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    All My Children CAST - Julia Santos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Julia Santos Played by Sydney Penny on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sydney Penny

    Birthday: 1971-08-07
    Birthplace: Nashville, Tennessee
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Sydney Penny
    Height: 5'4"


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    Friends or Enemies?

    Tuesday, May 08 2007

    At the hospital, Colby asks Julia for her take on the Chandler family. Julia doesn't have any answers. Inside Adam's room, JR tells him that things don't look good. "If you have anything to say to me, now would be the right time," he says. Adam removes the oxygen mask and reaches out to him. Telling JR that he should have locked him out of the house much earlier, Adam angers JR. He is certain that he isn't on his death bed and refuses to apologize for his actions! "Go be a son to Tad Martin," Adam says! JR can't believe what he is hearing and leaves Adam.

    Adam Gets Cuffed!

    Thursday, May 03 2007

    Inside ConFusion, the party is underway. The guests play Hot Potato with Annie's bouquet. Del catches it but quickly tosses it away. Meanwhile, Kendall pulls Zach away from the crowd so they can talk about Alexander. He tells her that Alex has been transferred to the psych hospital and reminds her that Alex can't get to them ever again. As he talks to Kendall, he watches Hannah who shares a meaningful look with Josh. Di interrupts them, pulling Kendall back to the party. They begin talking about Ava and Kendall worries about her effect on Lily. "Give her a chance to prove you and everybody else wrong," Di asks. Across the room, Ryan and Annie talk about the future and Erin. Kendall gathers the crowd's attention and proposes a toast. Looking at Zach, she wishes the couple well, saying she was wrong about Annie. "I wasn't fair to you," she says to Annie, "but I am so thankful that you are in Ryan's life." Di and Julia come out, dressed to the nines in bridesmaid dresses. Watching the goofiness, Zach and Del talk about what they always thought wedding showers were like - strippers and all! Di interrupts them and begins to recite a still poem she wrote for the occasion. Julia takes the stage next with marital advice for the couple - including always saying 'Yes, Dear', never cooking and having separate bathrooms! Di puts a horrific veil on Annie, who asks Ryan to save her. Ryan thanks their friends for coming and offers his own toast to Annie. "I want everyone to know how incredibly happy this woman makes me," he says as Annie begins to cry. The party breaks up and Ryan whisks Annie off for a private celebration. Kendall takes Zach into a secluded corner to talk. "What don't I know?" she asks. Zach talks about Hannah without mentioning her name and tells Kendall to think of the anger and resentment that that woman might have. "And imagine that she has a final chance to act on that hate," he says.

    Confrontations R Us!

    Wednesday, May 02 2007

    At Wildwind, Jonathan asks Ryan to talk to Annie on his behalf. Before Ryan can make a decision, Annie arrives home and asks to talk to him herself! Before leaving, Jonathan tells Annie that Del's gun was the only one in the house. Julia and Di arrive, reassuring Annie that the house is safe again; they ask her to stay. Annie turns to Jonathan, offering an apology for thinking the gun was his. Hurt but putting on a brave face, Jonathan accepts the apology. He says he is relieved and takes her to Ryan. Annie asks Jonathan to come to the party tonight and he leaves the mansion. Julia and Di follow suit to get ready for the party. Alone, Ryan asks Annie what is really going on. Before she can answer, Ryan assures her that he is not like his father and neither is Jonathan. They kiss as Julia and Di return, ready for the party. They take Annie away to get ready.

    At ConFusion, Kendall puts the finishing touches on Annie's wedding shower. Josh helps and Kendall suggests he pick up a hot chick at the party - or at work! Josh flashes back to the make-out session with Hannah and swears that he has sworn off office romances! Lily and Jack arrives with gifts and Kendall tells Jack that Erica isn't coming. He is disappointed but covers it well. Lily runs into Jonathan and angrily tells him to leave her - and her sister - alone. More guests arrive and the party gets loud. Lily puts on ear muffs and sunglasses to deaden the lights and sound. Annie and Ryan arrive and Kendall introduces them to the crowd, which goes wild. Lily, with sunglasses and ear muffs on, presents a gift to the happy couple. A few minutes later, Jack takes her home. Jonathan takes center stage with a toast. Across the room, Josh asks Kendall where Zach is as he arrives with Hannah. Kendall asks the other woman about Josh's office performance and Josh chokes on his drink! Hannah leaves to get a drink and Zach tells Kendall about Derek's discovery. Kendall is relieved that Alexander is out of the picture. Meanwhile, behind the bar, Di tells Del to try to make things up to Julia. Feeling stubborn, Dell tells Di not to worry about him.

    An Office Romance?

