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    All My Children CAST - Julia Santos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Julia Santos Played by Sydney Penny on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sydney Penny

    Birthday: 1971-08-07
    Birthplace: Nashville, Tennessee
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Sydney Penny
    Height: 5'4"


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    Opals Rocks Don't Scare Me!

    Wednesday, May 07 2008

    In the waiting area, Julia asks Joe about possible replacements but he is distracted. He admits that a call from Jake is long overdue and he is worried.

    A Little Bit Of Life...

    Thursday, May 01 2008

    At the hospital, Frankie is giving Jesse a physical. He takes some vital statistics while Jesse tells him how proud he is. Jesse jokes about his physical health as Frankie opens the back of his gown and sees the scarring there. Jesse says it doesn't matter now. Frankie asks what he plans to do now that he's free; Jesse says he'll make Angie happy. They start talking about the wedding. Jesse asks him to be the best man. Frankie says he won't wear a tux. Julia arrives. Jesse asks about Kathy and then Julia wheels him to X-Ray. When Jesse returns, Frankie pronounces him 100% healthy.

    Burning Down the House!

    Thursday, April 24 2008

    Julia and Kathy arrive at Annie's for a play-date. As the girls play Julia notices Ryan's things and Annie fills her in. She admits that she prays for Ryan to remember her but he doesn't. Julia asks what she is doing to make him remember. Annie realizes that they only talk about Emma or his memory loss, not their relationship. Annie says life at Wildwind was so much simpler than living with amnesiac Ryan. Julia teases her because she was stressed out about Ryan as much when she was at Wildwind as she is now. Julia and Kathy leave a while later. She is cleaning up when memories about Ryan come to the surface. She remembers how he saved her life in the plane and tells him he needs saving. She turns to go upstairs, trips over one of Emma's toys and makes a mess in the living room. Her forehead is cut and she is shaking. Ryan knocks on the door and calls to her! Annie opens the door and Ryan freaks out with worry. Annie says she must have left the door open after Julia left and someone broken in! Ryan hugs her and swears no one will hurt her as long as he is around.

    A Job Offer!

    Friday, April 18 2008

    Annie turns to Ryan on the beach and tells him to stop trying so hard and the memories might come to him. He doesn't feel like he can wait. Emma returns to them with a seashell; Ryan sends her off to find more. Annie takes a handful of sand and drops it bit by bit in his hands. She says if he relaxes and feels safe, his memories may return. Emma returns with another shell. He asks her to find another shell. When they are alone Annie says she'll wait for him. He kisses her hand. Ryan has another memory flash but before he can react Emma screams in pain. They rush to her side. They get Emma to the hospital where Frankie treats her for an allergic reaction to a bug bite. Julie gives her a shot and then takes Emma for a lollipop. Emotionally, Ryan says even though he doesn't remember being Emma's dad before he loves her now. A few minutes later, Annie watches as Ryan tells Emma how much he loves her.

    Here's Your Cake - Now Get Out!

    Friday, April 11 2008

    Aidan shows up to Jenny's birthday party but Tad sends him away, saying there is a new case he needs to focus on. As he is leaving, Zach arrives. The two men eye one another but don't speak. Annie shows up just as Aidan is about to leave. He apologizes for showing up drunk and for blabbering on about things. He tells her to just forget everything. "Whatever," Annie says. She goes inside and Zach asks what is going on with Aidan. She shrugs off his interest. Krystal calls all the kiddos into the kitchen for ice cream. Opal and Babe are playing with little A. She tells Babe that Richie hasn't been the best houseguest but he isn't the worst either. She warns Babe to be very careful around Richie. Frankie arrives and Colby makes a beeline for him. She flirts and Frankie ignores her. JR and Adam arrive, surprising Babe. She corners JR and asks why he brought Adam; JR says he promised to play nicely. Across the room, Adam gives Krystal a gift: a blanket similar to one he bought for Charlotte! Krystal is touched but feels uncomfortable around him and hurries away. Annie sits down with Zach and tells him about the divorce papers. As they talk, Annie becomes emotional and wonders if tearing it up was the right thing to do. She brings up Greenlee, which leads to Aidan and she chatters on about his being drunk and mumbling about guilty feelings! Zach is intrigued. Annie tells him not to pay attention to Aidan's drunken ramblings because Kendall explained everything and it was very innocent. Just then Julia arrives with Kathy. She makes a beeline for Tad and they go off to find the cupcakes. Joe and Ruth watch them, wondering if he'll ever find Kate. Colby tracks down Frankie and asks why he keeps avoiding her. Calling her a kid, Frankie says he didn't kiss her back. Annoyed, Colby informs Frankie that she is no kid and that she helped deliver Jenny. Near the front door, Jesse is ready to skip out on the party but Angie tells him they can't leave early again. Just then Rob arrives. Tad wants him to leave but Ruth tells him not to overreact. She says Rob shouldn't be blamed for Ray's past sins. Tad agrees to let him stay but warns Rob that once the cake has been eaten he has to go. Rob goes over to Jesse and asks if they can talk about his time in hiding so that he can pass the information along to the movie producers. The cake is served. Tad grabs one piece, hands it to Rob and says he can go now. Rob graciously pretends that Tad isn't being rude. Tad turns to Jesse and wonders why Rob keeps hanging around.


