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    All My Children CAST - Aidan Devane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Aidan Devane Played by Aiden Turner on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Aiden Turner

    Birthday: 1977-04-02
    Birthplace: Hertfordshire, England
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Aiden Turner


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    My Angel.

    Monday, November 09 2009

    Down in the lobby, Kat tells Aidan that it was a coincidence - the officer showing up. He says he knew she'd be cool. Kat notes she's always been a sucker for him, but this time he doesn't seem to care. Aidan tells her that the newspaper story about Kendall isn't true - she's innocent, and he's helping her. Kat realizes he loves Kendall.

    Adam Sees Stuart And Collapses!

    Friday, November 06 2009

    Aidan and Kendall go to a dumpy motel looking for a room. They encounter a surly employee who advises them that the only room available has only one bed. They take the room. Kendall’s excited to see a bathtub.

    At the motel, Aidan checks the news on the computer while Kendall bathes. He walks to the bathroom and watches her soaking. She gets out and wants to contact Zach to tell him they’re alright. Aidan protests. Meanwhile, the motel owner reads a newspaper article on Kendall’s escape.

    Kendall invites Aidan to share the bed and says that nothing will happen. They lie down and she talks about her boys and how if she were home, she would be reading them a story. He says she can tell him a story.

    At the motel, the woman reads the newspaper while a barefoot Aidan walks to her. She calls him Tom and tells him she’s missed him. They kiss passionately. Kendall wakes and wonders where Aidan went.

    We're Going to Have a Baby!

    Wednesday, November 04 2009

    In the chapel, Kendall tells Aidan she's puzzled about Zach's most recent message - he didn't mention Adam, or if there's been any progress. She asks Aidan if he's sure all the messages are getting through. Aidan is a bit put out, and Kendall assures him she's grateful to him - she's just worried about Zach. Aidan remarks that Zach kept her in a secret room, and brings up the fact that he had sex with Liza. Kendall defends him, then asks why they're talking about this. Aidan throws up his hands, and goes out for fresh air. Kendall decides to call Zach in prison. He tells her it's a bad idea. Just as he's about to hang up, a gunshot rings out behind Kendall and she screams!

    Aidan comes back into the chapel and is angry when he learns Kendall phoned Zach. He puts the phone on the floor and stomps on it! He says they have to move on, and make this chapel look like a dead end. He tells Kendall to make them disappear. Suddenly, Zach bursts in. Aidan asks what he's doing there? Zach says he heard a gunshot and was worried, he then chastises Kendall for having the phone. Aidan tells Kendall they have to get out of there. Zach gives Kendall her wedding ring to wear, and they kiss. Aidan announces that they have visitors! Kendall and Aidan hustle to get out of there, as Zach stays put. The FBI bursts in with guns aimed. Zach turns around and asks, "Can't a man pray in peace?"

    In Good Hands.

    Tuesday, November 03 2009

    In the chapel, Aidan reads the message on the computer from Zach letting Kendall know it's almost over. Kendall rouses and asks if that was the computer she heard. Aidan says no, and urges her to go back to sleep. As she dozes, Aidan deletes the message. He goes to the cellar, and Kendall wakes up. She is about to look at the computer when Aidan returns with a bottle of wine he found. Kendall opens it and they share as they talk about themselves. Aidan tells her he's seen a different side of her in all this - her strength - he's enjoyed it. She remarks that it's like Greenlee used to have. Aidan agrees. Kendall says she's going to the creek in back to clean up.

    While Kendall is outside, Aidan sends a message to Zach on the computer. Posing as Kendall, he tells Zach, "I'm in good hands. Gotta' go, here he comes now." Kendall comes back into the chapel and teases Aidan about finishing the wine. She then says she's going to sleep. She looks longingly at the computer. When she falls asleep, Aidan posts a message for Kendall to read from Zach - telling Kendall she should thank Aidan for him. Kendall wakes up and reads the message.

    He Remembered.

    Monday, November 02 2009

    Aidan arrives back at the chapel. Kendall is relieved to see him. She says Zach is putting a big push on Adam tonight to get him to crack - she hopes it works. Kendall talks about missing Halloween, and complains about Annie getting away with things. Aidan agrees, she's a real piece of work. They talk about Erica, and Bianca, but Kendall points out that her whole world changed when she met Zach. Aidan, who is fixing a heater, gets a zap. Kendall muses that's what you get when you mess with live wires - meaning Annie! She asks what Aidan ever saw in her. They discuss Greenlee - she says she's sorry Aidan got hurt. Aidan says he couldn't save Greenlee, and he tried to save Annie - he maybe should have got a puppy instead! They look at a book, and Aidan does his imitation of Zach at his wedding to Kendall - she smiles, but then turns somber - she misses Zach and her boys.

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