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    All My Children CAST - Julia Santos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Julia Santos Played by Sydney Penny on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sydney Penny

    Birthday: 1971-08-07
    Birthplace: Nashville, Tennessee
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Sydney Penny
    Height: 5'4"


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    Greenlee: Party Crasher!

    Thursday, May 31 2007

    Inside their new home, which is nearly ready for them to move in, Kendall takes pictures of Spike and Zach with his new hobby horse. Zach puts a black jewelry box in Spike's hand and they give Kendall a present of her own. It's a mother's ring, with stones representing Spike's birth month, the new baby's birth month and Zach's birth month. Kendall is stunned by the gift and kisses both of her men. They head outside to join the party as a thunderstorm approaches! In a hurry, they move the party inside. Both Josh and Erica asks Julia if she is okay; she tells them she is only tired. Erica Lily and Annie admire Kendall's new ring. A late arrival, hidden behind a huge teddy bear arrives. "Surprise," Greenlee says, and the party grinds to a halt. Lily is the first to welcome the late arrival. Jack steps in, trying to pull Greenlee away from the party. She insists she is simply being nice. "I'm reaching out. Let's see if anyone reaches back," she says! When Zach tries to approach Greenlee, Kendall stops him. Josh talks to her, asking if she wants to leave with him! Erica steals him away. Julia asks Greenlee where she found the bear. She tells Greens about Kathy, but Greenlee gets annoyed, thinking Julia is trying to push her into adoption! Jack asks Ryan to take things easy on Greens, that she is trying to mend fences. Ryan isn't so sure but says he will try. Jonathan talks to Lily for a moment but she quickly leaves him alone. Lily asks Greenlee why everyone is so strange now that she has arrived but Greenlee doesn't answer.Kendall, Erica and Zach return with the cake. Kendall mentions that she should maybe talk to Greenlee, but Erica tells her not to - that Greenlee is only trying to make trouble. Greens prepares to leaves but stops short when she sees Ryan with Emma. Emma mentions the bear and Ryan introduces them. He leaves to get some cake for the little girl. Zach takes his place, telling Greenlee to back off because Kendall doesn't need this kind of stress! "Why don't you just go home?" he asks, but Greenlee refuses. Across the room, Erica makes her apologies and leaves, warning Kendall not to take Greenlee at face value. At the door, Kendall and Greenlee run into one another. She introduces herself to Spike and asking Kendall if she can hold the boy. Kendall holds tight to Spike and leaves Greenlee standing at the door. The party gets quiet and Greenlee talks to Emma for a moment. When Emma mentions wanting another little brother or sister, Greenlee's face falls. She leaves. Zach calls Kendall back to the room, telling her that Greenlee is gone. A nervous Kendall comes back. The lights go out, scaring Emma. Zach heads for the car to find a flashlight as Greenlee returns, soaking wet. "The road is washed out," she exclaims!

    At The Comeback, Tad, Opal, Del and Jamie help Krystal and Babe christen the new bar. JR hands Del a mop and tells him to get to work. Derek arrives to check things out. Babe promises not to open until all of the paperwork is complete; Derek tells them not to worry, he is only there to help out! The crew gets to work. Palmer arrives, excited to see the new place. She congratulates Krystal on her new business and on dumping Adam. They pour drinks for everyone and start the party. Amanda arrives to join the party. She pulls Babe across the room but before she can tell her about JR, he arrives and interrupts them! Tad continues to tell Babe and Krystal that they need to have the place checked out. Krystal heads behind the bar, telling stories of her past while Del fixes the beer taps. When Opal suggests they all try some Del-Lightning, Palmer suggests they leave before she gets really frisky! Jamie realizes Tad has gotten quiet and asks what's on his mind. He begins talking about Kate, who would be turning 5 soon, and wonders where to go next. Julia arrives and tells them about Spike's party and Tad heads to the bar to get her a drink. Jamie asks if she is okay and Julia wonders why everyone keeps asking her that! She mentions getting ready for Kathy's 5th birthday party. At the bar, Derek tells Krystal he has always like her and is obviously a little bit tipsy. They begin to flirt a little bit and talk about their failed marriages. Derek leans across the bar and kisses Krystal! Adam arrives and quietly comes inside, not believing his eyes! Babe finally gets back to Amanda, who decides to keep her night with JR quiet!