    Tuesday, May 01 2007

    At Wildwind, Julia angrily confronts Ryan about the gun he found. She wants to know who it belonged to and is considering kicking everyone out of the mansion! Ryan asks for a little bit of time before she does anything. They enter the mansion, finding Del and Di there. Ryan gets the gun to show them before he and Julia continue into the parlor. The two run into Jonathan, who swears the gun isn't his. Julia doesn't believe him. Jonathan feels betrayed because of Julia's stance and also because he now realizes why Annie and the children left the mansion the night before. "She's going to look at me like everybody else does?" he asks, upset that no one believes that the gun isn't his. Jonathan tells Julia that he will move out if that will make her feel more comfortable in the mansion. Ryan leaves the room and they overhear Del admit to Di that the gun is his! "You brought a gun into this house," Julia says, confronting Del who apologizes half-heartedly. "There were no bullets, the safety was on, the child lock was on. What's the big deal?" he asks, clearly not understanding that he did anything wrong. Ryan asks Del if he shot at Alexander and he says no. Di suggests that Del get rid of the gun and leaves for work. Del gathers the gun but before he leaves, Julia asks for his key to the mansion! Del and Jonathan both think that his moving out is extreme, but she won't back down. "Julia's house; Julia's rules," he says and leaves to pack his things. Ryan apologizes to Jonathan about how everyone reacted. Jonathan tells him not to worry, that things are fine but he is obviously still upset. Del returns, telling Julia again that he didn't shoot Alexander. Aiden arrives, inspects the gun and assures Julia that it isn't the same caliber of gun that shot Alex!

    Center of Controversy

    Thursday, April 19 2007

    In the hospital nursery, Jamie introduces himself to Jenny. At the front desk, Julia and Jeff discuss the possible strike. JR stops by, telling her to talk to the head-bean-counter - him! JR tries to explain the hospital board's position on the nurses salary issue. Julia could care less about what the board wants. Jamie comes over, agreeing with Julia! He and JR step away. Still angry because JR sided with Krystal over Jenny, Jamie tells him that as long as he stays at the mansion he is leaving himself open to working with Adam! JR asks Jamie how Tad has turned into a saint for sleeping with a married woman. "I'm ready to move on. So come on or get out of my way," he warns, leaving. Jamie returns to Julia, asking if there is anything he can do. Julia sends him home and waits for word from Jeff alone. He leaves the elevator, shakes his head and the nurses go on strike! "This is where we walk," Julia says and she and the other nurses leave the hospital. Joe meets Jeff in the lobby, both annoyed with the strike and the hospital board. Joe asks him if anything else is bothering him and Jeff talks about Erica and Josh.

    In the alley behind ConFusion, Del takes aim with the rifle but doesn't shoot. Inside, Hannah drinks alone but watches Di, Annie and Ryan across the room. Del arrives, angry with the others because they are talking and laughing - and Alexander has gotten off! He crosses to the bar with Di hot on his heels. She warns him to calm down and stop acting crazy! Across the bar, Derek sees them and joins the crowd with a warning. "I don't want to see anyone taking matters into their own hands," he warns them. Di assures him that they want Alexander punished - not dead. Jonathan stays quiet, then realizes that Derek is talking mostly to him. "You think I'm going to go after Alexander, don't you?" Jonathan asks. When Derek doesn't answer, Jonathan heads to the bar to order a fresh drink. Ryan follows, angering Jonathan even more. "I'd love to wrap my hands around the old man's throat," he says, but then tells Ryan he isn't that guy any longer! Jonathan returns to the table with Annie. Ryan sits for a while with Hannah at the bar. They talk about revenge with Ryan suggesting just moving on. Hannah, though, doesn't seem ready to just move on. Ryan returns to the table with the others and they begin making wedding plans. Jamie arrives, asking Derek if he has proven that Adam caused the crash. When Derek says no and leaves, Amanda comes over, asking him why he can't just drop the vendetta against Adam! Julia arrives, interrupting them. She is scared for her patients now that the nurses are on strike.

    Will Justice Be Served?

    Tuesday, April 17 2007

    At Wildwind, Amanda tells off a cop who is staking out the place looking for Janet, then slams the door in his face. She returns inside to help Julia and Kathy go through some of Kathy's things. Neither woman realizes that Kathy's adoption records are in the box. They talk for a moment about Janet and Julia reassures Amanda that her mother will be found. A few minutes later, Julia packs up the box and she and Kathy leave for the Miranda Center.

    Arriving at the hospital, Dr. Joe asks Julia to try and put a hold on the nurse's strike, but she isn't sure she can convince the nurse's union. She sees Josh with drugs and asks what he is trying to do. He tells her about Alexander's hearing and asks her to ignore his being there. Dr. Joe comes in, sees Josh with the drugs and orders him to put them down! Josh asks Joe for permission to drug Alexander, to prove the man isn't crazy, but Joe won't let Josh do it. "Life is not always fair. You find another way to do this," he says.

    Sister, Sister

    Thursday, April 12 2007

    At the hospital, Colby calls Sean to tell him about the delivery. She runs into Julia, asking if she did okay with the delivery. "You should consider a career in medicine," Julia says, telling her that she was a very good mid-wife!
    Still tied down in the hospital bed, Jamie asks JR for help! JR declines to untie Jamie, who reacts angrily, telling JR that he is just like Adam! "I'm through with my father," JR says, but doesn't change his mind about releasing Jamie. Jamie tries to convince JR that Adam - and Janet -were behind his "accident". Telling Jamie to let him take care of Adam, JR leaves.

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