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    All My Children CAST - Julia Santos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Julia Santos Played by Sydney Penny on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sydney Penny

    Birthday: 1971-08-07
    Birthplace: Nashville, Tennessee
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Sydney Penny
    Height: 5'4"


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    The Waiting Game Begins...

    Wednesday, May 28 2008

    At the hospital, a nurse begins CPR on Julia. Krystal can only watch as Joe says Julia didn't want surgery. Babe and JR arrive, worried about Tad. Krystal is startled to realize he was shot, too. Just then Frankie and Jake arrive with Tad on a gurney. One surgeon tries to keep Jake out of the OR but he insists on staying. Dixie appears and stands by Tad. Frankie goes to Krystal and fills her in on Tad's condition as Jesse and Angie arrive with Cassandra, Ruth, Opal and Greg in tow. Angie asks Frankie to care for Greg's wound; Krystal tells them that Julia is not doing well. Angie hurries off to find Jake and Tad. She gets to Julia's room first and tries to talk her back to life as the doctors shock her heart. Joe gives instructions for more drugs but Julia is already gone. Angie breaks down as they turn off the monitors and Joe halts CPR. Joe rages against Rob. In the hall, she tells him that Tad was shot, too. Annie arrives, eager to see Julia but Babe holds her back from going into the hospital room. In another treatment room, Frankie gives Greg some instructions on caring for his wound. Greg asks about Julia and Frankie tells him how Julia helped save his life. Frankie blames himself for Rob's actions. Greg says he couldn't have known how evil Rob was. Joe comes into the waiting room and tells everyone about Julia's death. No one can believe it. Joe hurries off to see about Tad. In his treatment room, Joe asks Jake for information. Jake says he is trying to stabilize Tad so they can operate but he's lost a lot of blood. Aidan arrives as Cass tells Frankie about Julia's death. Josh arrives and stands with Joe and Ruth. Jack is alone across the room. JR, Babe and Krystal are leaning on one another as they wait for news about Tad.

    Zach calls the hospital and learns that Julia has died. Stunned, he tells Kendall and decides he has to call Maria. They go to the hospital; Zach talks to Joe about contacting Maria and learns that Julia asked Krystal to do it. Kendall sees Aidan at Julia's door and says how sorry she is. Ryan and Greenlee arrive; Jack fills them in. Greenlee sees Kendall and Aidan standing together. Annie walks up, sees Ryan with Greenlee and walks away quickly. Jack asks Ryan to give him a minute with Greenlee and then apologizes for telling her about Aidan and Kendall so abruptly. She says she is okay and asks Ryan to take her home. They leave together. Annie is sitting alone, crying, when she sees a brochure about fertility problems. Jake finally returns to the waiting room. He tells Joe that Tad still isn't stabilized but they can't wait any longer for surgery. Joe looks over the charts and hugs Jake. Krystal asks to see Tad first and Jake takes her into the room. JR realizes no one has called Jamie. Just then Adam arrives and asks what he can do. In the treatment room, Krystal begs Tad to hold on. She kisses him and says, "I love you." Krystal returns and sees Adam; she asks about Kathy. Adam sees Dixie is right behind her.

    Tad Survives - For Now!

    Tuesday, May 27 2008

    At the hospital, Joe wheels Julia in to the ER with Krystal following. Julie desperately wants to know how Kathy is; Krystal assures her Kathy is fine. Once Julia is stabilized, Krystal comes into the room, telling her things are going to be just fine. Joe returns with bad news: the bullet hit Julia's liver. She knows as soon as he mentions her liver that she is dying. Krystal begs him to fix Julia but she refuses surgery. Krystal begs Joe to operate anyway but he goes along with Julia's wishes. Crying, Julia asks Krystal to call Maria to take Kathy to California. "And tell Kathy I love her," she whispers. Krystal sits with Julia, promising that Kathy will know she is loved. Julia tells them all of Kathy's favorite things - creamy peanut butter, night lights and butterflies. Dixie is there, too, and thanks her for caring for Kate. She promises Julia that Kate will be just fine. Julia opens her eyes and tearily says she knows Kathy will be okay. Then, her monitors flat-line!

    Shots Fired! Julia's Down!

    Friday, May 23 2008

    The party is winding down and Jake announces to Julia that he's going to leave, but as he starts to make his way to the door, Dixie knocks a chair over in his path. She whispers to him again, saying he can't go, he needs to be there to help Tad. Jake backtracks and tells Julia that for some strange reason he feels like he should stick around. Kathy stops by and says she needs a trip to the ladies' room, and Colby offers to take her. But when Colby and Kathy try to leave the restroom, the door won't open. Dixie's on the other side, holding it closed.