    Making Moves!

    Tuesday, May 22 2007

    At Wildwind, Julia and Jamie are helping Emma, Kathy and Spike make welcome banners for Ryan and Annie. Rachel takes the kids off to a snack. Jonathan arrives and puts up streamers. Julia heads off to check on some of the party plans and Jamie realizes that Jonathan has been very quiet. He asks what's wrong; Jonathan isn't sure Greenlee is done with Ryan just yet. Later, Ryan and Annie arrive to the party, excited to see Emma and their friends. Annie brings out presents for the girls. "We got married this morning," Annie says with a smile! The party ends and Jonathan and Ryan begin cleaning up. Jonathan asks if Greenlee is really okay with the divorce, worried that she won't fight fair and will wind up hurting him, Annie or even Emma. Ryan is worried, too, but feels that he and Annie can withstand anything. He asks Jonathan about the ring; Jonathan explains that he thought it was from Kendall. "You still should have told me," Ryan says emotionally. Jonathan tries to make Ryan see that he needs to be wary of his ex. Ryan heads upstairs. He and Annie return and the Wildwind crew sends them off on their honeymoon in style. From the corner of his eye, Ryan spies the Dynamite Kiddo ring!

    Oh, The Drama!

    Monday, May 14 2007

    Meanwhile at Wildwind, Emma leaves Annie's room to wait for Ryan but Annie tells her to go to a sleeping over with Kathy. Julia leads Emma away; Di stays with Annie who isn't doing well at all. Julia returns as Annie begins making a list of all the things to cancel. Di tries to take the list but Annie won't give it up. "I need to feel in control," she says, worried that her honeymoon and happily ever after with Ryan will never happen now. Julia and Di tell her things will be straightened out very soon. Annie asks what the girls know about Greenlee, but both say they don't know much. Annie begins to unpack. Ryan returns and Julia and Di leave them alone. With tears in her eyes, Annie wonders what is next. "Are we married?" she asks. Ryan tells her that she is his wife in every way that matters, except on paper. "But we will be," he says. Annie sags onto her bed, defeated even though Ryan tells her that the paperwork problem will be over soon. Ryan kisses her, promising to be divorced before Annie can blink. He apologizes for their ruined day and asks about Emma. Learning she is fine, Ryan takes Annie in his arms and begins to dance her across the room. He kisses his way up her arm to her neck and they make love. After, Ryan asks if Annie is up for a surprise. He leaves but soon returns with a midnight snack. They make love again.

    What?!? Ryan's A Bigamist?!?

    Friday, May 11 2007

    At the playhouse, Kendall asks Zach to start a search for Greenlee. Zach hesitates, telling Kendall that now that Ryan and Annie are married, Greenlee doesn't matter. "No. She is still here. I can feel it," Kendall says and begins searching herself. In the courtyard, Ryan sends the guests inside and takes Annie around the side of the mansion for one more surprise. A horse is waiting and Ryan boosts Annie up to ride while he leads the horse away. As they ride, Greenlee watches from behind a large tree. As they approach, the guests watch, too. Amanda talks to "Lily" as Aidan looks on. He is curious about her. Jonathan approaches with a drink for Lily, happy to see her, but wondering why she was late. "I didn't want to interrupt the ceremony," she says. Jonathan apologizes to Lily for his treatment of Ava. Aidan and Di watch and Di is encouraged that "Lily" has adjusted to Ava so well. Zach and Kendall gather Spike and Kendall begins to relax. Emma announces the bride and groom as they walk in the door, and they lead the first dance. Everyone begins dancing but "Lily" watches from across the room. Zach pulls Kendall away from the reception. Jonathan dances with Annie for a moment and then heads straight for "Lily". Aidan follows. As they both begin questioning her, "Lily" gets nervous. Di rescues her, taking her to a more quiet area of the home. They run into a waiter who drops a tray but it doesn't phase "Lily". Di realizes that Ava has switched places! Jamie pulls Julia aside and Julia begins talking about missing her family. She begins making plans to take Kathy to California to meet the rest of the family. Unable to keep his own secret, Jamie tells Julia that he is going back to med school. Julia offers to be his study-buddy. Jamie goes to Amanda, asking how she is. "Just when I think it's okay to move forward," she says, "I get smacked in the head." Jamie simply listens to her.

