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    All My Children CAST - Opal Cortlandt

    Full detailed profile on Opal Cortlandt Played by Jill Larson on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jill Larson
    Opal Cortlandt

    Actor: Jill Larson

    Who played Opal Cortlandt over the years

    Jill Larson (contract: 1989 - May 2, 2006) (recurring: June 14, 2006 - present)
    Dorothy Lyman (1981 - 1984)

    Useful information on Opal Cortlandt

    * Marital Status - Singled/Divorced.
    * Blackmailed Langley Wallingford into an affair, and tried to get him to divorce his wife, Phoebe.
    * Kept quiet about Erica's plan to confess to Frankie Stone's murder.
    * Got herself arrested on a minor civil disobedience charge to spend time with Erica in jail).
    * Attempted to buy drugs to frame Michael Cambias.
    * Conspired with Ruth Martin to lock Diana Cole in a shed.
    * Predicted that Richie Novak was dangerous.
    * Predicted that danger was coming to Pine Valley.


    Current: Owner of the new Glamorama
    Current: Board member of Cortlandt Electronics (Enterprises)
    Past: Co-owner of the Chicken Shack
    Past: Owner of the Glamorama


    Opal came to Pine Valley, along with daughter Jenny, in search of her son Tad. She was determined to get her daughter into show business or a modeling career so she could make a fortune. While they waited for Jenny's big break, Opal made her work in a bar called Foxy's, while Opal took a job as a maid for Phoebe Wallingford, and seduced her husband, Langley. Despite Opal's pleas, he refused to leave his wife for her.

    Opal turned her attention to opening a beauty salon, the Glamorama. She met and married Ralph Purdy, and the two left for Europe. Opal didn't return until Palmer Cortlandt enlisted her help in ruining the romance between his niece, Dixie, and her son, Tad. Opal and Ralph had divorced, so she saw this as an opportunity to become the next wealthy, Mrs. Palmer Cortlandt, but Palmer was highly annoyed by Opal's flashy dress and shrill voice, and paid Sean Cudahy to date her. Eventually Sean couldn't stand her, and refused to continue. Opal continued her pursuit of Palmer until they eventually fell in love and married.

    Someone was poisoning Palmer and Opal became suspect, but the culprit proved to be an old partner of Palmer's that Opal had dated for a while in an attempt to make Palmer jealous. When fences were mended, Opal and Palmer became copasetic, and Opal became pregnant and gave birth to Petey.

    Financial troubles ensued, and Palmer lost control of his business. At Opal's suggestion he opened a fast-food restaurant using her fried chicken recipe to make the Cluck Cluck Chicken Shack a success. The business became a franchise, and Palmer earned enough money to get Cortlandt Electronics back.

    Both Cortlands strayed from their marriage, he with Janet Green, and Opal with Seabone Hunkle, but the union survived. The final curtain fell on the marriage when Palmer hid stolen World War II art and refused to surrender it when Government Agents came looking for it. Opal turned him in, then discovered that one of the agents was her long lost son. Palmer faked his own death, but resurfaced, angry that Opal had sided with her son against him. He divorced her, and although she tried to get Palmer's Electronics firm in the settlement, she got Cortlandt manor instead. She promptly turned it into a larger version of her gaudy beauty salon.

    Opal moved in with Tad and Krystal and mourned Palmer when he died from a heart attack in 2010. She regretted never telling Palmer that she still loved him, but her family and friends assured her that he knew.


    Ray Gardner (deceased)
    Ralph Purdy
    Palmer Cortlandt (deceased)


    Frank Dawson
    Langley Wallingford
    Sam Brady
    Ryan_Lavery (kissed)
    Hank Pelham (dated)


    Jamie Martin (grandson)
    Kathy Martin (granddaughter)
    Jenny Colby Carey Martin (granddaughter)


    Tad Martin (son with Ray)
    Adrian Sword (son with Frank)
    Jenny Gardner (daughter with Ray - deceased)
    Peter Cortlandt (son with Palmer)


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    Monday, August 26 2013: The Eagle Has Landed.

    At home, Pete informs Opal he’s taking Celia on a sunset cruise, then to dinner at Jane’s. He leaves and Opal arranges to meet Colby.

    Back at Pete’s, Colby and Opal don sleek black outfits. Colby wonders if she’ll be next on Opal’s list if she gets close to Pete, but Opal isn’t worried about that.

    Back at Jane’s, Celia emerges in a new outfit. Pete hits the switch and the room is set up like her favorite scene from "Lady and the Tramp," complete with spaghetti and meatballs. As they dance, Opal and Colby release a skunk and Celia screams as it sprays her. Outside, Opal and Colby do a happy dance before scurrying off.

    Monday, August 26 2013: Grind You Into The Ground.

    At Chandler mansion, Colby is ecstatic about their success but Opal isn’t as happy. She wouldn’t even be doing this if Celia didn’t creep her out. Later, Colby asks JR if he found out who sabotaged his reel. She’s ready to get Brooke out, but she doesn’t think that's her style. JR guesses David did it. Colby agrees it’s a David move.

    Celia and Pete go to his place to get the skunk smell off and the date back on track. They kiss but are interrupted by Opal. As soon as Opal sees Celia, she is struck by her scary vision. Opal can see the skunk brought them closer. She leaves and Pete and Celia make out.

    Monday, August 19 2013: Down In The Mud.

    Pete goes over his romantic plans with Jane at Jane’s Addiction while Opal listens in. She looks at a picture of Celia on Pete’s phone and has an image of a little girl that makes her cold. She urges Pete to be careful. Later, Colby joins Opal and proposes a plan to sabotage Pete’s romantic evening. She thinks something is off with Celia and Opal agrees. She wonders what Colby has in mind.

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