    Downstairs, the elevator opens and Angie and Rob step out, spotting Aidan. Angie screams for Aidan's help and Aidan pulls his gun, but Rob bullies him into putting it away. He drags Angie into the reception, and the crowd shrinks back when they see the gun. To make matters worse, Aidan bursts in behind them with his gun drawn. There's a brief pause of a standoff, during which Dixie begs Tad to leave. Tad doesn't hear her, of course, and slowly Rob points the gun and shoots. Julia slumps over. There are screams as everyone rushes to help Julia. Rob pulls the trigger again and Greg is hit in the arm. Satisfied, Rob drags Angie out of the reception. Things aren't looking good for Julia, who's slipping away despite attempts to help her. The ambulance comes to take her away. Colby and Adam try to console Kathy, who's worried about "Aunt Julia."

    Wedding Day, Take Two!

    Wednesday, May 21 2008

    Opal enters the wedding hall to find herself face-to-face with Greg Nelson. Of course, seeing him reminds her of Jenny. "Not a day goes by I don't miss my sweet Jenny," Opal says. Tad enters behind his mom and looks like he's seen a ghost when he lays eyes on his old friend Greg. Tad wraps Greg in a hug before introducing him to Krystal. Greg is stunned into silence when he meets baby Jenny. Tad steals off to meet up with Jesse and unveil another exciting guest: singer Ne-Yo! Ne-Yo will be singing at the wedding. Jesse tries to keep it a surprise for Angie, but that proves difficult as Ne-Yo is swarmed with fans wanting autographs. While Jesse handles crowd control, Tad moves on to another welcome guest at the wedding: Kathy! As Julia introduces the child to Jake, he's reminded of the mysterious whispering Dixie-voice that he keeps hearing in his head, saying Tad needs help. Jake looks at Kathy with extreme interest and curiosity.

    A Visit From an Old Friend.

    Tuesday, May 20 2008

    Tad and Jake show up at The Comeback for a drink to celebrate Jake's decision to stick around Pine Valley for awhile. Julia walks by Jake at the bar, chatting on a cell phone, working out details of a career move she's planning. Aidan shows up, in a foul mood, and he and Tad sit at a nearby table for a chat about babies. Tad is skeptical that Greenlee won't ever change her mind about having kids, and questions whether or not this is really about having a family or about a "measuring contest" Aidan's got going on with Ryan. Aidan insists this isn't about Ryan, but admits he's rethinking his and Greenlee's relationship. Jake joins them at the table and Tad offers up a toast to women. Aidan questions whether or not women are worth the trouble they put men through. But just as he's convinced that they're not, he jumps up to "get another pitcher of beer." Instead, he surreptitiously gives Greenlee a call but gets her voice mail and hangs up.

    Dead Wrong!

    Friday, May 09 2008

    Tad is at The Comeback with Krystal. He decides to leave just as Julia and Kathy arrive. Tad overhears Angie ask Julia to stay for the wedding. He is stunned to learn of the job offer and says he'll miss them both. Julia joins Jesse, Angie, Joe and Cassandra for dinner. At the bar, Krystal tells Frankie that he better not hurt Colby. Frankie points out that he isn't leading Colby on. Rob arrives and focuses on Cassandra. Frankie introduces them, telling Rob about Cass's time in Paris. Rob asks if she was into the art scene. When she says she sketches a little, Rob asks to see her work. Jesse and Joe go outside to talk about old times. Across the room, Angie tells Krystal about finding Cass in that New York alley and adopting her. Jesse fills in Julia and Joe about the lead they found on Kate. Little A and Kathy are playing with Cassandra's bag; he pulls out the stuffed elephant!

    Tad returns to The Comeback and watches his family inside. He can't bear to tell them about Jake but finally goes inside.

    Opals Rocks Don't Scare Me!

    Wednesday, May 07 2008

    Angie arrives, late, to the hospital. Julia tells them both about her job offer in Australia! She is very excited about the prospects there. Joe and Angie try to change her mind but Julia is certain that Australia is where she and Kathy need to be. Over coffee, Angie wishes Julia the best; Julia says she still loves Pine Valley but that there is nothing for her here anymore. Frankie walks in and Julia leaves.

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