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    All My Children CAST - Julia Santos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Julia Santos Played by Sydney Penny on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sydney Penny

    Birthday: 1971-08-07
    Birthplace: Nashville, Tennessee
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Sydney Penny
    Height: 5'4"


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    A Day to Remember

    Tuesday, September 11 2007

    At The Comeback, Tad and the new neighbors are chowing down. Jack is at the bar for coffee and TV. He flips on the news just in time for a moment of silence for the victims of 9/11. Afterwards, Josh, Jack, and the others at The Comeback reminisce the horror of that day and how it personally affected each of them. It’s a touching moment, sad, and when Tad offers a toast with orange juice, followed by hugs and kisses from Kathy, who’s just arrived with Julia, it’s a riveting scene.

    Things are lightening up again as we join Tad, Julia, and Kathy having pancakes at The Comeback. Krystal comes out with Jenny and they talk about how wonderful children are. Josh takes Tad’s seat with Julia and they talk about making fresh starts.

    Time For An Intervention!

    Wednesday, September 05 2007

    Josh is singing Beatles hits to Ian when Julia comes in. They talk about Ian's progress for a while. Julia is fairly reserved with him because of how he treated her - and Jamie - before she left. Josh surprises her by apologizing for how he acted in the past. She accepts. "You're starting to sound like someone who believes in family," she says and leaves him with Ian. She returns a short time later and they watch the kiddo for a while. Josh asks about Kathy. Julia goes on and on about Kathy and school; Josh begins talking about having his own kids someday. Julia realizes she is off duty and Josh asks her to stick around for a cup of coffee. She turns him down at first but then asks if she can reconsider. They leave to get some caffeine.

    Birthday Party Fun!

    Friday, August 31 2007

    Krystal is shocked that JR has lost Tad and everyone worries where he could be - and if he'll miss his entire party. Erica asks Aidan where Tad may have gone but he doesn't have a clue. As they all discuss Tad's whereabouts, he sneaks into the bar without anyone noticing. He orders a drink from Wes, who begins to laugh. Zach and Kendall arrive and Tad finally steps up from his perch in one of the booths, announcing his arrival. And the birthday fun begins! Babe starts up a few games, first up is Guess The Year - based on Tad's different haircuts! Opal and Ruth win the game and a few rounds of free beer! Julia walks in and greets Jonathan and Ava. She asks about Jamie and Jonathan makes a quick exit. Babe sees her and they talk about Jamie a little. Meanwhile Zach and Erica are showing the crowd pictures of Ian and Spike. Opal brings up Cochlear Implants, making Kendall uncomfortable. Jack arrives at the party, interrupting a hot kiss between Jonathan and Ava. He apologizes for getting her involved in the drug bust but she could care less; Ava believes the bust made her career and thanks him! They all go inside and Aidan distracts Jack with questions about Greenlee. Seeing the tension between Jack and Erica from across the room, Tad asks Erica what the deal is now. She tells him about the new talk show, which is hilarious for Tad. Jack interrupts as Erica asks Tad for a kiss. Tad leaves. Babe and Josh are talking about Greenlee, both wondering where she is; Aidan and Amanda are taking advantage of a few free drinks at the bar. She asks him about Di and he changes the subject to poker, hoping to get a game going. Krystal gets a few birthday tributes going and the crowds talks Tad's greatest hits. JR introduces an email tribute from Jamie in Africa. Krystal takes centerstage with a song. Tad looks around at the room full of friends as Krystal begins to sing "Our Love Is Here To Stay". Kendall talks to Babe and Amanda about Fusion and Ava butts right in with her two cents. Kendall basically tells her to get lost. Ruth walks up and asks about Ian and Spike, excited about the prognosis for both boys. Kendall cuts her off when she brings up Cochlear Implants, saying she has another doctor in mind. Meanwhile at the birthday-boy's table Joe, Opal and a newly arrived Ruth are regaling Julia with stories of Tad's past. Sean and Colby listen in and she learns that Tad and Liza used to be an item. She can't believe it and asks Tad what really happened. Colby asks about Tad's other lovers but Tad clams up. He tells Colby he is much happier not being Tad-the-Cad. Kendall goes to Zach, tells him she has to leave to express some milk for Ian. He says he'll go to but Kendall tells him to stay behind with the boys and the poker game and gets Julia to drive her. Julia and Kendall leave. From outside, Greenlee watches the party go on. She starts to go inside, hesitates but finally decides to go inside. Aidan catches her on the way in and accidentally hits her ribs. Inside the party is beginning to break up. Tad joins Krystal at the bar and they talk about Jenny for a bit. Tad kisses Krystal and it turns passionate. She pulls away and neither knows what to think about it. They go their separate ways.

