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    All My Children CAST - Opal Cortlandt - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Opal Cortlandt Played by Jill Larson on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jill Larson

    Birthday: 1947-10-07
    Birthplace: Minnesota
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jill Larson


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    Greenlee vs. Fusion!

    Tuesday, May 15 2007

    In Erica's New Beginnings office, she realizes that most of the fan mail in regards to the divorce episode is because of Jackson! Pam, the new producer tells her about a few offers that will help her - and the show! Everyone wants a piece of The New Divorce! Though she is excited, Erica wonders how Jack's revelation - that they still love each other - will play on the other shows. But, "This would be my chance to set the record straight. Once and for all," she says. The producer leaves and Erica begins to wonder just how the new show will work. Opal arrives, excited about Erica and Jack getting back together! Erica sets her straight, saying that Jack was just trying to embarrass her by saying those things. Opal doesn't believe a word of it! She tells Erica not to throw Jack away simply because he doesn't let her run the show! "You can't stop loving Jackson," Opal says. The producer interrupts because her interview has arrived. Jack follows and the reporter begins to interview them both about the show. Erica steps all over the interview, not letting Jack get a word in edgewise, unless it is for him to parrot her answers with a "yes" or "I agree". Erica pauses and Jack pipes up that their divorce still isn't finalized. "If neither of us changes our minds, we'll let you know as soon as it's finalized," he says as Erica tells the reporter that everything is moving along swiftly. The reporter sees the sparks between them and asks if the divorce will really happen. Erica skirts the issue, telling the reporter that they will work things out. Jack tells her that he loves her, too! The reporter ends the interview and tells them he'll take part two of the interview once the divorce is really finished! Jack agrees.

    Trouble in Pine Valley

    Friday, April 20 2007

    In the hospital nursery, one substitute nurse realizes that Jenny is missing but another convinces her that the baby is with the family. Meanwhile in Krystal's room, Babe arrives with a baby outfit for Jenny. Colby and Tad follow, ready to take Jenny home! Krystal is overwhelmed that everyone has shown up to bring her home. JR arrives, annoyed that the fill-in nurses aren't doing a good job. He gives them the key to the penthouse and Krystal tells Colby that she needs to go to school. "Get your little butt to school," Krystal says when Colby balks at leaving. Colby gives in and leaves for class. Opal arrives, eager to meet Jenny. Opal asks Krystal if they can begin their relationship again and become friends. She gives Krystal a gift, a silver baby rattle that belonged to Jenny, Tad's sister! Both Tad and JR leave to see what is taking so long with Jenny. Touched by Opal's gift, Krystal hugs her. She shows Opal pictures of the baby. Realizing that she is late for her volunteer shift, Opal leaves. Babe can't believe how well Krystal and Opal are getting long. Both wonder what is taking Tad so long.

    Angry and Confused

    Monday, February 19 2007

    At the cemetery, JR tries to find comfort in saying he is sorry. "Please, know how sorry I am," he tells Babe's coffin, crying. He cries over Dixie's coffin as well. Colby embraces him, but JR can't be comforted. Julia invites everyone to Wildwind. Tad holds Krystal's hand for a moment before Adam leads her away. Bianca goes to JR, who tells her to forgive Maggie. Zoe approaches, angry and not listening when Bianca tells her to be quiet. "You put Babe in that coffin as sure as the killer did!" Zoe says. She confronts JR about the blackmail and his threats against Babe. "Enough. Stop!" Bianca hollers. She can't believe Zoe is bringing up the past when they should just be saying goodbye to Dixie and Babe. Bianca tells JR she is sorry and he leaves. Tad grabs his arm, asking where he is going. "Not to the bar, isn't that all that matters?" he says as he storms off. As Bianca cries, Zoe comes over to apologize. She realizes she shouldn't have said what she did to JR. Bianca shows Zoe a picture of Babe, before their friendship fell apart. "We all need pieces of our past to hold on to," Zoe says as Bianca decides to put the picture inside the coffin. Zoe convinces her to keep the picture, for Babe's sake. Jack arrives, asking Bianca to take extra care. Alone again, Binks invites Zoe to Wildwind with her, but Zoe isn't sure she will be welcomed. "Everyone who loves Babe should be together now," Bianca says and the two leave. Meanwhile, Opal asks Joe and Tad for help with Palmer. She's worried about him and doesn't know what to do. "I can't fix what broke when Dixie died," Opal tells Tad. In another part of the cemetery, Zach talks to Ethan's grave, vowing not to stop until he finds the killer.

