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    All My Children CAST - Kendall Hart Slater - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kendall Hart Slater Played by Alicia Minshew on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alicia Minshew

    Birthday: 1974-05-28
    Birthplace: Plantation, Florida
    Real Name: Alicia Minshew
    Web site:


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    Off The Clock.

    Wednesday, June 22 2011

    Griffin joins Kendall at the Yacht Club. They talk about David and she tells him she knows she has to let go of the past because nothing will bring Zach back. He asks if they are on the Miranda Center clock or their own time. She wonders if it matters. He moves in close to her, brushing her face and arm with his hand. Kendall gets uncomfortable and leaves.


    Monday, June 13 2011

    Ryan and Greenlee head to Fusion. She points out they haven't gone out in awhile together. Kendall joins them and then Griffin shows up, by Greenlee's request, so they can celebrate his freedom. Kendall sits down and dryly tells Greens, "I love being ambushed." Scott pulls Ryan aside and tells him how upset Madison is upstairs. Ryan leaves to check on Madison, as Kendall gets a call from Jack, who is scared to death about "Erica." He wants to rally the troops and confront her. Across the way, a photographer spots "Erica' and asks to take her picture. She happily complies and then sees Greenlee alone with Griffin. She tells the photographer she might be able to give him a big scoop. "Erica" walks over to talk to her about buying the hospital. Griffin leaves as a skeptical Greenlee questions "Erica" and then tells her to talk to the hospital lawyers. The photographer walks over and "Erica" poses with Greenlee, who looks confused. "Erica" gets a call from Jack, who knows there is no project with Caleb and orders her to come to Kendall's.

    Jane shows up to Kendall's house. Jack tells her he loves her and leaves her with her daughters. They question her about her sobriety. She promises she's still sober. They ask why she's been avoiding them. "Jane" says didn’t want to dump all her pain and anxiety over the kidnappers on them. They assure her they are there for her and engage in a group hug. "Erica" is clearly uncomfortable and makes up an excuse to leave. Once alone, Kendall answers her door to Griffin who brought her lunch. She spills some of the food on her dress and then realizes the last time she wore it was with Zach. She explains she hasn't been able to wear the dress since Zach died, but today she put it on without thinking. She wonders if that's progress. Griffin thinks it is.

    I've Almost Killed A Board Member Or Two. They Get Over It.

    Friday, June 10 2011

    After Bianca confesses to Kendall that she has feelings for Marissa at the house, she admits that Marissa is straight. So, if she has feelings for anyone, it's not her. Kendall urges her sister to talk to Marissa, because she could be the one woman who makes her happy. Bianca thinks she should just cut her losses. She's going to start by returning a music box she bought for Marissa, which plays the song her dad used to sing to her. Kendall encourages her to still give it to her. Bianca doesn’t make a decision yet and leaves to have ice cream with Miranda.

    Liza finds Griffin at the free clinic to give him good news about his case. David shows up and gives Griffin his keys because he doesn't need this 'sad little job' anymore. It's time to spread his wings. Liza leaves and David tells Griffin he will probably be returning to PVH soon and he wants him to take on the role of Chief of Cardiac Surgery. Griffin doesn’t think the board will overlook his stealing drugs. David retorts that he's almost killed a board member or two. They get over it. Griffin would like to work with David again, but he's already made his decision. David urges him to think about it. David leaves as Kendall enters. Before they talk about the Miranda Center, Griffin shares that he won't be going to jail and he'll be sticking around to perform six months of community service. Kendall is thrilled and gives him an advance for his services so he can pay back the hospital.

    Kendall and Griffin meet back at her house to go over Miranda Center details. He tells her how great she was with the kids at the clinic and holds her face in his hands. After they stare into each other's eyes, Kendall breaks away.

    Falling In Love.

    Thursday, June 09 2011

    After getting messages from Cara, Kendall and Griffin meet at the Yacht Club. Griffin chuckles and says, "Cara's done it again." He clues Kendall in on the set up. She thought he wanted to meet about sticking around for the Miranda Center. Griffin reiterates that once he's cleared, he's outta there. He wants to get back in the field to restore his reputation. Kendall notices a table of women leering at Griffin and notes his reputation seems to be intact. Griffin tells her attracting members of the opposite sex has never been a problem for him. Bianca walks in and heads to the bar. A man asks about her phone and touches her, which sets Bianca off. She yells at him to get his hands off her and has him thrown out. Kendall tries to calm her sister down, but Bianca is tired of not feeling safe anywhere. Bianca runs out as Kendall follows her.

    Kendall and Bianca go back to Kendall's house. Bianca rants about what happened with Ricky. Kendall realizes she brought another Michael Cambias into their lives and Bianca had to pay the price again. Bianca assures her it's not her fault. She says she feels like a hypocrite though after counseling battered women to be strong, when she feels so scared. Kendall praises her sister, telling her how strong she really is. Bianca gets a call from Marissa, but keeps it short. Kendall questions Bianca's behavior and wonders what's going on. Bianca admits she's falling in love with Marissa.

    Another Time. Another Place.

    Tuesday, June 07 2011

    Greenlee moves the furniture around her and Ryan's place according to the principles of Feng Shui so they can gain peace and happiness. Ryan doesn’t think it's that simple. She wanted them to have a lovely night since Emma is at a friend's place. They discuss the strain on their relationship and Greenlee says she just wants one night to remind him why he fell in love with her. Ryan says he hasn't forgotten why he fell in love with her. Kendall enters with Spike, much to Greenlee's frustration. Kendall says Ian is with a friend and she wanted Spike to be with family. Greenlee leaves to pick up some food, as Kendall asks Ryan what's going on because she feels like she spoiled Greenlee's plans. Ryan plays it off but admits they aren't planning another wedding. Kendall tells him to forgive Greenlee or cut her loose. He owes it to her. Ryan leaves to do something and Griffin shows up. She thinks he's there to talk about the Miranda Center, but Griffin says he's there to see Greenlee. They discuss his leaving and she makes a case for him staying. Griffin reiterates that once the charges are dropped he's leaving town. He thinks a clean break is best for both of them.

    I'm David Hayward. Who Might You Be?

    Monday, June 06 2011

    At home, Kendall tells Griffin she wants him to stay in Pine Valley. She needs him to start a new Miranda Center with different services, in a different neighborhood. Griffin thinks it's a good idea, but says he wants to move on when he's cleared of the charges. Kendall just wants him to stick around for a little bit to teach her what she needs to know. Then he can leave. Griffin agrees and they get to work on making plans. Griffin is impressed and happy to see her bounce back so fast. She says she's doing it for Zach and she doesn't want to let him down. She tells Griffin she finally has peace though, which she owes to him. He jokes he's like her hero. Kendall counters he's more like a pain in the ass, but one that she's very grateful for.

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