    Back inside, the police arrive and arrest Ryan! "Is this a joke?" he asks. Emma gets scared, thinking the police are there for she and Annie. Ryan pushes the police out of the reception and Jonathan tells the guests to continue the party. In the hall, the officers tell her they are there because there is proof that Ryan is a bigamist! Annie comes over, and Ryan tells her it's a paper mix-up over his divorce from Greenlee. He and Jonathan leave with the cops. Annie returns to the reception, but is obviously broken up about what is going on. "Can somebody explain this to me?" she asks. Kendall returns and they fill her in. She thinks Greenlee is behind the arrest!

    "I Do"

    Thursday, May 10 2007

    At Wildwind, Jonathan tells Ryan he'll keep an eye on Kendall. Ryan tells his brother not to worry about Kendall. From a distance, Annie approaches the altar with Emma. Ryan can't believe his eyes as he watches her approach. Zach whispers in Kendall's ear that Spike needs a break and takes the boy away for a moment. Dell chooses that minute to come back from checking on Greenlee; he tells Kendall that Greenlee hasn't checked out of the yacht club and that he hasn't seen her! Outside the grounds, Greenlee arrives and sees the ceremony underway. "On my God, they've started," she says and begins to run toward the ceremony! As the minister begins to speak, Kendall makes a quick exit to go find Greens.

    In the garden, Annie and Ryan say their vows. "You are Emma's father and you are my best friend," she tells him, "and you will never be alone." Ryan begins to say his vows, talking about his family. "I always found myself waiting for things to fall apart," he says pulling her closer to him, "until I met you." Emma approaches, to put in her two cents. "Now we can live happily ever after. Can I have an allowance?" she asks, cracking up the crowd. The minister asks if there are any objections as Kendall comes running back to the ceremony - alone! She apologizes, blaming her pregnancy for having to leave and the ceremony gets back underway. Zach doesn't buy it and when the attention is focused back on Ryan and Annie, he asks where Greenlee is. She takes Spike up, since he has Annie's ring and the couple exchange rings. The minister announces them husband, wife, son and daughter and they kiss! As the crowd disperses, Jonathan spies "Lily" on the terrace. With champagne poured, Ryan proposes a toast to his new family.

    With This Ring, I Want You Back!

    Wednesday, May 09 2007

    At Wildwind, Julia and Amanda begin to prepare for the wedding. Inside her bedroom, Emma and Kathy wake Annie by bouncing on the bed. Di and Julia come in, bouncing on the bed with the girls. Beaming, Annie tells them about their beach getaway. Downstairs Ryan and Spike arrive. Jonathan teases him that Annie hasn't been seen and has probably skipped out. Ryan plays along for a moment; his phone rings and Jonathan answers. It's Kendall but Jonathan won't let her through. Ryan pesters Jonathan about the phone call until he admits that Kendall called. "How do you know it wasn't something serious?" Ryan asks but Jonathan convinces him that it was nothing. They head upstairs to get ready for the wedding. The men head for Annie's room but Di and Julia keep them from seeing Annie. Ryan gets dressed and then returns to talk to Annie but she won't let him in. "I just wanted to hear your voice," he says and they begin talking through the door. After a few minutes, Ryan leaves to Annie can finish getting ready. Di, Julia and the girls arrive to help Annie finish dressing. Emma gives Annie a fresh daisy for her something new, Julia hands her a lace kerchief for the something old, Kathy lends her a white ribbon (but says "I need that back!") and Di gives her a blue garter.

    Outside, wedding guests begin to arrive as a flautist begins to play. Zach gathers Spike and Kendall together as Jamie talks to Julia and Kathy. Di and Aidan arrive. The minister leads Jonathan and Ryan to the altar as the guests take their seats.

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