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    All My Children CAST - Palmer Cortlandt (deceased) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Palmer Cortlandt (deceased) Played by James Mitchell on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    James Mitchell

    Birthday: 1920-02-29
    Birthplace: Sacramento, California
    Real Name: James Mitchell
    Height: 5'10"


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    The Best Town in America!

    Tuesday, January 05 2010

    Opal appears in the documentary saying she loves the locals in Pine Valley, and Palmer chuckles saying Opal can deny it all she wants - she loves him too! David remarks that the residents of Pine Valley haven't embraced him - but he'll stay until he takes his last breath! Jake describes how he's come and gone from Pine Valley, and Joe Martin concurs - there have been bad times and good times. Zach wonders if Pine Valley changed him - he's not sure. Erica remembers Mona.

    A Storm Is Brewing!

    Friday, September 19 2008

    Opal finds Palmer and Petey at home. Palmer sings Petey's praises until Opal tells him about Petey's obsession with Colby. Palmer grounds him! Petey runs upstairs. Opal worries that grounding Petey won't stop his romantic inclinations. Petey sneaks back downstairs after Palmer leaves. He watches Opal and then leaves the house. Opal brings out her Tarot cards and does a reading. She gets worried and tries to find Petey but he is gone!

    Lashing Out!

    Friday, July 18 2008

    Petey and Palmer are having lunch at the Valley Inn. Pete tells a few jokes and says he wants to stay in town for a while - and not go to Harvard! He says he needs time to find himself. Adam arrives and sides with Pete on the time off plan, upsetting Palmer. Pete and Adam go to the bar while Palmer takes a call. Petey chats up Adam about Chandler Enterprises. Adam says they need to talk about the girl Petey raped at school! "I didn't rape anyone," Pete says. Adam says he did and he'll make sure Pete goes to jail for the imaginary crime - if he doesn't fall in line with his plans! He tells Pete to stay far, far away from Colby.

    ...And The Truth Comes Out!

    Monday, June 02 2008

    Down the hall, Opal and Ruth talk about how they'll baby Tad when he comes back to them. Opal notices Palmer sitting alone down the hall and goes to him. They exchange barbs but then Palmer reaches out and takes her hand, letting her know she isn't alone.

    Relative Danger!

    Thursday, May 08 2008

    Opal calls Erica at the prison to update her on the happenings in Pine Valley. Realizing that Erica sounds very lonely, Opal talks about Spike and Ian for a bit. Later, she meets Palmer at The Valley Inn; he isn't interested in her schemes to get Erica out of jail. Palmer reads an article about Warren Buffet, which gives her an idea. She grabs Palmer's phone, looks up the billionaire's number and then drops the phone in his drink! Opal leaves. "Would somebody get me a real drink?" Palmer hollers! Outside, Opal calls Mr. Buffet and blames Adam for Erica's troubles. He agrees to visit Erica in prison and to talk to the judge about lessening Erica's sentence.

    Nobody Believes JR!

    Thursday, February 28 2008

    Erica meets Palmer at the Valley Inn. She tells him about her insider trading troubles. Palmer says she shouldn't be surprised that Adam won't help her. He asks about Samuel and Erica swears she is going to take him down! He makes Erica feel better by telling her how strong she is. Palmer leaves. Erica calls Val and asks him to call all of her employees together for a meeting. Next she calls Jack and leaves a message, asking him to help her fight the charges!

    Adam Kidnaps Krystal!

