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    All My Children CAST - Lily Montgomery Lavery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lily Montgomery Lavery Played by Leven Rambin on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Leven Rambin

    Birthday: 1990-05-17
    Birthplace: Houston, Texas
    Real Name: Leven Rambin


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    The Best Town in America!

    Tuesday, January 05 2010

    Brooke and Palmer say no one leaves Pine Valley for good. Lily lists off the times that the buses leave town. Brooke says she'd come back, but someone would have to warn Erica. Maria, Lily, Jackson, and Brooke all say they still call Pine Valley 'home'. Jake, Jesse, and Angie describe the tornado. Krystal thinks about her losses due to the storm, and David laments not getting to the hospital before Babe died. Tad boasts how the residents rebuilt. Adam claims he kept Erica alive in the tunnels - she owes him her life! Erica remembers Kendall being in a coma, and Bianca giving birth. Bianca thinks her daughter, Gabriella, might grow up to be the strongest Kane woman of them all!

    No Risk, No Reward!

    Tuesday, June 10 2008

    Jack meets Lily at the Yacht Club. They talk about MIT; Lily is worried about leaving Jack alone. When Lily talks about leaving and missing her family, Jack starts to cry. This worries Lily until Jack tells her how happy he is. Lily begins to cry. "No matter where you are, you'll never be alone," he says and holds out his hand. They hold hands for a while. Greenlee and Zach come over to say their goodbyes. Lily suggests that Greenlee work on her non-smiling problems by spending more time with Kendall. Jack and Lily leave. Zach offers to walk Greenlee to her meeting with Kendall, saying she might be able to line up her new conquest while they walk. Kendall arrives at the Yacht Club just then and sees Zach and Greenlee walking together.

    Adam Knows About Krystal's Plans!

    Thursday, January 31 2008

    Joe tells Angie that Greenlee wants the new treatment. Angie goes to Greens' room, where she is talking to Aidan, Zach and Kendall about her options. Greenlee asks what her chances are. "It's a long shot," Angie admits. Greenlee thanks her for being honest and Angie leaves. Greenlee tells the others that she will win. Kendall kisses Greenlee, reminding her that she needs a second in command on the book tour. Kendall and Zach leave. Greens tries to get rid of Aidan, too, but he won't go. Jack arrives with Lily. She is uncomfortable but offers Greenlee a picture of them. Greenlee is touched by the gesture. Kendall and Zach return with Spike; they let Greens hold him for a few minutes and then Joe returns to get Greenlee ready for the injections.

    Kendall Rings in 2008 in the Slammer

    Monday, December 31 2007

    Richie is on the phone in the hospital, growling, “I get the drill – my sister knocks me off, you collect the insurance.” Enter Lily, who tells him that it’s a good thing he’s been locked up. She tells him that she’d overheard him talking about “murder,” in his hospital room. She then gives him a murder mystery book, saying she thinks if you get every detail down pat, it’s possible to commit the perfect crime. Richie picks Lily’s brain about planning the perfect crime of setting someone else up to take the rap for a murder. Lily unknowingly gives him step-by-step instructions on how to set up Annie as his murderer.

    Erica, in a ruffly red dress, enters the yacht club and immediately catches Jack’s eye. Both convinced that it was the other who sent the invitation, they sit to have a drink together. After talking awhile, they figure out that someone set them up to meet and deduce that it was Lily. Erica starts to leave, but Jack won’t let her go. He wants to celebrate with Erica that Greenlee’s alive and safe, but Erica brings up old hurts, namely when he’d told her that he didn’t love her anymore. “We’re destined to need each other, we’re fated to love each other. And you can’t look me in the eye and tell me that you don’t feel that, too,” she tells him.

    Bianca's Home!

