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    All My Children CAST - Julia Santos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Julia Santos Played by Sydney Penny on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sydney Penny

    Birthday: 1971-08-07
    Birthplace: Nashville, Tennessee
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Sydney Penny
    Height: 5'4"


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    Who Will Babe Believe?

    Tuesday, October 09 2007

    Julia is checking on Richie when Babe arrives. Richie wakes and Julia gives them some space. Babe asks him why he kept his past a secret and wonders why he set up the robbery at The Comeback. Richie makes a big deal about not being able to speak because of the noose and begins telling Babe his version of their family history. He says that Annie was thrown out of the house and that she has always twisted things to her own benefit. Babe has her doubts but Richie keeps working on her until she admits that he could be telling the truth. He brings up his attraction to Babe but she cuts him off by asking why he chose to return to Pine Valley but keep his identity a secret. Richie insists it was the only way to prove to Annie that they could be a family again. Richie plays up the fact that Annie ruined his entire life. Walter arrives and hugs Richie. Richie introduces Walter to Babe and before she can leave, tells her to stick around so he can tell the truth about what happened. He blames Ryan, telling Walter that Annie probably didn't mean for things to go that far. Richie keeps the details to himself but when Walter insists on knowing, he tells them that Ryan and Aidan trussed him up and then kicked the chair from under his feet to hang him. Babe can't believe it! Walter becomes angry at Annie. Babe turns to go but Walter stops her, siding with Richie. Annie walks in and Walter orders her to stay away from Richie! "You're sick. You sent your husband to murder your brother," he says and pushes Annie out of the hospital room.

    Richie's In Big Trouble!

    Monday, October 08 2007

    Annie asks Richie to hand over Emma but he hesitates, telling Annie how much Emma looks like their mother. Annie takes Emma inside and tells Richie to stay where he is. Everyone questions Babe, making her really nervous about Wes. Tad tells her who "Wes" really is. Babe can't believe it. Annie walks in with Emma, and leaves her inside. She, Adam, Tad and JR go outside but Richie is nowhere to be found! They return inside. Krystal hugs Babe and Annie wonders where Ryan could be. Tad calls Detective Perry, who promises to return to them soon. Babe can't believe that Wes is really Richie and has been stalking her friend. JR attacks her choice to even see Wes/Richie. Adam steps in and defends Babe, telling JR to back off. Babe is having trouble believing that the sweet "Wes" she knew is really Annie's crazy brother. Det. Perry arrives and asks what Wes/Richie did in the cabin and Babe says he was the perfect gentleman and helped with the kids. Annie tells Babe and the detective it was all an act. Babe would rather trust her own instincts and tells Annie so. Annie can't listen to her. Greenlee sticks close to Annie, telling her over and over that she believes her about Richie. Adam tells Krystal and Colby that the Chandler security team is on the case to help track down Richie. Krystal asks why he is being so nice. Outside, Tad reassures Greenlee that Ryan and Aidan will be okay with Richie. He returns inside just in time to hear Adam tell Krystal that he is trying to be a nice guy. She wants to know why. Det. Perry gets a call that Aidan and Ryan left the Pine Cone an hour before. Julia leaves, telling Babe how sorry she is about everything. Ryan calls Annie and tells her that he and Aidan have Richie. She demands to know where they are but Ryan won't tell her anything. He hangs up and that makes Annie even more nervous. The detective asks where Ryan was and Annie tells him that she heard Polka music. He deducts that they must be at the Octoberfest situation. JR gathers little A to leave, on his way out the door he tells Greenlee that she'll understand how he feels about little A if she ever has a child. At the bar Colby, Babe and Krystal wonder how they could have been deluded by Richie. Tad tells them they were simply fooled. Colby wonders if Richie is the honest sibling and Annie is the liar.

    Jonathan Proposes to Ava!

    Monday, October 01 2007

    Ryan asks Annie to be sure the man in the photo is Richie. She is positive it's him and begins to worry about Emma. Annie calls Julia to check on Emma but the phones keep cutting out. She can't hear anything Annie is saying. Then the phones go dead! Ryan calls the front desk to see when they can get off the island. All the lights go out and Annie begins to freak out. Ryan calms her down but can't reach anyone in the resort. He leaves to get help to get off the island. Alone, Annie can't keep the nursery rhymes out of her head. She remembers playing Ring Around The Rosie with Richie, winning the game and him pulling the arms off her doll. He blamed her and their parents believed him. Ryan returns. Annie freaks out again and tells Ryan about an Outward Bound trip that Richie took as a kid - another boy died! She is positive that Richie killed the other boy and wonders what he might do to Emma while they are gone. Ryan tells her to calm down because they can't leave right away. He promises her that they'll be able to go home tomorrow.

