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    All My Children CAST - JR Chandler (past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on JR Chandler (past) Played by Jacob Young on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jacob Young (ABC)

    Birthday: September 10, 1979
    Birthplace: Renton, Washington
    Marital Status: married; Christen Steward (May 13, 2007)
    Real Name: Jacob Young
    Height: 5'10"


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    Falling In Love.

    Thursday, June 09 2011

    After Scott punches JR at the yacht club, he stalks off, leaving his cousin with a bloody lip.

    Downstairs at the club, JR gives the manager a tip for calling Marissa for him.

    Marissa brings JR home. He tells her he was sucker punched and it was unprovoked. She asks who hit him. Scott shows up and admits it was him. After some words with JR, Scott leaves. Marissa defends Scott, which sets JR off. He heads into the main room and hears Caleb offer Asher a place to stay with him. JR declares Asher isn't going anywhere. Back in the foyer, Scott returns after getting a text from Marissa. He asks her why she wants to be with JR again. She says she's only there for AJ. He hopes so. Scott leaves to work on the gatehouse. Colby walks into the main room as Asher decides he will stay at the mansion. Colby announces that she will spend less time on her vlog in order to focus on what's important.

    Silent Partners.

    Wednesday, June 08 2011

    Bianca runs into JR in another part of the hospital. JR says he and Marissa are getting to a great place. Bianca is wary, but JR declares he loves Marissa and will do whatever it takes to get her back. JR says Marissa is happy being with him and AJ and thinks a little encouragement from Bianca would help. Bianca tells him if he hurts Marissa again she will become his living, breathing nightmare.

    Marissa sees David at the hospital. David tells her Bianca seemed to be struggling and Marissa races out to find her friend. JR happens upon David and says his song and dance at the board meeting won't get him anywhere because as long as Greenlee owns the hospital, he won't be welcomed back. David smugly tells Junior that he has no idea what he's capable of.

    JR finds Scott drinking at the Yacht Club bar. He makes snide comments about Madison, so Scott punches him.

    Older And Wiser.

    Thursday, June 02 2011

    JR overhears Marissa leaving Scott a message at the mansion and they share a nice moment. Later, Bianca stops by and JR asks if she can help Marissa take it easy and let people help her after what happened with Ricky. He thinks she's coming around and is letting him back in. JR leaves and Marissa returns to visit with her friend. They rehash their experience with Ricky and credit each other with getting through their ordeal. They hug, but an emotional Bianca backs away and leaves.

    After saying goodbye to Sara, Scott brings Madison home. She sees that he packed up all of the baby's things and tells him she can't stay there. The stuff may be gone, but the memories are still there. Scott tells her he got them a new apartment before the baby was born. He gives her the keys and says it's all hers. As she mulls it over, she gets a phone call from Ryan, who offers to find her a place and pay the rent. After hanging up, Madison tells Scott she can't accept help from men anymore when she should be doing things for herself. She thanks Scott for his gesture, but says she needs to start taking care of herself. Scott tries to stop her from leaving, but he runs into JR. Scott demands to know what his cousin wants. JR says Marissa is worried about him and since he's worried about Marissa, he's there's to check on him. Scott just thinks he's worried if he and Madison don't work out, he will end up with Marissa. Scott erupts and yells it has nothing to do with JR, but he will do whatever he can to keep Marissa from him.

    It's Over.

    Friday, May 27 2011

    In the hospital break room, JR asks a shaky Marissa if she is all right. She shakes her head no and embraces him. He wants her to come back to the mansion and she agrees so she can take a shower to get the memory of Ricky's touch off of her. JR will make sure Ricky is caught so he never touches her again.

    Back at the mansion, Marissa takes a shower and then JR pours her a glass of wine. He puts a blanket around her and holds her as she shivers. Marissa thanks JR for being so sweet. JR quips that if she tells anyone, he'll deny it. JR leaves to check on AJ and Marissa gets a call from Bianca.

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