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    All My Children CAST - JR Chandler (past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on JR Chandler (past) Played by Jacob Young on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jacob Young (ABC)

    Birthday: September 10, 1979
    Birthplace: Renton, Washington
    Marital Status: married; Christen Steward (May 13, 2007)
    Real Name: Jacob Young
    Height: 5'10"


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    Raising The Dead.

    Monday, August 01 2011

    JR stumbles around the park drinking and sees AJ flying a kite with his nanny. Tad stops JR from approaching AJ and says what happens to him is in his hands. He's the only one who can save himself. JR tells Tad he's not just some drunk in the park. Tad thinks he's on his way. Tad tells JR if he wants to be in AJ's life he needs to be someone he can look up to or else he'll be watching him from a distance from now on. After Tad leaves with AJ, JR sees a homeless person. He sits down and shares a drink with him.

    Downward Facing Death Squad.

    Friday, July 29 2011

    JR angrily gets out of the pool demanding to know why Tad threw him in there. Tad grabs him and forcefully tells him to get his act together because AJ needs him. JR worries AJ hates him, but Tad thinks he can turn this around. JR points out he isn't Tad. He has too much Adam in him and doesn't take rejection well. Tad says the only thing that should mater is AJ. He knows JR can fix things. JR thinks he would just screw up again. Tad thinks he has Dixie's heart and suggests he listen to it. Tad gets a call and learns Opal has been admitted to Oak Haven. After Tad leaves, JR gets cleaned up but then angrily starts throwing things in the pool.

    Marissa meets Bianca and AJ at Krystal's. As Marissa tries to console AJ about his dad, JR shows up. JR apologizes for being a jerk and suggests they fly a kite in the park. AJ doesn’t want to. Bianca tells him AJ is tired, but JR shouts at her not to tell him how his son feels. He grabs for AJ, but AJ pushes him and says he hates him. He doesn’t want JR to be his dad anymore. JR tells his son he loves him. He grabs a bottle from behind the bar, secretly lifts Bianca's car keys and leaves.

    JR drinks from the bottle of booze as he starts Bianca's car.

    Not Like This You're Not.

    Thursday, July 28 2011

    Outside the mansion, Scott tries to talk business with JR, but he doesn’t care about the company. He doesn't care about anyone. He only wants his son back. Scott reminds him he had him until he fell off the wagon.

    Tad talks with Opal and Jack at home. Jack was hoping that Tad could help him get into see Erica since she isn't allowed visitors. Tad arranges it so Jack can see her as her lawyer, but says he's going with him. JR stops by to see AJ. Tad tells Jack to go to Oak Haven ahead of him and Opal heads upstairs. Krystal walks downstairs for an apology from JR. He half-heartedly complies, but then gets angry insisting he's not the one at fault. He blames Marissa for blowing up his family, as Marissa and AJ enter the room. JR tries to talk to his son, but Marissa wants him to leave. He shouts, "Not without my son!" Tad pleads with JR to leave for now. JR agrees and says goodbye to AJ, who looks scared of him. JR leaves and Tad asks if he can bring AJ over JR's later, but AJ doesn't want to go.

    Tad finds JR outside at the mansion. He breaks it to JR that AJ didn't want to see him. JR declares he will get his son back and picks up a bottle of booze. Tad says, "Not like this you're not," and pushes him in the pool.

    Donuts, Meditation And The Female Mind.

    Wednesday, July 27 2011

    Tad visits JR at the mansion. He tells him what he said in his drunken stupor about seeing Dixie, but JR doesn’t remember anything. Tad also points out that he went to Krystal's looking for AJ. JR is relieved that AJ wasn't there. Tad gives JR some drawings and cards he made for Dixie as a kid. Tad points out how odd it is that both JR and Kathy 'saw' Dixie and that he just got a box of her things. JR angrily tells Tad that Dixie is dead and that she isn't trying to communicate with them. He thinks maybe Tad is the one who needs help. Tad admits he might, but reiterates that JR should go to a meeting. Tad says he's there if he needs him and walks out. Maya and Angie show up. Maya quits as Mookie walks in and learns Maya is leaving. Maya heads upstairs to grab some of her things and Mookie starts to follow her. Angie grabs his arm wanting him to give her time to do this alone. Mookie and Angie exchange heated words. Maya returns and Mookie angrily storms out.

    All Of Them Will Die.

    Monday, July 25 2011

    Drunk in the park, JR talks to a passed out Dixie. He knows she's disappointed in him, but he tells her he misses her and that he's happy to dream of her like she's really there. Since the last time he saw her he thought he was dying, he wonders if he is now. He thinks it might be better if he was so there would be no more noise. No more nothing. He tells his mother he loves her and stumbles away.

    JR heads to the Martin home to see his son, but Krystal tells him Marissa took him to a movie. She lectures him about spiraling out of control. He makes snarky remarks about her losing Tad and accuses her of being miserable. Krystal starts to call Tad, but JR grabs her arm and says he won't leave until he sees his son. She wonders if he's going to hit her. JR breaks down in tears.

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