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    All My Children CAST - Aidan Devane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Aidan Devane Played by Aiden Turner on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Aiden Turner

    Birthday: 1977-04-02
    Birthplace: Hertfordshire, England
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Aiden Turner


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    There's Proof!

    Tuesday, December 01 2009

    Kat meets up with Aidan in a car. She tells him that Zach caught her watching him, but she covered. She says Zach has packed up Kendall's things. Kat asks how this is going to go now? Aidan says it's the same plan - Zach will move on and Kendall will fall in love with him! Kat wonders how he will keep Kendall from going home - she's been cleared. Aidan says if he can convince her that it's just the two of them, it will all work out just fine. Kat asks if he'll kill her if it doesn't go as planned. Aidan gets out of the car.

    David's Got a Problem!

    Monday, November 23 2009

    Zach arrives at the address where Aidan and Kendall are staying. He looks through the window where Aidan is making love to a woman who looks like Kendall. Kat arrives and goes inside, where Aidan pulls a gun on her. She says it's just her, then lets him know that Zach got an eyeful and took off - just as they planned! The Kendall lookalike panics at the sight of Aidan's gun and starts hollering that she wants more pay. Her voice carries upstairs to Kendall who is lying in bed. Kat and Aidan tell the double to get dressed. Kat tells Aidan that by the look on Zach's face, she doubts he'll be back. Kendall gets up from bed and is puzzled that the door to the room is locked! Aidan comes into the room, where Kendall says she had a dream about Zach - he walked away. Aidan puts his arm around her, then encourages her to send Zach a message on the computer.

    Kat comes back to the motel and tells Aidan that she put the lookalike on a bus out of town. He and Kat look at the message Kendall has sent to Zach, saying that she dreamed he left her for good. Kat muses that it's like she's psychic. Aidan decides they'll forward the message as is. They also notice the news story about Adam confessing - Aidan tells Kat that this is a problem - it means Kendall can go home! Kendall, who has also seen the news online, comes into the lobby. She sees Kat first, and explains that she and Aidan have been on the run, but her name has been cleared and they can go home. Just then, Aidan creeps up behind Kendall and chloroforms her!


    Friday, November 20 2009

    In the motel, Kat tells Aidan she got exactly what he asked her to get. She leaves the room and Aidan calls out to Kendall, who reappears saying she's having trouble getting more wine. Aidan suggests that perhaps she doesn't need anymore, but Kendall insists that she does. When she isn't looking, Aidan puts a packet of powder in her wine glass. Kendall drinks her wine as they talk. She tells Aidan that for the first time since they left she feels happy. She then tells him she knows what he's up to - and as she laughs and jokes, she says it's working - she feels better! Suddenly, Kendall announces she is hot and wants some air. She lurches across the room, and Aidan steadies her. She hugs him, saying he's her hero! Kendall begins to talk to him as though he is Zach - she asks him to give her a kiss! Aidan tells her Zach can't kiss her - he's not there. Aidan says he's putting her to bed, she's had too much wine. He puts her in bed and turns out the light, before leaving the room.

    Back at the motel, Aidan is alone, tidying up when a woman with hair remarkably like Kendall's approaches him and slips off her kimono! As he begins making love to her, her back is to the window. Zach appears and watches from outside. It looks like Aidan is making love to Kendall!

    Another Shot in the Dark!

    Thursday, November 19 2009

    Aidan is getting wine ready in the motel when he hears a car pull up. Tad comes in and spots the bottle of wine - he says, "No thanks." Tad informs Aidan that Zach wants Kendall home. Aidan asks if Adam confessed. Tad says he hasn't, but Zach is worried about Kendall relying on Aidan for everything. Aidan says Zach is a loose cannon - if he wants to keep Kendall safe, he'll back off. Tad wants to see Kendall, but Aidan says she's not there, and Tad shouldn't wait. Tad reminds Aidan that he's only Kendall's friend. Aidan says she might want to run back with Tad if she sees him - the emotions of Zach and Kendall are what will get her caught!

    Kendall returns to the motel where Aidan has grilled chicken and wine for her. She tells him that after everything he said about being worried that they'll sleep together, she's surprised he'd plan a romantic dinner. Aidan claims it's an apology for making her uncomfortable. He says it wasn't really her who stirred up the feelings - it was remembering Greenlee. He muses that when he's in love he doesn't do anything halfway! They drink the wine, and Kendall talks to him about her jealousy of Liza. He admits that when Greenlee let another man take her away, he never really got over it! They talk about Fusion, and then Greenlee's death. Aidan says they can only remember how great she was, and love her forever. They embrace. Kendall jokes about getting a tattoo. Aidan says she's great the way she is. She returns the sentiment, then ducks out of the room to get more wine. Kat sticks her head in and notes that everything seems to be going well. Aidan says he needs her help.

    Help Me!

    Tuesday, November 17 2009

    In the motel room, Kendall assures Aidan that he doesn't have to worry about anything happening between them - she is completely devoted to Zach. Aidan says he's going on a run, and heads downstairs where he tells Kat it's no use - Kendall is completely in love with Zach! Kat tells Aidan to check out Zach's latest message - they have a really good shot at ruining Kendall's marriage! Kat feels they are really making progress with these emails. Kendall appears and talks to Aidan about what a good place she and Zach were in when they parted - she says their marriage would end, though, if Zach ever thought she'd betrayed him again. Kendall tells Aidan to go home and leave her there with Kat - he's been through enough. Aidan notes that he gave Zach his word to see this through. Kendall goes back upstairs and types a message to Zach saying that Aidan is acting weird, and said he was attracted to her. Downstairs, Aidan and Kat read it. Aidan deletes the message, saying he'll let Zach's imagination go wild, then the great Slater love story will be over!

    Back at the motel, Aidan and Kat get the latest message from Zach. Aidan reads it and tells Kat to put the kettle on - they're going to have a visitor!

    Seed of Doubt!

    Monday, November 16 2009

    Aidan listens outside the motel room door as Kendall smashes her wine glass, thinking about Zach and Liza together. He goes down to the lobby and tells Kat that it's working - Kendall is doubting Zach. He goes back upstairs and asks Kendall if she's okay. She goes down a laundry list of complaints, including that Zach is spending time with Liza. She says it's weird, like it was written by someone else. Aidan urges her to write to Zach about her feelings. She writes something, but worries that she sounds like a lunatic. Aidan muses that it can't be easy for Zach with them on the run together - this is how they ended up sleeping together before. Kendall sends the message. Downstairs, Kat intercepts it and changes it. Aidan comes down, and wonders what will happen if Kendall figures out the messages aren't from Zach. Kat reassures him.

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