    Thursday, January 17 2008

    Erica is the first to arrive at Adam's surprise wedding shower for Tad and Krystal at the Valley Inn. Adam offers to get her a drink but Erica turns him down and begins looking for Marshall. When Marshall arrives Erica leads him to their table. Colby is next to arrive; Adam asks about Sean but Colby doesn't want to talk about it. Erica sees Adam walk back in, hurries over to him and asks him to rescue her from the horrible date. He agrees and Erica returns to Marshall. Adam calls Barry and begins to create a scene next to Erica's table. He hangs up and tells Erica that their "business deal" is imploding. Marshall is confused and Erica asks if they can postpone their date. He agrees and leaves. "I owe you," Erica says and Adam asks her to marry him again! Palmer walks in and says that will never happen again! They begin arguing. Erica tells Palmer she can handle Adam. "Watch your back," Palmer says and leaves. Erica tells Adam he must have lost his mind. Colby returns as Adam tells Erica that he is turning over a new leaf; Colby explains how Adam planned the surprise reception. Erica wonders what he is really up to. He won't admit to anything. Erica decides to leave but Adam stops her at the door. Krystal, Tad, JR and Babe arrive and Colby leads them inside. Kendall and Zach are close behind. Adam walks in last and offers a toast to the newlyweds! Krystal and Tad are not amused and ask what Adam's real motives are. Krystal stands up to leave. Zach and Kendall wonder why they were invited. Adam follows Krystal and has everyone else locked inside the dining area - so he can get some alone time with Krystal!

    Greenlee: Party Crasher!

    Thursday, May 31 2007

    At The Comeback, Tad, Opal, Del and Jamie help Krystal and Babe christen the new bar. JR hands Del a mop and tells him to get to work. Derek arrives to check things out. Babe promises not to open until all of the paperwork is complete; Derek tells them not to worry, he is only there to help out! The crew gets to work. Palmer arrives, excited to see the new place. She congratulates Krystal on her new business and on dumping Adam. They pour drinks for everyone and start the party. Amanda arrives to join the party. She pulls Babe across the room but before she can tell her about JR, he arrives and interrupts them! Tad continues to tell Babe and Krystal that they need to have the place checked out. Krystal heads behind the bar, telling stories of her past while Del fixes the beer taps. When Opal suggests they all try some Del-Lightning, Palmer suggests they leave before she gets really frisky! Jamie realizes Tad has gotten quiet and asks what's on his mind. He begins talking about Kate, who would be turning 5 soon, and wonders where to go next. Julia arrives and tells them about Spike's party and Tad heads to the bar to get her a drink. Jamie asks if she is okay and Julia wonders why everyone keeps asking her that! She mentions getting ready for Kathy's 5th birthday party. At the bar, Derek tells Krystal he has always like her and is obviously a little bit tipsy. They begin to flirt a little bit and talk about their failed marriages. Derek leans across the bar and kisses Krystal! Adam arrives and quietly comes inside, not believing his eyes! Babe finally gets back to Amanda, who decides to keep her night with JR quiet!

    Lust Is In The Air!

    Wednesday, May 30 2007

    Inside, Palmer pours a scotch and offers Adam a drink. He drops his bombshell about Krystal selling off all of her jewels. Adam pretends not to care, but when Palmer goes on to tell him that Krystal is going to be rich once the divorce is finalized, Adam gets angry. "She didn't love you. You were just a bank account," Palmer says. Angry, Adam tells Palmer that no one has ever loved Palmer the way that Krystal loved Adam! He tells Palmer to get out. Palmer doesn't leave and asks Adam why he tossed Krystal out when he is still in love with her. Adam doesn't answer and again tells Palmer to leave. He does and Adam is alone. With tears in his eyes, he remembers some of the good times with Krystal. JR arrives, telling Adam that soon he will be a party o one. Adam heads upstairs, JR goes to the parlor. Amanda finds him there and kisses him!

    Babe Quits Fusion!

    Tuesday, May 29 2007

    Tad arrives at Krystal's condo, wondering why she called him. Krystal says she needs financial advice - like how to get rid of the jewelry Adam gave her! She wants to sell everything off so she can start new. Tad asks why she needs money, but Krystal won't tell him. Tad offers to help her sell everything off. Krystal pulls out all the jewelry, telling Tad what they all mean. An estate saleswoman, Susan Pritchard, arrives to inventory the goods. Susan gives a price that floors her, cuts the check and then leaves. "This is it!" Krystal exclaims, but still won't tell Tad what she is up to. Tad leaves and meets up with Susan a little later. They talk about the deal. Palmer turns when he hears them and toasts their deal. "Helping Krystal is great," he says, "but sticking it Adam is better!"

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