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    All My Children CAST - Julia Santos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Julia Santos Played by Sydney Penny on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sydney Penny

    Birthday: 1971-08-07
    Birthplace: Nashville, Tennessee
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Sydney Penny
    Height: 5'4"


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    Pillow Fight!

    Friday, February 08 2008

    Angie returns to the main desk to fill out some forms and papers. Joe tells her to go home. She can't face an empty hotel room on Jesse's birthday. Joe suggests that she go to the cemetery to visit Jesse! She looks at the locket. Julia approaches and says Frankie is doing well. Angie decides to go to the cemetery.

    Adam Knows About Krystal's Plans!

    Thursday, January 31 2008

    Tad and Kathy are playing Candy Land at his home when JR and Krystal come in. Krystal asks JR to help her with a project in another room; when they are away from Tad, Krystal tells JR that she is really worried about his safety. She admits that she's been talking to Babe, which annoys JR immensely. She begs JR to think twice. JR tells Krystal that he can handle Adam and that he will find Kate for Tad! Just then Tad walks into the room. Tad asks what is going on; JR gives him a pared down version of events, leaving out any talk about Kate, and says he knows he is strong enough to live with Adam now. Tad, Krystal and JR go back to play Kathy's game. JR leaves. The next morning Julia stops by to pick up Kathy.

    Will Greens and Frankie Die?

    Wednesday, January 30 2008

    Julia arrives with the crash cart just as Angie loses Frankie's heartbeat! The orderly tries to wheel Greenlee away but Kendall and Greens won't let him go. Finally they get a heartbeat. The orderly insists that they leave now. Angie orders more meds from Julia and another doctor orders an eco-cardiogram. Angie and the other doctor, Nick, confer and discover that the cardiac arrest may not have been caused by the anti-toxin they've been giving Frankie. He suggests letting Frankie build his strength and try another dose in a few days. Julia brings Angie some new research and asks what caused Frankie's reaction. Angie admits she doesn't know and continues on to talk with Joe and the lab techs. Julia follows. Angie tells them about the latest cardiac event and Joe asks the others to leave so he can speak privately with Angie. Joe tells her again that she needs to recuse herself from Frankie's case; Angie refuses. "Oh, God, I almost killed him," she cries. Joe hugs Angie, reminding her that she saved her son's life during the arrest. Joe invites the others back in and Angie goes over Frankie's latest stats - his kidneys and liver are beginning to shut down and his blood counts are off, too. Julia asks why Greenlee and Frankie are reacting differently but Angie doesn't know.

    Aidan is freaking out in Greenlee's hospital room when Zach walks in. He and Zach find Greenlee and Kendall on the way to Greens' test; they tell the guys about Frankie's cardiac arrest. Greenlee believes it is the treatment that Joe, Angie and the CDC researchers have developed and is very scared that the same thing will happen to her. Aidan offers to take her to the test. Kendall stays with Zach, telling him about Greenlee's fears. Kendall and Zach return to Greenlee's room as she is returned from the test. Kendall tries to talk books with Greens to distract her; she tells Kendall to get to work on the book so the edits are ready on time. Zach agrees to stay with Greens and Kendall leaves. Greenlee begins to cry. Zach hugs her and lets her sob. She asks Zach to tell her the truth about her condition and Frankie's. Zach tells her to ask the doctors herself. Dr. Nick comes in and asks Zach to leave. He checks Greenlee's lungs and heart, asking how she is. Greenlee admits to being tired and having a sore throat from the tubes; she asks him what is going on with Frankie. Nick says her condition isn't the same as Frankie's, so she may not react the way he has. A nurse delivers new blood-work. Nick goes to find Angie. Greens is sleeping when Nick and Angie return. Greenlee's kidneys are decreasing their function and her enzymes are abnormal. Nick suggests surgery but Angie says she is too weak to survive it. Nick says they have to risk it because Greenlee is deteriorating faster than Frankie is! As they talk Jack and Aidan listen in. Angie takes them down the hall and sends Nick to check on Frankie. She tells Jack and Aidan that Greenlee's organs are shutting down. "The toxin has mutated," Angie explains and says they have developed a new treatment that may or may not have caused Frankie's heart attack. Angie is paged back to the lab. Jack and Aidan watch Greenlee through the window. Julia comes in, telling them that Greenlee is resting. She opens her eyes and smiles at Jack; Julia tells him to go see his daughter. Aidan gives Jack and Greenlee some time alone. Jack tries to hold back his tears but can't. "Montgomery's don't give up easily, so don't you," Jack says as Greenlee goes to sleep.

    Annie Can't Give Richie A Transplant!

