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    All My Children CAST - Del Henry - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Del Henry Played by Alec Musser on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alec Musser

    Birthday: 1973-04-11
    Birthplace: New Jersey
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Alec Musser


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    A Change Of Plans.

    Monday, October 04 2010

    Damon literally bumps into Liza in the park, She sees he's filling out paperwork for an employment agency and he runs off because he's late. Liza then sees Madison, who tells her she lied about Greenlee's statement about wanting David dead. Madison tries to convince Liza she's telling the truth, as Ryan walks up. He wonders what's going on, but she takes off.

    Baby Danger!

    Monday, July 23 2007

    JR tells Krystal about his new plans, including giving up Chandler Enterprises. She's stunned that JR finally moved out but wonders if he'll stick with the decisions he made. She also wonders where he'll wind up sleeping. Just then Amanda walks in, asking for her drink! Krystal is surprised at the new couple and warns JR to be careful with Amanda. Aidan and Del wander in and order drinks. Del heads straight for Amanda and offers to give her pool lessons. Angry, she tells him to back off - at the bar and at her house! She tells the crowd that JR is moving in for a few days. Del warns JR that living at Wildwind is work; Aidan wonders why JR would want to live there. Both guys gang up on JR but he doesn't back down. Del challenges JR to a game of pool. If he and Aidan win, he gets to sleep in Amanda's bed. If JR and Amanda win, he'll do all of chores for a month. Amanda objects, telling Del he'll never be in bed with her. That isn't what he wants, though, Del just wants Amanda's room - not her! They begin to play. Jonathan walks in and Amanda leaves the game to talk with him. He isn't interested in talking and tells her to go away!

    Overhearing how hard Jonathan is with Amanda, JR tells him to watch his step. They begin to argue and nearly come to blows before Krystal interrupts them, telling them to take it outside. Aidan returns to the group, telling Jonathan about the trouble in his family.

    Jenny's Christening!

    Thursday, July 12 2007

    Aidan and Del are playing basketball and talking about the Wildwind gang when Del lets it slip that Jonathan and Ava hooked up. Aidan can't believe it. Jonathan joins them. Aidan goes off on Jonathan, telling him that sleeping with Ava is a huge mistake. Jonathan gets angry and tells Aidan he doesn't know the real Ava. He wonders why Aidan can't let go of Ava's past. Soon they begin arguing about Lily and nearly come to blows. Di interrupts the argument. Di realizes she has stepped into a sticky situation. She tells Jonathan to watch Ava, not to make excuses for her and not going everything for her. "She needs to learn how to pull her own weight," Di says. Aidan tells them all that Julia will toss Ava out anyway once she returns. They begin playing ball. The game ends and Jonathan corners Di. She tells him about Ava's new job and once more warns him not to do everything for the girl. He asks Di to get Aidan off his back! They rest for a while and begin playing again. After the second game, Di asks Aidan for a date. They leave. Del pushes Jonathan's buttons, comparing Lily and Ava.

    D. R. A. M. A.

    Monday, July 09 2007

    Ava walks in to conFusion and orders a drink. Del turns her away, saying he won't serve underage customers. Di walks up, annoyed that Ava tried another Lily impersonation. Ava tells her that she and Lily agreed on the impersonation but Di can't believe she did it. Ava goes on for a bit and Di decides to help her out. She calls the photographer! The photographer comes down to talk to both of them and tells Di that Ava doesn't know how to model. Di asks him to take a chance on Ava as Ava rather than Ava pretending to be Lily. The photographer agrees to take a few shots. Ava is really nervous but Di sets her at ease with inconsequential questions about Ava's likes and dislikes. The photographer gets to work, taking shot after shot. The photographer finishes. Di likes the shots and she and Ava go upstairs to find Kendall.

    It's Time To Fight!

    Thursday, June 28 2007

    Amanda walks in to ConFusion, mad about Zach, and takes her anger out on Del. Del wonders what is wrong with her, which only makes her more mad. He walks away to order her drink. Aidan walks by and cheers her up when he says he has a lead on Seamus! Aidan gives her a plane charter but the charter doesn't have a destination but he promises to find it. Amanda tells him she has to know tonight! Her demands make Aidan wonder what she is really up to but Amanda will only tell him that Seamus taking the coin has stolen her dreams. JR arrives as they are talking, distracting Amanda. Aidan sees him and begins to wonder about the connection. Amanda asks Aidan to make Seamus his priority and heads to the bar to begin working. Aidan watches her with JR. Amanda hands over the departure ticket and JR leaves. Amanda follows, ignoring Del who tells her he needs help! Aidan follows them both.

    Faking It!

    Wednesday, June 27 2007

    Amanda meets Del at Fusion. He wonders where her tan is and she blames the sunblock. Del doesn't buy it. He thinks Amanda was just hiding out somewhere on the East Coast with a new guy. Amanda insists she was in Fiji but Del won't drop the subject. JR arrives and pulls Amanda away from Del. Amanda tells JR about putting Aidan on the trail of Seamus, angering JR. He is worried that Aidan will somehow figure out the truth. Amanda thinks JR is overreacting. They begin to argue over their parents and who is the worse person. JR tells Amanda that nothing good can come of Aidan knowing about Seamus but she insists that Aidan only knows Seamus as an employee who took her coin. JR explains his Zach theory to Amanda and she admits it has merit. Kendall arrives and JR wanders off. Amanda tells Kendall that she is quitting ConFusion, stunning Kendall. She wonders if Amanda is moving on because of JR and warns her away from him! Kendall wonders when JR and Amanda got so chummy but Amanda won't answer her. She heads back upstairs to work. Amanda calls Lily and asks for an appointment to see Zach!