    Tuesday, March 18 2008

    In Richie's nightmare, JR says, "You owe me your sad, miserable life!" JR watches Richie intently, which unnerves him. He says JR will never be his conscience. JR begins talking about the marrow transplant, how Richie hit Zach and then locked him and Greenlee in the bomb shelter. Julia hurries inside as Richie's monitors begin beeping. Joe is right behind her. Richie is running a high fever; Joe wonders if he is rejecting the bone marrow transplant. The nightmare continues as Babe walks into his dream - and kisses JR passionately! JR says he has the girl now and Babe says she is tired of being played for a fool. Richie says he really can change but Babe doesn't listen. She walks out and JR says he should just die.

    Babe arrives at Richie's hospital room. Joe says Richie may be rejecting the bone marrow. Richie wakes and begs her not to give up on him. He notices JR and threatens to kill him! Joe says it is just the fever talking but JR is still worried. Joe says they need to leave Richie to rest.

    How Long Are We Crashing At Satan's Fortress?

    Wednesday, March 12 2008

    At the hospital Angie and Joe are talking about research possibilities surrounding Richie. Joe likes the idea. He is distracted and Angie asks what is wrong; he tells her about Robert. Joe is afraid that Rob may want to hurt Tad for some reason. A little later Angie and Julia go to see Richie. Angie tells him that he is doing well and should be ready to leave soon. She says she would like to use his case for research. Richie is just happy to hear he'll be out of the hospital soon.

    Arts and Crafts in Pine Valley

    Thursday, March 06 2008

    JR runs into Colby outside the Martin home. He is woozy and incoherent and then falls over! Colby wants to get JR inside or to the hospital but he insists he is fine. They talk for a while on the porch and Colby asks about his drinking. JR says he hasn't had any alcohol in months but because of his physical state Colby doesn't believe him completely. Colby feels his head and realizes he has a fever; she grabs his arm and takes him to the hospital. At the hospital, Julia checks on JR and says he needs to see Joe. Colby makes JR promise to stay until Joe arrives and then leaves. Joe walks in and begins to check him over. JR tells Joe about how Babe found him but swears he wasn't drinking. Joe doesn't believe him at first but then wonders if JR is telling the truth. He leaves for a second.

    Pillow Fight!

    Friday, February 08 2008

    Dr. Nick is working the ER when the medics bring Jesse in. He wakes but is disoriented; the medics try to search his pockets for ID but Jesse lunges away from them. He falls to the floor! The doctors help him up; Jesse says he only has a headache. Dr. Nick says he has to stay in the hospital for a consult - with Dr. Martin! Jesse is taken to a private room. As he is waiting for the doctor to return, Angie and Frankie walk through the waiting area and he hears them talking! He slips from his room into a storage area where he can hide. Inside, he grabs some medical supplies for his head; Julia walks in! He says he was just a little lost and visiting family. She asks for his name but he hurries away. Jesse goes to the cemetery and runs his fingers over his tombstone. He cries for the time he has lost. He brings out the family portrait, talking to Angie. "I never stopped loving you," he whispers and kisses the picture, crying some more.

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