    Monday, January 28 2008

    Zach runs into Joe, who says they don't have all the answers yet but they are getting close. Zach returns to Greenlee's room and watches through the window with Aidan for a few moments. Zach tells Aidan that she won't give up easily. "She's strong, she's not gonna quit," Zach says, asking Aidan not to quit on Greenlee, either. They turn back to Greenlee, who begins seizing! Julia is there and tells them to get Angie, quickly!

    Angie and Joe rush into Greenlee's room and manage to stop the seizure. Angie says Greenlee can't take much more; she takes the family into the hall and tells them all that she doesn't know how to stop Greenlee's or Frankie's illness. Zach and Aidan fill Jack in about Sylvester. Angie hurries off to the research lab. Jack calls Erica, upset about Greenlee but needing a distraction. He tells her to take care of the stock problem they discussed at dinner earlier that night. Zach and Kendall go down the hall; she is almost asleep standing up and Zach tells her to go home. Kendall refuses, saying she has to be with Greenlee now. She returns to Greenlee's room. Aidan returns to Greenlee's bedside and holds her hand. Ryan arrives.

    Jesse's Back In Town!

    Friday, January 25 2008

    At Fusion the medics arrive and get to work on Greenlee. They discover an airway obstruction that they can't get rid of, put an oxygen mask on her and hurry away. Kendall finally answers Greenlee's ringing phone and tells Aidan about Greenlee's breathing troubles. She tells him to meet them at the hospital.

    Zach, Aidan and Angie are waiting when the medics wheel Greenlee in. Julia hurries into the room, too. Kendall repeats, "She has to be fine," over and over and Zach drags her from the room. He tells Kendall she has to have a blood test because of the time she spent in the woods. She agrees to the test. She and Zach are walking back when he remembers the root; he leaves to check something else out. Kendall returns and Angie tells her that Greenlee is stabilized for now. Angie continues on to Julia who shows her Sylvester's files. Angie asks about the CDC and learns that they haven't returned the hospital's calls yet. Angie returns to Greenlee. Joe walks up and Julia tells him that the CDC is still not on their way. Kendall asks if she can do anything and Joe tells her to get Jack to the hospital quickly. Kendall goes off. Joe then turns to Aidan and tells him that the hospital is going to need blood - and lots of it - if Greenlee's and Frankie's conditions don't improve. Kendall tries calling Jack several times but he doesn't answer his phone.

    Joe is finishing up with Frankie at the hospital; Joe tells him he is doing much better. Opal walks in to see him and Joe leaves. She talks to Frankie about Jesse and promises that Angie will fix him right up. Opal shows Frankie a picture of Jesse and Angie and then leaves. Zach walks in and introduces himself to Frankie. He thanks Frankie for pulling him out of the hole and then shows him the rootball. Frankie recognizes it! He says he dug it up for water and then cut some up for a stew. Zach hurries away to find Angie. Angie walks in Frankie's room, missing Zach by moments, and sits with him for a while. They talk about Jesse; Angie promises Frankie that he won't die and leaves. Zach finds her in the hall and tells her about the root. Angie calls the testing lab; she and Zach hurry to the research area.

    Greenlee Can't Breathe!

    Thursday, January 24 2008

    Julia runs into Zach at the hospital and learns his blood work received a clean bill of health. He has none of the issues that Frankie and Greenlee are showing. Julia hurries off to find Greenlee, who the staff has realized is missing-in-action, but Zach follows and begins asking questions about the new doctor. Julia tells him about Angie and says she has gone to the woods. She leaves and so does Zach.

    At Fusion, Kendall angrily asks Greenlee where she gets off sending the book to an editor without permission. Greenlee starts to laugh at Kendall's overreaction. Seeing just how outrageous she is being, Kendall laughs, too. Greenlee pours them each a margarita to celebrate Kendall's new profession. They begin brainstorming new Fusion/Charm product lines. They talk about the time in the bomb shelter and Kendall learns about the snake and the root-water. Greens picks up the manuscript and reads another passage. Kendall says that writing the story was the only thing that kept her from losing it while Zach was missing. "It's pretty hot," Greenlee says and asks which character she is. Kendall won't say. Julia walks in and tells Greenlee it's time to go back to the hospital. Not thrilled about that, Greenlee tries to get Julia into the party mood. Julia isn't fooled and tells Greenlee it's time to go; she tells Kendall about the problems with Greenlee. Kendall tries to convince Greenlee to go, too, but she refuses. "I'm too young to be this sick," she says and offers Julia a margarita. Julia and Kendall both refuse and tell Greenlee to get in the car. Before leaving Greenlee offers another toast to Kendall but Julia grabs the glass before she can drink. Greenlee suddenly has an attack. She can't breathe! Julia calls for an ambulance and asks the staff to have Angie standing by.

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