    Wes kisses Babe, who is getting in very deep. She asks about his past but Wes doesn't have much to say so she asks about his present and future but Wes doesn't open up about those things either. He tells Babe he heard about Pine Valley from a childhood friend and decided to come there for a fresh start. He also says he isn't CEO material but that he wants to live comfortably. Julia calls Babe to ask her to take care of Emma the next day since Kathy's sick. Babe agrees. She tells Wes about the next day's play-date and he volunteers to help her out! Babe isn't sure what to think about his offer, especially when Wes tells her about a place he knows out of town. Wes charms her though and she agrees to let him tag along. Wes leaves. Babe arrives home and calls Julia. She leaves a message when Julia doesn't answer, telling her that she'll be there to pick up Emma at noon with a friend.

    Decisions To Make

    Tuesday, September 18 2007

    Julia, Jonathan and Kathy are making Ava comfortable on the sofa. Julia and Kathy leave for school. When they leave, Ava throws a pity-party, believing her career is over because of the surgery and the tiny incision the docs had to make to save her life. "You need to suck it up!" Jonathan says. She brings up JR, saying he knows exactly what she needs. This makes Jonathan angry and he says JR is only looking out for his own needs. Ava could care less, as long as her face is the face JR is exploiting - and the face making the money! - she'll do anything. Jonathan changes the subject to her pregnancy fears and swears that he'll take care of the protection from then on. Ava takes that badly, thinking that he doesn't trust her to take the pill (even though she just admitted that she doesn't always remember them). She wonders if he doesn't want kids or if he doesn't want kids with her. Jonathan swears that he'll never have kids because of his past. "It's bad enough I'm Ryan's crazy brother. I won't be some kid's crazy father," he says. Ava tells Jonathan not to worry about his past because he isn't that guy any longer. Jonathan, though, can't forget what he did and insists that he won't father a child. JR arrives, shows them the latest tabloid headline - which shows Ava and Jonathan in a hot embrace with the headline "Beauty and the Beast". He says he is no longer interested in working with Ava!

    Colby interrupts Krystal from her thousandth pass with a dust rag. Babe walks in, followed by JR and little A, and Krystal goes on point, asking Babe about the robbery. She decides it's time to sell the bar but everyone tells her to keep it going. Adam walks in and demands that Colby stop working at The Comeback. Colby informs Adam that she isn't quitting because she likes her new working girl image. Adam tries to convince her to move back home if she won't quit and tells her that he is the owner of the manse again. Krystal is stunned, as are JR and Babe. Adam invites JR back, too, but he sarcastically declines. Dre walks in and mistakes Adam for Stuart. Colby heads upstairs to grab a CD for him while Tad warns Dre to stay away from Adam. Dre gives him a CD of the concert. Colby returns when Tad asks Dre when they can "jam" again. Krystal and Babe step in, asking Tad about the drum magazines they've been finding around. Tad gives Colby a hard time about her sweet 16 party when Dre talks about Corrina's coming out party. She leaves to sweep the porch. Julia and Kathy arrive to drop off one of Jamie's books. Krystal and Babe sweep Kathy off with them, leaving Julia and Tad alone to talk about Jamie. They talk about parenthood and Julia gives Tad a picture Kathy drew for him. She tells him that she isn't pushing Kathy toward him but the girl still feels a connection. He apologizes for getting on her case about Kathy a few weeks before and welcomes both of them into his extended family. She asks about Kate and learns there is nothing new.

    JR walks away from Adam to ask Babe about the break-in at the bar. They agree to both be more careful for the sake of little A. On his PDA, JR shows Babe a sketch of the perpetrator; she says it's a good likeness. JR returns to Adam and tells him that he'll keep the secret as long as Adam steers clear of Colby. They return to the rest of the Martin/Carey clan, gathered in the living room. JR says his goodbyes and leaves. Julia tells Tad that family life obviously agrees with him and asks about his renewed relationship with Krystal. Tad says they are just friends who are co-parenting. He asks about Wildwind and Julia says the crew is shrinking with Di and Jamie and Aidan all moved out. He invites her to the Martin house if she gets lonely and then catches Adam grinning at Krystal and Jenny.