    How Far Will Kendall Go?

    Monday, June 18 2007

    At Wildwind, Jamie and Julia talk about their relationship. Di interrupts them, asking if they have seen Amanda. After a couple of day of her not being around the mansion or at work, she is worried! They bring in Aidan, who suggests that she just left town to decompress for a while. They aren't so sure and wonder if they should call the cops. Del arrives. He just got a voice mail from Amanda - that she is on vacation in Fiji with a friend! They are all relieved. The group disperses and once again Julia and Jamie are alone to talk. He apologizes for calling the pregnancy test a scare but Julia doesn't want to hear his apologies. She tells him that they are obviously in different places in their lives. He tells her that he does want children - someday! - and tells her that he loves her. "Someday just isn't good enough," she says. Jamie is disappointed when Julia tells him that she isn't willing to wait for someday to come. She talks about Kathy and visiting her family and tells Jamie that she is leaving tomorrow! "I really thought I could make you happy," Jamie says. Emotionally, Julia tells him that he did make her happy. She kisses him and leaves.

    ...And The Roof Caves In!

    Friday, June 01 2007

    Adam enters The Comeback, annoyed at Derek and Krystal's kiss. Tad tells him to leave, but Adam won't go. He continues to cut down everyone is the bar. Del notices a few leaks from the roof. Babe, Derek and Opal all tell Adam to leave; Krystal steps in, telling them to leave Adam alone! "If he wants to stay, he can stay," she says, astounding everyone. She reminds them that everyone is welcome in her bar and offers Adam a free drink. Tad offers a triple-anything, hoping it will effect Adam badly! Adam turns down the drink but heads to a table, alone. Krystal sits with Adam, telling him that she is just fine on her own. A deliveryman arrives with a new karaoke machine! At the bar, Julia begins to cry, worrying Jamie, Opal and Amanda. Derek helps Krystal unpack the box, apologizing for kissing her. Krystal shrugs it off. Derek tells Krystal that he has always admired her and asks her to dinner! She says she'll let him know when she's ready to date. Tad reminds Adam that he used to own the bar and failed at it! JR comes over and together he and Tad push Adam's buttons by reminding him that he was going to be a different person for Stuart's sake. JR tells Adam that he is finished. "You can't ruin this for Krystal no matter how bad you want to," he promises. Krystal gets the karaoke machine going. She compares the jewelry from Adam to a ball and chain and his home to a mausoleum and their love to a lie and excitedly talks about her new plans and friends. Babe gets the machine going and Krystal decides to sing. Before she can start, the roof begins to fall in! Tad and Derek check out the leak, which is huge. Krystal can't believe that her new project seems to be doomed. Adam rubs in the bad news, telling her she'll be broke soon. He leaves. Krystal worries that she made a huge mistake by not having the building inspected before she bought the place. Babe reminds her that they have friends and they can rebuild. "I just want it to happen now," Krystal says. Across the room, Opal talks to Julia, asking how she is. Julia gets queasy and hurries away. When she returns, Opal asks Julia if she might be pregnant! The question makes Julia wonder. Across the room, Tad encourages Krystal not to give up. She promises to keep fighting, just to show Adam that she is okay on her own.

    Greenlee: Party Crasher!

    Thursday, May 31 2007

    At The Comeback, Tad, Opal, Del and Jamie help Krystal and Babe christen the new bar. JR hands Del a mop and tells him to get to work. Derek arrives to check things out. Babe promises not to open until all of the paperwork is complete; Derek tells them not to worry, he is only there to help out! The crew gets to work. Palmer arrives, excited to see the new place. She congratulates Krystal on her new business and on dumping Adam. They pour drinks for everyone and start the party. Amanda arrives to join the party. She pulls Babe across the room but before she can tell her about JR, he arrives and interrupts them! Tad continues to tell Babe and Krystal that they need to have the place checked out. Krystal heads behind the bar, telling stories of her past while Del fixes the beer taps. When Opal suggests they all try some Del-Lightning, Palmer suggests they leave before she gets really frisky! Jamie realizes Tad has gotten quiet and asks what's on his mind. He begins talking about Kate, who would be turning 5 soon, and wonders where to go next. Julia arrives and tells them about Spike's party and Tad heads to the bar to get her a drink. Jamie asks if she is okay and Julia wonders why everyone keeps asking her that! She mentions getting ready for Kathy's 5th birthday party. At the bar, Derek tells Krystal he has always like her and is obviously a little bit tipsy. They begin to flirt a little bit and talk about their failed marriages. Derek leans across the bar and kisses Krystal! Adam arrives and quietly comes inside, not believing his eyes! Babe finally gets back to Amanda, who decides to keep her night with JR quiet!

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