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    All My Children CAST - Aidan Devane - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Aidan Devane Played by Aiden Turner on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Aiden Turner

    Birthday: 1977-04-02
    Birthplace: Hertfordshire, England
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Aiden Turner


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    We Can't Go!

    Monday, December 21 2009

    At the warehouse, Kendall pleads with Zach not to shoot Aidan - the police will deal with him. Kat sits with Aidan, and explains that she had to save him from himself! Kendall asks Aidan what happened to him - how could he ever have thought this plan would work? Sirens sound outside. Zach tells Kat she'll have to provide a statement to the police. As he's being led out, Aidan, turns to give a heartfelt apology to Kendall. He says she's right - he's not been himself, he's been hurt, so hurt, and whatever happens to him is fine - but he's so sorry. He cries. Zach asks for him to be taken away.

    Kendall Finds Zach!

    Friday, December 18 2009

    Kat takes Zach to the hiding place when Aidan comes up behind him and conks him on the head with a gun. He’s unconscious on the floor and when he comes to, he is tied up in a chair. Aidan apologizes to him for the bump on the head. He asks Zach why he thinks Kendall wants to be rescued. He tells Zach that when he thought he saw Aidan and Kendall making love, it wasn’t Kendall at all. He says Zach turned his back on her and now she’s with him. Zach reminds Aidan that Kendall will never forgive him for standing between her and her children. Aidan asks if Kendall will forgive this, and holds the gun to Zach’s head. Zach figures that Aidan will make it look like a suicide and be there to console Kendall when Zach is dead. He says it won’t be enough and that Kendall will leave him. He says if he really cares about Kendall that he won’t do this. Zach gets tired of all the talk and shouts to Aidan to kill him and let Kendall go home to her boys. Suddenly Zach pulls free of his ropes, pushes Aidan violently to the floor, grabs the gun and holds it on him.

    Shop Til We Drop!

    Thursday, December 17 2009

    Kendall is bound and gagged as Aidan walks in to see her. He tells her that they are in an abandoned warehouse and that no one will hear her screams and that would just annoy him. He removes the gag and the blonde woman walks in. Kendall recognizes her. Aidan gives Kat a gun to hold on Kendall and he leaves. Kendall pleads with Kat to let her go. Kat says she doesn’t give a hoot about Kendall. She says she is helping Aidan because he helped her through a difficult time. Kendall reminds her that she is assisting in a kidnapping, a drugging and keeping her from Zach and her children. Kat gets annoyed and tells Kendall to shut up or she will end this right now and she points the gun straight at Kendall. She tells Kat that if Zach finds Aidan, he will kill him. Kendall begs to be let go so that she can find Zach before Zach finds Aidan. Kat tells her that she can’t see what Aidan’s attraction to Kendall is. She explains that she loved Zach and never encouraged Aidan. She doesn’t love Aidan. Kat wonders why he is doing all this. Kendall thinks that Greenlee’s death changed Aidan. She tells Kat that Aidan has lost in love many times and that she thinks he fears losing again. Aidan overhears this and listens for a moment. He joins them and tells Kat she can go. Then he tells Kendall that everyone is going to suffer and that he will win.

    Zach runs into Kat and asks her to take him where his wife is. Kat takes him to the room where Kendall was being held and Aidan comes up behind him and hits him on the head with a gun. Zach falls.

    A Summary Dismissal.

    Wednesday, December 16 2009

    Outside the courtroom, Ryan gets a call and Kendall tries to yell out to him, but her screams are muffled. Aidan comes in her room and hangs up the phone. He takes her gag off and she asks to be home with Zach and her boys. Aidan doesn't think Zach will want her anymore, but Kendall insists Zach knows he is the only man she loves because of all her emails. Aidan laughs and tells her he intercepted them. She thinks Zach can forgive her and reminds Aidan that she will never love him. She wonders how long he will keep doing this and Aidan gets out the chloroform. She tells him to go ahead and do it, but she will only dream of Zach, as he puts the cloth over her face.

    Erica comes to the courthouse and learns from Ryan that Annie is free because Adam lied for her. He then tells her he might have heard from Kendall and explains the call. She is worried for her daughter and thinks Zach needs to know about this. After Erica has left, Annie and Adam exit the court and smugly tell Ryan they have some celebrating to do. Annie says, "Give Emma a kiss from me. Tell her I'll be seeing her real soon." Ryan goes in the courtroom and Liza says Adam and Annie are both free and clear. She adds that he has a battle ahead of him when it comes to Emma.

    I'm a Mess!

    Monday, December 07 2009

    Kat and Aidan are in the cab of a truck, in which Kendall is tied up in the back. She can hear them arguing as Kat tells Aidan she put herself in danger by going to Pine Valley and that he should just let Kendall go! Aidan tells Kat that Kendall's not going anywhere - and neither is she! Kendall's eyes grow wide as she then hears gunshots! They pull into an underground parking garage, where Kat tells Aidan that he can't expect to win Kendall over by scaring the heck out of her - she thinks he just shot her! Aidan says, "Whatever it takes." Kat wonders what happened to the nice guy who he used to be. Aidan says his wife died. He tells Kat to go play dead.

    Aidan goes to the lobby of a hotel and checks in. As he gets into the elevator, Erica appears. She asks the desk clerk what room number that man in the elevator is in. He says he can't tell her. She asks, "Don't you know who I am?" The clerk finally gives in and says he'll connect her to the room on the house phone.

    Upstairs in the hotel room, Kendall struggles with Aidan, and tries to talk through her gag. Aidan tells her he's not afraid to use his gun, mentioning Kat as an example. The phone rings and Aidan answers - it's Erica. She demands to speak to Kendall. Aidan says they want to be alone. Erica wants to hear it from Kendall, and says she'll be waiting in the lobby. Aidan hangs up and tells Kendall to pray that Erica goes quietly! He goes down to the lobby and tells Erica that Kendall is embarrassed so she sent him to talk to her. Erica brings up Zach and the boys. Aidan says she needs time to think things through - then she'll come home. Erica asks Aidan to tell Kendall to come home soon - everyone misses her. Aidan gets back to the elevator. Erica watches to see what floor he stops at.

    Back in the room, Kendall is struggling to untie herself when Aidan returns. He tells her he'll remove her gag if she promises not to scream. Kendall asks if her mother is dead. Aidan says she's not, but she will be unless Kendall is a good girl and does just what he tells her! There is a knock at the door and Erica calls out to Kendall. Inside, Kendall tells her to go away, she's not ready to talk, but Erica keeps it up. Aidan opens the door and Erica and Kendall embrace. Kendall watches Aidan carefully. Erica steps back to look at Kendall and asks how she's doing? Erica tells her to come home with her, but Kendall points out that Zach would never take her back, and tells her she's wasting her time. Aidan watches as Erica talks to Kendall about her boys, and Christmas coming. Kendall says she thinks about them all the time, but they're better off without her - she's a mess! Erica insists they can work through anything, but Kendall refuses to go with her. Erica won't give up, and Kendall tells her that she doesn't want the life she has in Pine Valley - this is her life and this is what she wants! Erica cries, and Kendall asks her to just go. Erica says she will never give up on her. Aidan closes the door after she goes. Kendall calls him names and says she doesn't even know who he is anymore. She asks why he's doing this? Aidan tells her that she knows why.

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