    An Emotional Day

    Friday, February 16 2007

    At the cemetery, Ryan shows Jack the most recent note from the killer, wondering why the killer has chosen to communicate with him. Jack doesn't have any answers. He surprises Ryan with his next words. "I've heard from Greenlee!" She contacted Jack after hearing about the killings. Hearing from Greenlee has made Jack realize all he has to lose and he swears to help protect Kendall. Tad and Derek arrive as flower delivery men bring in gardenias and white ribbons! Derek takes the flowers away as the guests begin arriving. Amanda stands over Babe's coffin with Jonathan and Aidan. Bianca hugs Tad and then moves to comfort Krystal. Palmer and Opal make a beeline for Dixie's casket. Myrtle and Dr. Joe Martin arrive and speak with Zach. When Zoe arrives, the gathered crowd turns to watch. Erica arrives with Jeff, causing Jack to look twice. Zach remains near the entrance, almost as if he is standing guard. Adam opens the floor for others to talk about Babe and Dixie. Bianca steps up, telling them that she had forgiven Babe for taking Miranda and that she wished Babe could know. Tad remembers the first time he met Dixie at Myrtle's store. After being so strong, Tad breaks down a little. "I could see my future," he says, crying. "I could see our future." Jamie comes up, to lead Tad back to his seat. Di steps up, saying "I'm going to miss her every day of my life!" In tears, Krystal throws herself on top of Babe's casket. Adam and Colby quickly lead her back to her seat. Zoe stands up and begins to sing, "You Lift Me Up". She continues to sing as the rest of Pine Valley file by the caskets. Finally stepping forward, JR reaches out to touch Babe's casket and begins to cry.

    Dixie's Final Scene

    Tuesday, January 30 2007

    At the hospital, Jeff and Joe pull Tad back from Dixie as the monitors flatline. Jamie and JR burst into the room. As the crowd is pushed out by a nurse, JR assures Tad that Dixie will pull through. JR can't forget what Dixie told him; Tad continues to hear Dixie tell him "Together". Opal, Di and Dell are anxious for news, but no one can give them progress reports. In the background, Tad remembers the good times with Dixie and JR recalls the Christmas pageant and Dixie helping him through his solo. Jamie recalls bringing a frog home and losing it. Inside the hospital room, Joe realizes he may not be able to save Dixie and remembers advising her against another pregnancy. Tad flashes back to their weddings.

    At the Chandler mansion, Babe is in shock. Adam goes on the attack, telling her everything that has happened is her fault. Jack interrupts the fight, telling Adam to go to the hospital. His family needs him. Derek and Jack begin questioning Zarf and Babe erupts in anger. Those were her pancakes, if anyone is to blame, it is her not Zoe. In tears, Babe asks to go to the hospital to see JR. She and a bodyguard leave.
    As Babe arrives in the waiting room to comfort JR, Dr. Joe Martin comes outside. "We lost her," he says. Without saying a word, Tad leaves the crowd. Joe keeps Jamie from following his father and Babe comforts JR. Angry, he demands that Joe go back inside and fix Dixie. Finally realizing his mother is gone, JR asks to see Dixie. Babe wheels him inside. Jamie follows with Adam and Opal. Dixie singing "You Are My Sunshine" fills the room. Those closest to Dixie say their goodbyes, but Jamie can't. He stays in the back of the room, crying. Di leaves the room, angry that they couldn't catch the killer before he got to Dixie. Aidan takes her in his arms and holds her while she cries. As JR takes Dixie's hand, she appears and her spirit squeezes his shoulder, then moves to Jamie. Her spirit can't find Tad in the hospital. Babe brings JR his mother's bracelet and, crying, he puts it on Dixie's wrist. "I love you, Mama," he says.

    Poisoned Pancakes!

    Monday, January 29 2007

    Meanwhile at the police station, Zach wants to take Kendall and leave, but Tad and Jack continue questioning him. Has he come up with a connection? Jack tells the crowd the only thing Kenny has done since being released is go to the supermarket and Derek tells them Zarf is still his prime suspect. Josh comes in, demanding Zach be arrested because of the love letters. Zach explains the only thing he knows about the love letters is that they were written by a man named Raymond. Angry that they are questioning Zach, who is as a much a victim as anyone else, Kendall says she is tired of hiding. If the killer wants her, she's right here! Josh takes Kendall for a walk to calm her down. Jack and Derek discuss the suspect list and Zach takes Tad aside, telling him that under the influence he told Josh about Greg's death. Everyone comes to attention when Derek takes a call from Adam - he orders officers to the Chandler mansion immediately. Josh streaks out before Derek can tell him the attack wasn't on Babe. It was Dixie!

    At the hospital, Tad and Jamie arrive as Dixie is brought in. As Dr. Joe and Dr. Jeff Martin begin working on Dixie, Tad and Jamie are left outside the ER room with Krystle and JR. Krystle leads Jamie away to notify friends and family. A broken up JR almost tells Tad Dixie's secret. JR and Tad are inconsolable; Opal, Di and Dell arrive, talking to Jamie. Jamie comforts Opal, who can't find Palmer. Unable to wait outside, Tad bursts in to the hospital room. He begs Dixie to hold on, to fight. Dixie opens her eyes! Tad is relieved that Dixie is awake and calls her his dream come true. Dixie takes the oxygen mask from her face and says "Together". The monitors begin to flatline.

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