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    All My Children CAST - JR Chandler (past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on JR Chandler (past) Played by Jacob Young on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jacob Young (ABC)

    Birthday: September 10, 1979
    Birthplace: Renton, Washington
    Marital Status: married; Christen Steward (May 13, 2007)
    Real Name: Jacob Young
    Height: 5'10"


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    Don't Talk About My Former Life Ever!

    Friday, June 17 2011

    From the mansion, JR calls Amanda. He needs her woo an investment prospect. She agrees to do it.

    In the hotel room, the investor asks her if she’s Amanda, ‘the supermodel’. JR walks in. Mason says he’s ‘in’ and leaves. JR thanks Amanda for saving his butt and says they need to celebrate. She explains that Jake and Cara are holed up together and she has facts about their liaison. She calls Opal to ask if she can watch Trevor for the night. Jake calls but the lines cross and he ends up talking to Opal who tells him that Amanda’s not coming home.

    This Is Where I Want To Be.

    Thursday, June 16 2011

    Amanda talks to JR at the Chandler mansion. She tells him Cara is a problem in her marriage and she knows she’s being lied to. He suggests she not jump to conclusions.

    At Krystal’s, Jane tells her that the food is terrible. Bianca walks in and joins Erica at her table. She questions her mom about eating fries which is unusual. She asks her if she's okay. David walks in and Erica excuses herself to talk to David. Bianca warns her about David but Erica says she knows how to handle him. Marissa walks in and takes Erica’s place at Bianca’s table. Marissa says her date with JR was a lot of fun. Bianca confides that her mom almost took a drink. Marisa holds her hand but Bianca pulls it away.

    JR joins Bianca when Marissa leaves and tells her about his plans. She thinks it's too elaborate. He thinks it’s amazing that she knows more than he does about his ex-wife. He’s full of regrets. She says if he hurts Marissa she’ll hurt him. Krystal goes over to Bianca and tells her that Marissa is lucky to have her.

    At the bar, David tells Jane that her language is off. Erica would never use the type of language she's using. She admits Jack caught her going to take a drink and ended up in an intervention. She wanted the excitement and glamor not the mundane part of Erica’s life. She leaves as Bianca tries to speak to her.

    In the park, JR and Marissa share orange sodas and doughnuts. He recalls her parents did this in the past. She wants to know how he knew about that and he confesses he never stopped loving her.

    Tad and Angie walk in another part of the park with Lucy when Angie tells him about Jake’s surprise. He thinks they are way too many secrets around.

    You’re Married To A Middle-Aged Smurf.

    Wednesday, June 15 2011

    At Fusion, JR tells Bianca that the music box worked like a charm. He asks her advice about romancing Marissa. He feels like a teenager. He wants to take Marissa to a play. She says it’s a bad idea. The play is about a girl who lost her parents in a car crash. It’s too close to home he be casual and make her laugh.

    Later at the Chandler mansion, JR asks Marissa to go out. She says she has plans with Bianca. JR calls Bianca and wonders why she didn’t tell him. He has a favor to ask. Bianca cancels and later back at the mansion Marissa finds JR downstairs. She's free now.


    Monday, June 13 2011

    Marissa and Bianca notice JR and Krystal laughing together at the restaurant. Marissa calls it progress and admits JR gets to her as well. She tells Bianca she is thinking of giving him another chance. Bianca is understanding, as Marissa knew she would be. At the bar, Krystal warns JR that while he can make her laugh, he better not hurt her daughter. JR vows he will prove he's worthy. Bianca gets a call from Jack and gets up to meet with him. As she passes JR, gives him the music box to give to Marissa.

    JR and Marissa take Miranda and AJ to the park. JR gives Marissa the music box. She is blown away that he remembered the song her father used to sing to her. She calls it the most thoughtful gift anyone has ever gotten her. JR says she hasn't seen anything yet and kisses her, as Bianca observes from afar.

    I've Almost Killed A Board Member Or Two. They Get Over It.

    Friday, June 10 2011

    From the mansion, Marissa watches Scott working on the gatehouse. She tells JR they should do something nice for him and suggests they invite him to move back in. JR wonders if she just wants a buffer between the two of them. Marissa denies it. She wants to give Scott some support and thinks JR should get someone to help him finish the gatehouse. JR offers to make a call. AJ runs in wanting ice cream and the family decides to go together. Marissa tells JR he has a phone call to make first. JR calls his contractor and Marissa happily leaves the room. JR tells his guy he'll double his money if he makes sure the gatehouse doesn't get finished.

    Bianca brings Miranda to Krystal's for ice cream. Marissa shows up with AJ and they grab a table. As Marissa asks Bianca what she wanted to talk to her about earlier, JR joins them. JR walks to the bar to get his own sundae and Marissa notes Bianca's bad mood. Marissa thinks she's uncomfortable around her because she reminds her of Ricky. She gets it, but she hopes Bianca can get over it because there would be a huge hole in her life is she's not in it. Bianca responds that Marissa got her through their ordeal and says she has something for her. At the bar, JR tells Krystal he wants Marissa and he'll prove he loves her. He knows Marissa wants a real family and so does he.

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