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    All My Children CAST - Julia Santos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Julia Santos Played by Sydney Penny on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sydney Penny

    Birthday: 1971-08-07
    Birthplace: Nashville, Tennessee
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Sydney Penny
    Height: 5'4"


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    Hannah Escapes!

    Tuesday, January 08 2008

    At the hospital Ryan is ready to go home or at least get a little kissing in but Annie tells him they have to take it easy and follow doctors orders. He asks about Kendall and Zach; Annie assures him they are fine. Julia walks in to check on Ryan. He asks if she can grease the wheels so Annie can stay with him tonight. Julia says that is out of the question. Another nurse comes in to change Ryan's bandages. Julia and Annie go outside and Annie begins to cry. Julia hugs her. Annie won't discuss what is really bothering her but thanks Julia for being a friend. She returns to Ryan, who is joking with the nurse. They ask Annie if Ryan looks like the guy from the "dancing show" and she says no - Ryan is much better looking! Annie sits with him a while longer, holding his hand and talking about the future. Ryan sees she is distracted and asks what is going on. Annie doesn't want to worry him and swears she is just worried about him. Unable to wait any longer for news on the shooting Ryan asks Annie for the phone so he can call Derek. Reluctantly Annie brings the phone to him. She leaves to get Ryan some water and check in on the kids. When Annie returns, Ryan has taped an "I'm Alive" message to his forehead. It makes Annie laugh.

    Kendall Confesses!

    Friday, December 28 2007

    Back at PV General, Jack reassures Julia that despite the Christmas gathering he and Erica won’t be getting back together, now or ever. Julia tells Jack that Erica had made it clear that she wasn’t a big fan of Jack and Julia spending time together. Julia says she’s still waiting for that special guy to come into her life. Jack says whoever it is will be a lucky guy.

    Bianca's Home!

    Wednesday, December 26 2007

    Adam believes Krystal and Tad are pulling one over on him. He tells Tad to stop or he'll regret it! Babe and Colby are equally stunned. Seeing that things are going to take a turn, Julia gathers the kids to take them outside and away from the adult conversation. Before she can leave Opal and Ruth walk in and Adam gives them the "good news". Tad's moms are stunned. Adam points out that Tad and Krystal can't be married because she still hasn't divorced Adam yet! Krystal holds up the divorce papers - the papers that were in her bag at the chapel - which have been signed. Adam still doesn't want to believe it. Tad pulls out their marriage certificate and that finally convinces Adam that they aren't joking. He pulls Krystal aside and asks where he fits in her family. "You don't," Krystal says and tells him that she can't have him in her life any longer. She asks why he is really there. Adam says it doesn't matter. He remains focused on Krystal's marriage, asking what will happen when she needs him in her bed. Krystal says it doesn't matter. "You have a piece of my heart, Adam, but you're not the only one," she says, telling him that she can't forgive his taking Jenny from her. Adam makes excuses but Krystal doesn't believe him. She tells him that though she still loves him he scares her to death. Back in the living room Tad's moms turn to him and tell him they won't talk about the seriousness of his new marriage on Christmas Day. They tell him, though, that they'll have many questions tomorrow! Julia pulls Tad outside and asks him why he married Krystal. He admits that it was only for Jenny's sake. Tad returns inside and Adam goes off on him about children, telling Tad that with Colby and JR in his life he doesn't need one more kid around. "You won't even miss her," he says and storms out. Colby follows him and asks if she can come back home for a bit. Wanting to be alone, Adam tells Colby to stay with Tad. Julia comes outside and tells him how heartless he is being with Colby. Adam leaves anyway. Colby returns inside, receives a call from Sean and tells everyone that Greenlee and Zach have been found and are okay.

    In the hall Erica runs in to Jack and tells him she really is happy that Greenlee is back. She brings up their relationship but Jack refuses to talk about them, at least for the holiday. Everyone comes into the hall as Emma announces they are having a party. Zach and Kendall sit with the boys, Annie and Ryan sit with Emma - and then Bianca and Miranda walk in! They are welcomed with hugs and kisses. Julia arrives. Erica is carried in by two young orderlies. She makes a speech to all of them about love, family and happiness. She wishes everyone "Merry Christmas" and the crowd begins singing "Deck the Halls" as the kids begin dancing. Greenlee and Zach, sitting across the room from one another, lock eyes and smile.

    A Christmas Miracle

    Monday, December 24 2007

    Tad and Krystal are finishing up a few decorating tasks and avoiding one another. Tad, unable to take the silence, asks if she is really okay with their decision. She says yes as Colby walks in with Jenny. Babe and little A arrive, ready for a Christmas feast. Julia and Kathy are the next guests to arrive. Julia congratulates Tad and Krystal for making up with one another. Colby brings up Adam, curious about why Krystal is at Tad's and not Adam's. Tad changes the subject and gets the kiddos interested in opening a few gifts before breakfast. With Kathy and little A distracted Tad hugs Julia. Kathy opens an ornament from Tad; it's a Martin family ornament so Kathy will know she is always part of his family. She and Tad hang the ornament. The kids open a few more presents. Babe pulls Krystal aside and asks what is going on between her and Tad. Krystal won't answer. Adam arrives and Tad reluctantly lets him in. Colby is excited to see her dad but everyone else is a bit restrained. Krystal begins to talk and Adam asks her to let him talk first. She won't let him. Tad interrupts and says he'll do the talking! Tad and Krystal begin arguing and Adam interrupts them, asking them to shut up so he can say what he has to say. Tad blurts out that he and Krystal got married last night!