    Dream A Little Dream

    Thursday, June 14 2007

    Julia finds Jamie and Jonathan asleep on the sofas with a movie in the background. She begins flipping through the channels and finds a documentary on childbirth. She dreams, Julia is pregnant. Jamie is her doctor but tells her there really isn't a baby, even though she has an obviously-pregnant tummy and they hear a heartbeat. He leaves, saying he needs to get a life. She wakes, realizing that Jamie isn't ready to be a father. Upset, Julia goes to her room. The next morning, Jamie kisses Julia good morning in the parlor. She pulls away but before they can talk, Kathy comes. "We'll talk later," she says and leaves.

    Who Kidnapped JR?

    Monday, June 11 2007

    At Wildwind, Julia tells Jamie there isn't a baby. He realizes that she is disappointed with the news but before they can talk things through, Kathy comes in. Julia sends her off to get ready to leave for the park. As soon as Kathy leaves, Babe arrives. Julia shows Babe around and then leaves with Kathy. Alone, Jamie pulls out her school books but Babe has picked up on the vibes between the couple and wonders what is wrong between them. She tries to get him to talk, but Jamie isn't interested and turns back to the books. She invites him to stop by to see little A. Finally, Jamie breaks down and tells her about Julia's false alarm and his own relief at the news. Babe leaves. Julia returns and Jamie asks her to talk about the "scare". Julia turns away, realizing just how different they both feel about children.

    Spike is Mine!

    Friday, June 08 2007

    At Wildwind, Julia has sprung the news on Jamie that she’s “late,” and that the pregnancy test is hers, not Di’s. Jamie doesn’t seem particularly pleased by the news, but does the honorable thing and offers to marry her if the test comes out positive. Julia says she won’t marry him, and offers a laundry list of reasons why not. He’s still getting over the loss of Dixie; he’s still in med school; his less-than-enthusiastic reaction when he thought the test was Di and Aidan’s; and, most of all, he’s only asking because it’s the right thing to do. She decides to shelve the test for the night and plans to take it first thing in the morning.

    Julia emerges from the bathroom where an anxious Jamie is pacing. She’s holding the pregnancy test stick. Is there one line or two on that stick…?

    Trouble Is Brewing For JR!

    Thursday, June 07 2007

    Amanda is at Wildwind, staring out the window and playing with Trevor's favorite coin with Jamie arrives home. She angrily strikes out at him, annoyed because everyone seems to be treating her with kid gloves. She wants her friends to treat her normally. Jamie grabs her and gives her a noogie! He reminds her that he is always here for her, for anything. She thanks him, but tells him she can handle her own life. She leaves. Julia arrives home with groceries and a pregnancy test. She hides it when Jamie calls out to her. He tells her about Kathy's day and offers her a drink. She heads over to see Kathy as Di comes in with a splinter. Jamie offers to help her out but she declines. As she leaves, she knocks the pregnancy test from under the couch but doesn't notice. Jamie takes it to Julia, wondering who it belongs to. Before Julia can say anything, Jamie lets her know that he is not ready to be a father and would, in fact, rather die than have a child right now! Jamie goes on to say how glad he isn't in Aidan's shoes because he thinks the test belongs to Di!

    ...And The Roof Caves In!

    Friday, June 01 2007

    Adam enters The Comeback, annoyed at Derek and Krystal's kiss. Tad tells him to leave, but Adam won't go. He continues to cut down everyone is the bar. Del notices a few leaks from the roof. Babe, Derek and Opal all tell Adam to leave; Krystal steps in, telling them to leave Adam alone! "If he wants to stay, he can stay," she says, astounding everyone. She reminds them that everyone is welcome in her bar and offers Adam a free drink. Tad offers a triple-anything, hoping it will effect Adam badly! Adam turns down the drink but heads to a table, alone. Krystal sits with Adam, telling him that she is just fine on her own. A deliveryman arrives with a new karaoke machine! At the bar, Julia begins to cry, worrying Jamie, Opal and Amanda. Derek helps Krystal unpack the box, apologizing for kissing her. Krystal shrugs it off. Derek tells Krystal that he has always admired her and asks her to dinner! She says she'll let him know when she's ready to date. Tad reminds Adam that he used to own the bar and failed at it! JR comes over and together he and Tad push Adam's buttons by reminding him that he was going to be a different person for Stuart's sake. JR tells Adam that he is finished. "You can't ruin this for Krystal no matter how bad you want to," he promises. Krystal gets the karaoke machine going. She compares the jewelry from Adam to a ball and chain and his home to a mausoleum and their love to a lie and excitedly talks about her new plans and friends. Babe gets the machine going and Krystal decides to sing. Before she can start, the roof begins to fall in! Tad and Derek check out the leak, which is huge. Krystal can't believe that her new project seems to be doomed. Adam rubs in the bad news, telling her she'll be broke soon. He leaves. Krystal worries that she made a huge mistake by not having the building inspected before she bought the place. Babe reminds her that they have friends and they can rebuild. "I just want it to happen now," Krystal says. Across the room, Opal talks to Julia, asking how she is. Julia gets queasy and hurries away. When she returns, Opal asks Julia if she might be pregnant! The question makes Julia wonder. Across the room, Tad encourages Krystal not to give up. She promises to keep fighting, just to show Adam that she is okay on her own.

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