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    All My Children CAST - Aidan Devane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Aidan Devane Played by Aiden Turner on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Aiden Turner

    Birthday: 1977-04-02
    Birthplace: Hertfordshire, England
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Aiden Turner


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    Poke the Nest.

    Tuesday, October 20 2009

    Kendall and Aidan arrive at an abandoned church and go inside. She is concerned - he doesn't look well. They hear a chopper overhead, and Aidan says they got inside just in time. He takes out his gun to be ready just in case. She says if they are found they'll give up. He vows to keep Kendall safe until Annie pays for what she has done. She goes to the store for supplies and when she returns Aidan is worse - he may be having an allergic reaction to the antibiotics! She soothes him with water - he's burning up. Aidan tells her he'll know if, or when, he needs medical help. As she feeds him, Kendall says she can't believe what Annie has put them all through. Aidan says Zach will take care of Annie. He grasps Kendall's hand and thanks her for taking care of him.

    Kendall watches Aidan sleep in the chapel, then stands up and remembers the vows Zach said to her before she left.

    Can I Open My Eyes Now?

    Friday, October 16 2009

    Kendall, who has dozed off, wakes up to hear Aidan grunting in pain - she checks the bullet wound on his arm. They're hiding in a stable full of hay bales. Kendall is worried about Aidan's condition and gives him water from a bottle. They hear a noise, and Kendall picks up a gun.

    Amanda meets with Jake in the stable and says, "Secret mission, huh?" They kiss. Jake says he sees a hay loft in their immediate future. Amanda swallows a giggle as they suddenly find themselves on the other end of Kendall's gun! Kendall tells them that she didn't kill Stuart, and she escaped because she had no choice. Jake and Amanda say they believe her, and offer to help her. Kendall lowers the gun and asks them to help Aidan - he's hurt really bad! Jake works on Aidan's arm, and sends Amanda to the house for supplies.

    Amanda arrives in the stables with the first aid supplies. Jake fixes Aidan up, and Kendall asks Jake to deliver a letter to Zach. He agrees, and leaves. Kendall tells Amanda that Annie is the one who killed Stuart, and once Zach and Ryan nail her, then she'll be able to go home.

    It Must Get Cramped Living in Adam's Pocket!

    Thursday, October 15 2009

    Kendall tells Aidan, in her room, that she needs his help - it will involve him violating all of the conditions of his bail! He asks if she's sure. She says there is no alternative. Aidan warns if they do this, there is no turning back!

    Jesse is outside of Kendall's room, where the guard tells him her attorney is in with her. Aidan emerges, saying he came to see her before she had to go back to prison. Jesse says whatever they're up to ends now!

    Zach encounters Aidan outside the elevator and tells him whatever Kendall asked him to do, he should forget it. Aidan covers, saying he still wants to help nail Annie. Zach says Ryan is handling it, and advises Aidan to stay away from the situation.

    In Kendall's room, the cop is putting the cuffs on her, when Aidan hits him from behind and knocks him out. Aidan tells her to hurry - they scoot into the elevator. Jesse and a cop see them in the hall and tell them to freeze at gunpoint! Aidan also has a gun, and says if they come any closer, she's dead! Jesse tells the police to put down their weapons. One officer goes running down the hall, past Zach and Liza who are meeting with Willis. He yells, "Escape attempt!" Zach goes running with Liza behind. As the standoff continues, Natalia appears with gun raised behind Aidan and Kendall - she shoots! Kendall ducks behind a door as Zach yells her name!

    Hate Me or Help Me!

    Wednesday, October 14 2009

    Aidan is brought out of his cell, protesting that he doesn't need bail posted. His lawyer tells him he's needed at Pine Valley Hospital - by Erica Kane!

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