    Twists and Turns

    Thursday, September 13 2007

    Ava passes out and Lily freaks. Joe tells her if they don't get Ava into surgery, she will die! Since Lily is her closest relative, Joe says Lily can authorize the surgery. Ava wakes and tells Lily not to give the go ahead. Joe tells her exactly what could happen without surgery; JR says the same thing, but not as nicely. Lily begs Ava to sign the forms and get the surgery. She hesitates and JR says he'll just go with another model - who isn't dead! - to fulfill his business plans. Annoyed, Joe interrupts them as they talk business and tells Ava surgery is now or never. Jonathan arrives and Ava asks for his advice. He asks Joe about the different options but there are none. He promises to be with her through the whole thing and then gives her the forms to sign. She can't because of the pain but tells Lily to go ahead and do it. The orderlies wheel her up to surgery. When Ava is out of earshot, Jonathan confronts JR about why he is there at all. JR defends himself, saying he ran in to Ava at Fusion. Jonathan tells him to leave. In the hall, JR is hounded by a slew of paparazzi. Joe orders them all away. JR catches up with them, points out Jonathan and makes sure all the photographers know exactly who he is. They already do and are planning to do a big reveal once interest has peaked. JR warns the photographer not to wait and tells him that one of the Chandler companies will beat them to the punch. Then, he gives them another tidbit of info - that Jonathan was once married to Lily - Ava's lookalike sister.

    Julia is finishing stitching up Aidan's head when Greenlee walks in. Julia asks for the details and offers to call the cops but Aidan declines that. Julia leaves to get Aidan's paperwork ready. When they are alone, Greenlee apologizes for inadvertently hurting him. Aidan is just as angry but not with her, with Ryan. Aidan checks out and makes another dinner date with Greenlee. Just then Ryan arrives. He swears he had nothing to do with the attack on Aidan but Greenlee doesn't believe him. Neither does Aidan, he also lets Ryan know that he isn't pleased that Greenlee is being followed by Ryan's men in the first place. Annie watches them for a moment but just listens in. Ryan suggests they talk to the guys he has following Greenlee to see if they saw anyone attack Aidan. When he returns, Annie approaches them to see if everything is okay. Aidan goes over the things that were stolen - including the locket they found! - making Annie more nervous than ever. Greenlee wonders who would have taken an old locket and is certain that the locket must be important. Annie pulls Ryan away, wondering if Ritchie is behind the attack. Ryan decides to tell Aidan everything and pulls him away from Greens. Aidan hesitates but Ryan plays on his sympathies, and asks him to keep an eye on Annie, too. He agrees and he even agrees to keep Greenlee out of the loop as long as what he finds out won't hurt Greens. "Just so you know, Greenlee and I aren't close," he says. Greenlee hears him! Annie asks Ryan to let her come with him. He doesn't want her anywhere near, though, and tells her to stay home.

    Oh, The Pain!

    Wednesday, September 12 2007

    Ava is nearly falling over from the pain. JR thinks she's just putting on a show and turns to go. She orders him to stick around - or she'll tell everyone that she is pregnant and the baby is his! JR carries her in to the hospital, moaning and groaning and screaming in pain. Julia meets them and asks Ava to explain the pains. She leaves to set up a room as Dr. Joe arrives. Ava describes the pain, swearing she isn't on any kind of drugs. JR throws out the pregnancy possibility. Joe wheels her off to another room as JR realizes that Ava isn't faking the symptoms. After examining her Joe says Ava isn't pregnant - she has appendicitis and needs an operation right now. She doesn't want an operation and starts to freak out. JR listens from the door and tells Ava to stop fighting the doctors! She won't back off. Joe leads Julia out so they can conference, leaving JR to reason with Ava. He actually gets through to her, saying she'll die if she doesn't have the surgery. He brings up his plans for her and all the money involved, making her forget about the pain for a bit. Another screaming pain doubles her over but Ava still won't agree to surgery. Lily walks in, upset. Ava tries to convince her sister than things aren't that bad. Julia pulls JR out of the room as Lily begins running down what could happen to Ava without surgery. Ava explains that when she was a kid she had a bad fall and had to go to the hospital for stitches. Her mother basically dropped her off and left her with the nurses - alone! "I won't leave you with strangers," Lily says and holds Ava's hand. Another screaming pain comes and Ava loses consciousness. Joe and Julia come in, followed by JR, as Lily freaks out.

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