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    All My Children CAST - Aidan Devane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Aidan Devane Played by Aiden Turner on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Aiden Turner

    Birthday: 1977-04-02
    Birthplace: Hertfordshire, England
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Aiden Turner


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    Killing Me!

    Monday, June 29 2009

    Aidan shows up at Ryan's and tells him that Adam confronted Annie after he and Erica left. Aidan wonders why Ryan didn't call the police. Ryan says he and Erica would have been in trouble for being there, besides, he's hoping that Annie will make a much bigger mistake! Ryan confides about the look in Annie's eyes when she was holding the gun. Aidan appears angry, but then surprises Ryan by saying that ever since Stuart was killed he has thought it was Annie - they need to prove it!

    It's All a Sham!

    Friday, June 26 2009

    Annie is meeting with an evaluator at the Chandler Mansion. The man asks about Greenlee, and also why she followed through on some threats, such as the one against her brother, but not others. Annie explains about Richie, and the man seemingly satisfied, leaves. Aidan appears and says, "Nice job!" Annie asks how long he's been there! Ryan, meanwhile, is taking all of this in from outside the window! Annie says she has Adam now, but Aidan says Adam doesn't have this - he produces a jammer that will allow her to remove her ankle bracelet. She is certain this is a test - what happens, she uses this device and goes to see Emma, and then winds up back in prison. Aidan tells her he's sincere, urging her to use the device and go to see Emma - no one will ever know. Ryan continues to watch as Aidan leaves.

    Outside the Chandler Mansion, Ryan gets a call from Erica. He tells her to stall Adam longer. She says it's too late, he left! As Ryan hangs up, Aidan appears and asks, "What? Erica's in on this now too?" They discuss waiting to see if Annie will take the bait, and Ryan asks Aidan if he planted the bug - he says he did. Ryan goes back to watching Annie, saying that if she makes a move toward Emma, he wants to know right away! Erica shows up, and Ryan fills her in on what Aidan did. Erica hopes Annie takes the bait.

    Going in Circles!

    Monday, June 22 2009

    Outside the Chandler Mansion, Annie pushes Aidan away and says that she doesn't need him anymore - she has Adam now! She says it's not that she doesn't care about him, and she owes him a lot. Aidan wonders what she's doing there. Annie says this is her way to be truly free. She tells him Adam believes in her. Aidan reminds her that he does too, but Adam can put millions of dollars behind it! Annie says, "Goodbye Aidan."


    Friday, June 19 2009

    In court, Ryan is on the witness stand as Annie makes an attempt to be released from custody. Ryan testifies that if they release Annie now they may be putting Emma's life in grave danger! Ryan wants her locked up until she gets the help she needs. Liza, representing Annie, asks if Annie is as dangerous as he says, then why has he let Emma have any contact with her at all? They debate about whether or not Annie was at the mansion on the night of the murder to take Emma, or to rescue her. Liza calls Adam to the stand. He says Annie was like an angel from heaven. He also says she was clear-headed and very protective of her daughter the night of the murder. Ryan tells Erica that he has no idea why Adam is doing this! Aidan turns around and says to them that Annie needs help, not a trial! Erica says they are in agreement that Annie shouldn't be let out! As the judge leans toward siding with Liza, and letting Annie out, Ryan and Erica both jump to their feet in protest. Adam offers to put up bail and allow Annie to reside with him. The judge agrees, but Annie must wear an ankle monitor and stay on the Chandler premises - also, Little Adam must move out! Erica feels that Adam would never ask JR and Little Adam to move out for Annie - they go for a celebratory drink. Aidan leaves as he overhears Annie thanking Liza, and saying that she and Adam are her only supporters left!

    Outside the Chandler Mansion, Aidan appears and says to Annie, "You're playing it beautifully!" He then plants a kiss on her!

    You Killed My Son!

    Monday, June 15 2009

    Emma finds Aidan out in the hospital corridor. He asks what mommy's secret is, but she won't tell him - or it wouldn't be a secret anymore! Aidan says they should play 'hot and cold'. He'll try to guess mommy's secret and she'll tell him if he's hot or cold. He asks if mommy's secret is about her - she says warm. Just then, Ryan appears and says it's time for them to leave!

    Annie thanks Aidan for getting Emma in to see her, however, she asks him why he used her daughter to try and get information - why doesn't he trust her? Aidan asks what it is that she came so 'close' to?! Annie asks if he still thinks she's crazy and should be having her mind dissected? She informs him that she's not going back there. Aidan wonders how Adam figures into this - he's been by her side constantly. Annie says that Adam left, and he should do the same!

    Aidan arrives at Ryan's door. Ryan rails at him for using Emma in a game. Aidan tells him that he needed to find out what Annie is up to. Ryan tells Aidan what Emma told him, thinking that Aidan is the guardian angel. Aidan says it's not him!

    The Moment of Truth!

    Friday, June 12 2009

    Annie tells Aidan that the minute she gets better, that's when she'll have to go back to jail! He walks out into the hall, where he spots Emma with the nurse. He asks where Ryan is - Emma says he's visiting Ian. Aidan wants Emma to go with him to tell her mommy a secret. Ryan appears and asks where Aidan is taking her! Aidan says that Emma wants to see her mommy. Ryan asks about her tummyache - she says it would feel better if she could see mommy. Ryan says she can't! Aidan goes into Annie's room, telling her that if she wants to see Emma she'll have to hurry! Ryan continues to argue with Emma in the hall, when Annie appears! Emma runs into her mother's arms. She tells Annie that she doesn't really have a tummyache. Annie tells Emma that a guardian angel is going to bring her home to her!

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