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    All My Children CAST - Julia Santos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Julia Santos Played by Sydney Penny on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sydney Penny

    Birthday: 1971-08-07
    Birthplace: Nashville, Tennessee
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Sydney Penny
    Height: 5'4"


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    It's Thanksgiving!

    Wednesday, November 21 2007

    A while later, Colby and her hip-hop crew arrive at The Comeback, along with Jack and Lily. Both Jack and Lily are distracted by the search for Greens and Zach. Adam hands Colby a wad of cash to pay for movie tickets for her and the guys (they're planning a movie night later on); Tad steps up and gives them even more cash for popcorn! The kids disperse. Tad goes over to Jack and asks about the search; Jack doesn't know anything and is becoming more worried - and aggravated - by the moment. Derek arrives. Krystal calls everyone to the tables and begins to serve the food.

    Zach is hit by a car!

    Thursday, November 15 2007

    JR walks in to the bar, heads straight to the bartender who pours him a stiff drink. Before JR can take a sip Jack walks up, grabs him and asks why he is messing with Greenlee! Jack calls him a go-between and starts to take a swing but Julia stops him! She separates them and asks Jack what is really going on. He tells her about the embryo plot; Julia realizes just why Greenlee was at the hospital a few days before. Derek walks in and tells Jack they have a led on Aidan and Greenlee; he wants Jack to stay away but Jack demands to tag along. He and Derek leave.

    The Great Greenlee Escape!

    Monday, November 12 2007

    Aidan takes Greenlee to the stables at Wildwind. She is worried that the authorities will figure out Aidan got her out of there but he insists there is nothing to tie him to the jail-break. Greenlee gets close to Aidan, puts her arms around him and makes him a proposition! They kiss and Aidan brings up the next step of their journey - complete with disguises and a place to hide out for a bit! He says they'll get her completely out of the country until he can clear her name! Greenlee gets changed, with Aidan's help. Dressed in her get-up - a man's outfit! - the get ready to leave. Before they can leave, Julia arrives. Greenlee hides. Aidan startles Julia as she enters the structure. Greenlee comes out of her hiding place, shocking Julia even more. Aidan swears Greenlee is innocent and they are trying to prove it. Julia, though, has already heard about the guilty plea. Aidan tells Julia that he has to get Greens out of town in order to prove she is innocent. Having been on the run, Julia tells them it won't be that easy and reminds them of all the hazards that come with a life on the run. Aidan asks her to keep their secret. Reluctantly, she agrees but tells Greenlee she needs to think really hard about leaving before they go. Julia offers to be their go-between so that Jack won't worry but Aidan tells her not to - because it will only lead to more trouble for Julia. Julia leaves. A few minutes later, Aidan and Greenlee follow.

    Still at the courthouse, Jack tries to get a call through to Mary Smythe. He leaves her a message to call him. Julia arrives and gives Jack a message from Greens: that she is fine and she loves him but she has to stay away from a while. Touched, Jack hugs Julia and thanks her for the message.

    Zach Drops JR!

    Thursday, November 01 2007

    Kendall walks over to the hospital with Spike. From outside the NICU, Kendall watches over Ian for a while. She tells Spike that Ian is alright because Greenlee won't hurt Zach's child - but she isn't so sure Spike is fine. "But by the time this day is over, Greenlee will be done," she says and walks with Spike to a storage closet. A nurse comes outside, recognizes Kendall and suggests she wait in the chairs area. She walks away and Kendall wheels Spike into the storage closet. Just then Julia walks up and sees them! Kendall makes up a story about needing blankets and then talks about not being able to sleep (because of the problems with Ian and with Spike). Julia suggests she talk to someone but Kendall says she thinks she is turning the corner. Julisa leaves and Kendall begins to search the area. She grabs a bottle of chloroform, hides it in her bag and then leaves. Julia returns a few minutes later with some blankets for Kendall. She leaves. Kendall and Spike continue on to the park and she begins to organize her next meeting with Greenlee. Simone appears! Kendall tells her that her timing stinks and reminds Simone that she is dead and out of touch. Simone won't just go away, though, and challenges Kendall. She tells Kendall to throw her revenge plans in the trash because she will only wind up hurting herself. Kendall refuses, believing that Greenlee will hurt Spike. She tries to escape Simone but Simone just follows her into the boathouse. Finally, Kendall says this is all her fault - Ian's troubles, Spike's troubles, all of it - because she let Greenlee get too close. "She will always be a threat to Spike," Kendall says and orders Simone to leave. As suddenly as she appeared, Simone disappears.

    JR Tries To Seduce Ava!

