May 02 2011

    Ryan finds Opal at ConFusion after she talks with Ricky. After some questioning, she fills Ryan in on how the original reverend from the church died from a heart attack and Ricky just stepped right in.

    Where's The Fun In That?

    Thursday, April 21 2011

    Jack looks at a photo of Erica at home, as Opal enters. She reminds Jack how much Erica wanted to marry him and believes she is coming home. Krystal stops by and Opal leaves them to talk. Krystal tells Jack how wrong it was of Erica to leave him. Jack wonders why Erica left him so publicly and why he keeps putting himself through this. Krystal lets him know she is there for him whatever he needs.

    Opal heads to Krystal's and sits with Caleb. She notes how much time he's spent with Krystal and suggests he ask her out on a date. Caleb isn't interested.

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