    Not So Happy Holidays

    Wednesday, December 19 2007

    Ryan, Annie and Emma arrive at the Miranda Center for a children's Christmas party. Tad is there and so is Babe. JR calls Babe and asks her to come to the mansion immediately. She agrees. Krystal arrive and immediately goes over to Tad who angrily asks why she brought Adam into the picture. Krystal has no idea what he is talking about so Tad tells her that Adam offered him a trade; he tells her to ask Adam if she wants more information. Babe tells Krystal she has to leave and Colby says she is going to the mansion, too. Colby, calling Tad "Dad" tells him she is going with Babe to see JR. As they are leaving Julia and Kathy arrive with Jack in tow. Tad and Jack chat about the search for Greenlee. Jack turns to help a couple of kids and Julia asks Tad about Krystal. Tad tells her about the custody fight, worried that he is overreacting to the Krystal/Adam situation. Julia listens while Tad talks about life on the run with Krystal. Tad is taken aback when Julia mentions that taking Krystal to court is exactly like something Adam would do.

    Annie and Ryan leave the party for a few minutes. She tells him about visiting Richie; Ryan wonders why she bothered. Jack comes out; he and Ryan talk about the Greenlee situation. Both are beginning to believe that they aren't looking for Greens any longer - they are only looking for her body! They return inside as Stuart, dressed in a Santa costume, comes in with toys for the kids. Standing with Tad, Opal watches the festivities. She sits down with Stuart to read "The Night Before Christmas" to the kids. The party wraps up and Jack offers to take Julia and Kathy home. Tad packs up Kathy. Emma is busy asking Santa for one last gift - a unicorn! Ryan gets a call letting him know that Richie has escaped from the psych ward!

    Have I Got A Deal For You!

    Monday, December 17 2007

    At Jackson's, Julia and Kathy stop by to invite Jack and Lily to a tea party at Wildwind. They agree to come by. With Kathy out of earshot Julia asks Lily if she would mind talking to Kathy about losing her parents. Lily and Kathy head off to the kitchen to chat. Julia tells Jack that the party is more to keep Kathy's mind off of losing her parents the Christmas before than to simply have friends over. Jack and Julia follow Lily and Kathy into the kitchen after a while. Lily and Kathy continue working on their art project for a while and then go after hot chocolate. In the living room Jack and Julia talk about the search for Greenlee. Jack wonders if his daughter will make it home for Christmas and Julia tells him to hold on to hope. Erica walks in and sees Julia holding Jack's hand. Erica asks for some hot cocoa and Jack fetches it from the kitchen. Julia leaves to check on Lily and Kathy. Erica gets right to the point: that Greenlee has been cleared of any involvement in Spike's deafness. Julia returns in time to hear that announcement. Jack and Erica sit down to talk and Julia gathers up Kathy to leave. Jack wonders how they can ever make things right for Greens. When Jack doesn't jump with joy at Erica's announcement, she leaves.

    Tad doesn't believe for a second that Adam has real information about Kate. Adam sits down in his pompous way, talking in circles about his contacts but not giving Tad any real information. Tad finally gives in and asks Adam what he really knows. Adam says they have to deal first and tells Tad to drop the custody suit against Krystal or he'll never give him the info on Kate! Tad refuses, telling Adam that he will protect his children and he won't trade one child for news about another. "Bartering one baby for another?" Tad asks and points out that Adam has lost all of his children so he obviously doesn't know the first thing about being a dad. Adam turns to go but Tad stops him. He asks about the information Adam has but Adam says he won't say a thing until Tad agrees to drop the suit. Tad doesn't say anything and Adam says that is the main difference between them - Adam would do anything for his children but Tad won't go that extra mile! Adam leaves. Tad calls an investigator friend, tells him there is new information out there, somewhere, about Kate. Julia and Kathy arrive.

    Providing An Alibi

    Tuesday, December 11 2007

    Kendall arrives at the hospital with Spike. Ryan and Annie meet her and so does Erica. Erica has ordered them all lunch and reserved an area just for their family to wait for news of Spike's surgery. Joe walks in and Erica becomes uncomfortable; he focuses on Spike and Kendall, promising her that Spike will be right as rain in just a few hours. Ryan takes Spike off for a little daddy-talk. As the women become teary, Ryan promises Spike that he will hear again. Kendall kisses Spike one more time before Joe takes him off to surgery. Joe returns a while later. He shows them the implant and explains about the surgery and then leaves. Kendall becomes very worried that she may have made a mistake in going forward with the surgery. Both Annie and Erica tell her she is doing the right thing. Ryan tries to calm her down but Kendall freaks out about Spike and about Zach. Josh walks up with Zach's favorite hockey sweater. They sit down and Josh assures Kendall that Zach will be back fighting for both of her boys before long; Kendall isn't so sure. She worries when the nurses don't come in to give her an update on the surgery but Josh calms her down. Ryan and Annie return with coffee and apologize to Kendall for being so wrapped up in their own problems and not helping her. Kendall says it doesn't matter because they are all together now. Erica returns and Jack walks in the waiting room. Erica is surprised to see him and asks how things are. Julia arrives and they begin chatting about Lily. Erica is surprised to learn about Lily's meltdown and asks why Jack didn't call her. He says it never occurred to him that she would care; that hurts Erica. Kendall begins telling everyone about her newfound working relationship with Aidan. Across the room, Jonathan confronts Ava about her meetings with JR at the jail lately. He asks if she is seeing JR now! Before she can answer Joe comes in with news about Spike. He says Spike came through the surgery with flying colors but asks them to wait a few more minutes before disturbing the kiddo. Joe tells them in a few weeks they will turn the implant on and then they will know if Spike will hear again. The good news gives Kendall hope for Zach, too.

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