    Tuesday, October 30 2007

    Tad runs in to The Comeback and orders a coffee from Krystal. Hannah walks in after him; Krystal sees the sparks between them and offers Hannah coffee too. Julia walks in and captures Tad's attention. She asks where he was the night before (she couldn't reach him on Kathy's behalf) and he beats around the bush. She immediately knows he was with a woman! They talk about Tad's leap back into the dating pool. Meanwhile, Krystal kind of asks Hannah what her intentions are toward Tad and Hannah says she won't hurt him! Krystal delivers food and coffee to Tad's table. Julia notices the reserve between them and calls Tad on it. "Is that why you had revenge sex?" she asks. Tad admits it was partly to get revenge on Krystal's night with Adam but mostly it was just because he wanted to have sex. Julia asks what is next, Tad turns to look at Hannah and says, "Outfits". Krystal is back at the bar when Hannah asks her if seeing Tad with Julia is bothersome. Krystal realizes what Hannah is really asking and tells her that it is fine if Tad and Hannah begin dating. Back at Tad's table, he tells Julia that he'll stop by to see Kathy soon. He pays his bill (with a smile) and kisses Hannah. He tries to set up a few ground rules for their next date, which annoys Hannah. He backs off and asks her to dinner.

    Kendall and Zach are enjoying some calm time with Ian. The baby smiles up at them as they talk about taking him home. Julia walks in and asks them to go to Joe's office.

    Krystal and Adam Sleep Together!

    Tuesday, October 23 2007

    Tad is a wreck at his house because Krystal never came home the night before. Julia, who stopped by because he called her in a panic, tries to calm him down by saying Krystal is a grown woman and there is one reason she may have stayed out all night without calling - and that reason isn't an accident or foul play. She asks if Tad has called Adam's! Tad reminds Julia of all the horrible things Adam did to Krystal, certain that she couldn't have spent the night with Adam; Julia points out that stranger things have happened. Tad is certain that Krystal would never have done that, though. Julia points out that women have needs just like men do and that the man Krystal was with could be Adam Chandler. She asks Tad if he has considered that falling in love isn't always logical and asks if he has considered the possibility of falling in love again. Tad says he is happy just being in love with his baby daughter. Krystal calls to check in and apologizes for not calling the night before. She asks about Jenny and tells Tad she'll be home soon. Krystal arrives home and Tad hurries upstairs to change Jenny. Krystal is stunned that he didn't even ask where she has been. Tad returns downstairs to talk things over with Krystal, asking her to keep him in the loop next time she decides to stay out. She apologizes and tells him they need to talk. He doesn't want to listen but she charges forward anyway!

    Stuck In An Elevator

    Monday, October 22 2007

    Zach and Greenlee are arguing at the hospital. She asks him about the embryos but he doesn't answer. Josh listens in from the hallway; Julia comes over and tells Greenlee that her appointment has been rescheduled. Greenlee walks off and Zach asks Josh about Greens' doctor - Josh says the doc is a fertility specialist! Zach likes this piece of information and leaves. Julia follows Greenlee and asks if she is okay. Greenlee vents a little about Zach and asks Julia if they can talk. They sit down and Greenlee apologizes for venting to her. "It's like one look at him and I'm right back there at the night of the blackout," she says. She goes on to tell Julia that she has to understand exactly what happened that night to be able to let it go. Julia isn't sure Greenlee should go there but offers to help her do some research. Julia tells Greenlee what she knows: that frozen embryos can be viable for a decade or more and that fertility docs prefer that women have all of the procedures done in the same office as that of the embryos. She asks Greenlee if she is thinking about having a baby. Greenlee admits that she is but isn't sure if she'll go through with it. They talk about becoming moms and Julia tells Greenlee about the things Greg did to her. Julia brings up adoption but Greenlee thinks she wants to try for a biological child first. Julia tells Greens not to give up, no matter which route she takes. The nurse joins them and tells Greenlee that the doctor is ready for her.

    Annie tries to call Ryan from the elevator but he can't understand anything she says because of some kind of interference! He leaves the office and heads home. Annie sets off the elevator alarm. Ryan arrives home and hears it going off. Ryan gets the doors open and Annie hands Spike out of the elevator, followed by Emma. Annie is the last to leave. As soon as she gets out she tells Ryan about the brownie Richie gave Emma. They head for the hospital. As soon as they arrive, Joe walks in and Annie asks him to pump Emma's stomach! Instead of rushing her to the ER, Joe takes Emma's Ryan gets a call from the penthouse maintenance staff who assures him that the elevator getting stuck was a simple electric surge - it wasn't tampered with. Emma returns and tells them that the brownie was left over from the trip to the cabin - weeks ago! - and she only remembered it tonight. Mystery solved, Julia takes Emma off to the bathroom. Relieved, Annie and Ryan embrace.vitals and asks her questions. She says she just has a tummy ache but isn't dizzy; he tells Annie and Richie that there is no need to pump Em's stomach or even to run more tests. Annie insists that Joe pump Emma's stomach but he resists. Joe suggests they take some less-invasive steps and calls Julia to take Emma away. Alone, Annie tells Ryan she isn't sure Richie would have hurt Emma. Ryan insists that of course Richie could hurt Emma - because he is crazy! Ryan gets a call from the penthouse maintenance staff who assures him that the elevator getting stuck was a simple electric surge - it wasn't tampered with. Emma returns and tells them that the brownie was left over from the trip to the cabin - weeks ago! - and she only remembered it tonight. Mystery solved, Julia takes Emma off to the bathroom. Relieved, Annie and Ryan embrace. Annie tells Ryan that she can't keep living this way - in fear of Richie. Julia brings Emma back and they assure her that everything is okay.

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