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    All My Children CAST - Del Henry

    Full detailed profile on Del Henry Played by Alec Musser on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alec Musser
    Del Henry

    Actor: Alec Musser

    Who played Del Henry over the years

    Winsor Harmon (February 1994 - summer 1995)
    Alec Musser (August 19, 2005 - 2008)

    Useful information on Del Henry

    * Marital Status - Single/Never Been Married.
    * Other Names: Delbert Hunkle (birth name).
    * Attempted to write a tell-all book about Erica with Kendall.
    * Received a kidney from his half-sister, Dixie.
    * Received a kidney from his sister, Di.


    Current: Bartender at ConFusion
    Current: Writer


    Del came to Pine Valley searching for his half-sister, Dixie, who was shocked to learn that her father had had an affair that produced a sibling, but she welcomed him. Within a short time, Del divulged that he had a kidney disease that required a transplant, and despite Tad's objection, Dixie donated one of hers. Her health became compromised while Del's improved.

    He tried to renew a college romance with Maria Santos Grey, but upon learning of her happy marriage to Edmund, Del was satisfied to remain friends. He continued his pursuit of writing, and met Kendall Hart, while she was incarcerated for perjury. Harboring ill feelings against her mother, Erica Cane, Kendall wanted to write a tell-all book about her, and enlisted Del's help. Although the book never came to be, Kendall and Del got engaged and left for Florida.

    When their relationship came to an end, his health began to fail again. He learned that he had a sister who had been given away at birth, and tracked her down. Del met Di and begged for her help, Di donated a kidney and Del returned to good health once again. During their surgical recuperation, Del shared information with Di about Dixie.

    Years later, with Dixie presumed dead, Di came to Pine Valley pretending to be her. She begged Del not to divulge the truth, and because of feeling indebted for the transplant, he stood by her. Her lie didn't stand, as Dixie returned, alive and well, ending Di's relationship with Tad, the Martin and Chandler families, and everyone else she had deceived. Del supported Di through her tough time, took a job as a bartender at ConFusion, and found himself attracted to Amanda Dillon.




    Maria Santos
    Kendall_Hart_Slater (engaged)
    Opal_Cortlandt (long-standing flirtation)


    Paul Hunkle (father)
    Lila Kirby (mother)
    Diana Henry (sister)
    Will Cortlandt (paternal half-brother - deceased)
    Dixie Cooney (paternal half-sister)
    Melanie Cortlandt (paternal half-sister)
    Louise Kirby (maternal aunt)
    Adam Chandler Jr. (paternal half-nephew)
    Unnamed Child (paternal half-niece)
    Adam Chandler III (paternal half-great-nephew)


    Unnamed Child ('Figueroa') (self-induced abortion with Maria)


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    Monday, October 04 2010: A Change Of Plans.

    Damon literally bumps into Liza in the park, She sees he's filling out paperwork for an employment agency and he runs off because he's late. Liza then sees Madison, who tells her she lied about Greenlee's statement about wanting David dead. Madison tries to convince Liza she's telling the truth, as Ryan walks up. He wonders what's going on, but she takes off.

    Monday, July 23 2007: Baby Danger!

    JR tells Krystal about his new plans, including giving up Chandler Enterprises. She's stunned that JR finally moved out but wonders if he'll stick with the decisions he made. She also wonders where he'll wind up sleeping. Just then Amanda walks in, asking for her drink! Krystal is surprised at the new couple and warns JR to be careful with Amanda. Aidan and Del wander in and order drinks. Del heads straight for Amanda and offers to give her pool lessons. Angry, she tells him to back off - at the bar and at her house! She tells the crowd that JR is moving in for a few days. Del warns JR that living at Wildwind is work; Aidan wonders why JR would want to live there. Both guys gang up on JR but he doesn't back down. Del challenges JR to a game of pool. If he and Aidan win, he gets to sleep in Amanda's bed. If JR and Amanda win, he'll do all of chores for a month. Amanda objects, telling Del he'll never be in bed with her. That isn't what he wants, though, Del just wants Amanda's room - not her! They begin to play. Jonathan walks in and Amanda leaves the game to talk with him. He isn't interested in talking and tells her to go away!

    Overhearing how hard Jonathan is with Amanda, JR tells him to watch his step. They begin to argue and nearly come to blows before Krystal interrupts them, telling them to take it outside. Aidan returns to the group, telling Jonathan about the trouble in his family.

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