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    All My Children CAST - Amanda Dillon Martin - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Amanda Dillon Martin Played by Chrishell Stause on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chrishell Stause

    Birthday: 1981-07-21
    Birthplace: Draffenville, Kentucky
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Chrishell Stause


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    Where They Belong.

    Wednesday, September 21 2011

    Amanda and Jake meet up at the hospital. Joe shows up, as Maria finds them. Jake notes Maria is consulting on a patient for him. Maria steps away to take a call from Miami and Amanda notes her feeling that something good was going to happen is occurring right now.

    Joe, Jake and Amanda show up at the Martin house. As the family catches up, Dixie tells Joe she and Tad have never been happier and then steps out to text someone. Ruth marvels over the miracle Tad has been blessed with. Tad knows it and texts someone as well.

    In The Middle Of The Night.

    Tuesday, September 13 2011

    Jake goes home and curls up in bed with Amanda.

    In The Name Of Orpheus.

    Friday, September 09 2011

    Cara gets her results in the hospital break room, but doesn't tell Jake about it when she sees him. Amanda joins them and tells Jake adopting will be harder than they thought. Cara tells them about an organization that relocates children orphaned by war. She becomes weak, as David walks in. She gives the Martins the number of the organization and they leave. Cara tells David she hasn't opened the results yet because Griffin isn't there. He's been her rock through every test. David declares he's trying to find him. Cara wonders if he knows something she doesn’t. David covers saying he is trying to find his exact location at Doctors Without Borders. She just wants to hear his voice. Even though she just wants to keep things professional, David tells her he cares about her. Cara ribs him about losing his edge. He gets a call from Erica, who is back at the bookstore in L.A. She accuses him of sending her on a wild goose chase and urges him to be honest with her just this once. He tells her that Mike Roy is dead. He is not and never has been one of his patients. Erica becomes upset over his toying with her emotions. David tells her he saved someone she loved, just not one of her ex-lovers. She lashes out at him and hangs up. David returns to Cara, who leaves to open her test results alone. Greenlee finds David and urges him to call Zach off.

    In the hospital break room, Jake and Amanda tell Cara they called the organization and started the ball rolling for adoption. Once they leave, Cara opens her test results and says, "Oh my God. I'm pregnant."

    Humor And Love.

    Thursday, September 08 2011

    When Amanda finds Jake at the hospital, he evades telling her what he's working on. He wants to talk to her about it at home.

    Cara and David head to the park. She shows him her "trouble dolls," which gets assigned one of her troubles: cancer, Griffin, Tad and family, for the children she probably won't have. She gives him a pouch of dolls as well and tells him it's his turn. David jokes that he has no troubles, as Jake, Amanda and Trevor walk up. Jake says David's claim is a lie and that he could probably use several of those dolls. Jake tells Cara to watch her back and walks away. Amanda stays behind and tells Cara something good will happen to her. Once Amanda walks off, Cara gets David to lie on the ground with her to look at the clouds. After they enjoy themselves for a bit, Cara says it's time for her face that she's about to get news that will change her life. David thinks they should enjoy the day until her results come in tomorrow.

    Jake, Amanda and Trevor sit elsewhere in the park. As Jake worries about Cara with David, Amanda bemoans the fact that she can't have more babies. Jake shows her his information on adoption. He assures her this is something he'd like to do because despite the kids not being theirs biologically, they would still be a family. Amanda agrees to do it.

    No One Knows The Whole Story.

    Tuesday, August 23 2011

    As Amanda and Jake prepare to leave the hospital, they talk about adoption. He admits he's angry and sad because he wanted a sibling for Trevor. However, he's cool with adopting. Amanda declares good things are happening even if it's hard to tell. Tad interrupts them and Amanda leaves to see Angie. Tad tells Jake Cara is staying because of David. Jake can't get involved because he has to focus on the people who really need him and suggests Tad just let it go.

    Angie and Lucy enter the Martin home, where Angie and Dixie get reacquainted. Amanda joins the group and thanks Angie for her support throughout her ordeal. She then sees Dixie and they catch up. All the women discuss the power of motherhood, as Maya takes note while holding Lucy. As Angie and Maya prepare to leave, Angie assumes all the talk about kids must have been hard for her. Maya admits she loses sleep worrying about her baby. Angie thinks Jesse could help track her baby down, but Maya doesn’t want Jesse to know because she could get arrested for abandoning her baby.

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