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    All My Children CAST - Aidan Devane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Aidan Devane Played by Aiden Turner on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Aiden Turner

    Birthday: 1977-04-02
    Birthplace: Hertfordshire, England
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Aiden Turner


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    The Nightmare is Just Beginning!

    Wednesday, September 30 2009

    Aidan sneaks into the Chandler Mansion. As he lurks around, he hears Scott's voice as he talks on the telephone. Aidan hides. When Scott leaves the room, Aidan picks up a DVD off the floor and puts it in the laptop computer - it's the footage of Annie kissing JR and Scott. He grins.

    You're Here?!

    Tuesday, September 29 2009

    Zach comes home to find Aidan on the sofa watching the end of the dance marathon. Zach asks about Kendall - Aidan says she's locked up! Zach establishes that Aidan should keep quiet about Kendall being there. Aidan agrees, but says it's on the condition that he gets to help with the real murderer - Annie! They discuss Annie, and Aidan says he knows how to get in and out of the Chandler Mansion. Zach wants him to run stuff past him first. As they hear Kendall banging to get out, Aidan grins and tells Zach he may need to take precautions before going in there! Aidan leaves, and Zach goes in with Kendall. She complains about Aidan - Zach says he did as he asked him to do. Kendall then says she wants Liza out of their lives for good! Zach tells her he'll go get Ian so she can see him. He brings the baby in, and Zach mocks Kendall for coming to the dance marathon.

    Aidan is on his way out of Zach's house when he encounters Liza at the door. He takes the big box of files she is carrying and they go into the house. He then asks her about the connection between her and Zach at the dance marathon. She says he had bad reception. Liza asks where Zach is, and Aidan tries to cover. Liza says Aidan was leaving, so Zach must be there with Ian - she'll go check.

    Inside the room, bickering, Zach and Kendall suddenly hear Liza call out his name! Kendall scoffs, "Out of your life, is she?" Liza returns to Aidan and confronts him about lying. Zach appears and she says they're obviously hiding something! Aidan says that Liza has something important to tell him. Zach tells Aidan to let her then. Aidan leaves, and Liza tells Zach she has one more bit of business. Zach says she's a good lawyer - he wishes she would reconsider. Liza says no - Kendall doesn't trust her. Liza tells him she filed a letter of intent with the DA, letting him know that Kendall is going to recant her admission of guilt. When she says he'll go visit her in prison, Zach blurts, "That's not going to happen!" Liza demands to know what is going on, but he asks her to leave. Suddenly, Kendall appears, saying Liza needs to know what's going on! Liza gasps, "You're here?" Kendall says she is - and she's been there all along!

    That Looks Like Trouble!

    Tuesday, September 22 2009

    Aidan confronts Zach and Kendall in the closet at the dance marathon. He says he knows there's a woman in prison, but Kendall's free - except that she's not really free, and never will be! Aidan tells them that he went to visit Kendall in jail and a stranger was staring back at him. Suddenly he understood why Zach wasn't pushing to see her - she was at home with him! Aidan asks what the plan is - Zach says they need to get her home. Kendall agrees, but says Zach is coming with her! Zach isn't ready to leave yet, and informs Kendall that if she carries on like this, she'll get caught, and she will go to prison - so will he and Jesse. Kendall sighs and agrees to let Aidan take her home.

    Back at home, Kendall rants as she watches Annie dancing on television. She tells Aidan it's not fair that she's out, while she is stuck there with him. Kendall wonders why he helped Annie in the first place - he says the same reason she listens to Zach - love!

    Zach and Liza take a break in ConFusion. She advises him to back off and let Ryan do his thing where Annie is concerned. Liza suggests that they go home - separately. Zach says he'll stay and see this through! He gets a phone call and excuses himself. It's Kendal, pouting that she's back in her room. He asks to speak to Aidan. Zach asks him to wait with Kendall until the dance marathon is over, and if she does anything crazy because of what's on TV, Aidan should take it out of the room! Aidan says he will, and he'll keep his hands to himself too! Zach hangs up, and Liza asks why he's so tense?

    Back at Zach and Kendall's house, Aidan and Kendall are arguing as he tells her she's ungrateful that so many people are putting themselves on the line for her. She asks what Zach told him to do? He unplugs the television set and carries it out of the room as she protests!

    Sexiest Couple!

    Monday, September 21 2009

    Zach goes into the small room where Kendall is hiding. She says she's so glad he could tear himself away from Liza long enough to come and see her! Zach is livid - someone could see her! Just then, Aidan appears, and says, "Someone did!"

    Hit Parade of Lies!

    Monday, August 03 2009

    In the courthouse, everyone is in their seats and the jury selection begins! Liza gives Marissa instructions about the jury selection, and Zach whispers to Kendall to go to the bathroom. The bailiff tells him to back away from the prisoner! Aidan follows Zach out into the hallway and says that juror number eleven is the key - he can work them to bring about a mistrial! Zach wonders what is motivating Aidan. He says he just wants to see justice done. The bailiffs bring Kendall into the hallway, and she protests that she needs to use the restroom. Once inside, the window opens, and Ryan is there, saying, "Let's go!"

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