    Wednesday, December 26 2007

    In Greenlee's hospital room, everyone is relieved when she opens her eyes and begins to breathe on her own. She tells Aidan she came back because of him! Joe asks them all to leave. Erica asks him if Jack, at least, can stay but Joe won't allow it. Kendall hurries from the room and doesn’t stop to talk to Ryan and Annie, who have just arrived. Jack, Erica and Aidan come out of Greenlee's room and fill them in. A few minutes later the doctors clear Jack to visit Greenlee. At her bedside Jack asks her how she managed to get through the past month locked in a bomb shelter. Greenlee tells him that Zach helped pull her through. Aidan walks in and stays with Greenlee for a while. Jack makes a few calls to spread the good news. Livia arrives. Across the room Sean calls Colby to give her the news.

    In the hall Erica runs in to Jack and tells him she really is happy that Greenlee is back. She brings up their relationship but Jack refuses to talk about them, at least for the holiday. Everyone comes into the hall as Emma announces they are having a party. Zach and Kendall sit with the boys, Annie and Ryan sit with Emma - and then Bianca and Miranda walk in! They are welcomed with hugs and kisses. Julia arrives. Erica is carried in by two young orderlies. She makes a speech to all of them about love, family and happiness. She wishes everyone "Merry Christmas" and the crowd begins singing "Deck the Halls" as the kids begin dancing. Greenlee and Zach, sitting across the room from one another, lock eyes and smile.

    A Christmas Miracle

    Monday, December 24 2007

    At the hospital, Jack is praying for Greenlee to get well. Erica arrives; Sean and Lily point her toward Jack, who says Greenlee isn't doing well. They watch Joe and the staff work on Greens through a window. Inside, Aidan begs Greens to fight. Joe shocks Greenlee again and gets a sinus rhythm. Joe asks Aidan to leave the room so the doctors can work. Before he leaves begs Greenlee once more to fight. In the hall he reports what he knows to Jack and Erica. "They got her back, but. . .," Aidan says. Sean interrupts with news that Lily is beginning to lose it. Erica offers to talk to Lily so Jack can stay near Greens. Erica tells Lily, who is shaking and rocking, that Greenlee is doing better. Lily can't understand why the doctors are yelling; Sean explains that they are simply doing their jobs. Erica reminds Lily of Ava's operation and Kendall's early delivery, telling her that Greenlee will be okay, too.

    Erica sits with Jack in the waiting area, holding his hands. Across the room Sean is still trying to distract Lily, but Lily is focused on Greenlee. Lily crosses the room to tell Jack she loves him. Stunned, he tells her that he loves her, too. Lily turns away but then returns to Jack. She reaches out to him and takes his hand! Jack is shocked. They hear Joe calling out orders to the other doctor's. Kendall comes out of Zach's room to see what the fuss is about and they fill her in. Erica begins to pray. Jack is touched and begins to pray, too. Kendall tells Erica that Greenlee can't die.

    Aidan walks down to the chapel and sits quietly. Father Clarence is there and tells him that if he prays God will hear. Aidan tells Clarence that praying won't heal Greenlee. Clarence brings up one of Aidan's army buddies, who was saved because of Aidan's efforts. "He just offered a prayer of thanks for you, saving his life so many years ago," Father Clarence says and encourages Aidan to have faith. Aidan says he will do anything to help Greens; Clarence tells him that love can get Greenlee through. "Love is magic. It's the world's most powerful medicine," he says. Aidan kneels and begins to pray as Sean comes running in. "You need to come back," Sean says. Aidan returns to the waiting area and bursts in to Greenlee's room as Joe loses her pulse and heartbeat again. He begins to cry. Jack, Erica and Kendall come in. Jack cries over Greenlee's body and Joe asks the other doctor to call out the time of death. Aidan begs them not to do it and turns to her, asking her to open her eyes. He holds her, telling her it isn't time for her to die. "You need to stay, darling, don't go," he says. Joe tells Aidan he has to let Greenlee go but Aidan can't. He holds her, crying, and Greenlee takes a breath! Joe hurries to check her vital signs and finds that she has a very weak pulse! Sean turns to Lily and smiles. Outside, Father Clarence quietly wishes them all a Merry Christmas and leaves.

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