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    All My Children CAST - Kendall Hart Slater - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kendall Hart Slater Played by Alicia Minshew on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alicia Minshew

    Birthday: 1974-05-28
    Birthplace: Plantation, Florida
    Real Name: Alicia Minshew
    Web site:


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    Friday, July 01 2011

    Madison walks into Fusion with a new look for her product idea. Randi is blown away by all the black leather and dark eye makeup. Madison thinks they've been limited in their products and their vision, but she's found it. When Kendall and Greenlee arrive, Randi helps Madison present her pitch. Madison's bad ass image presents her take no crap, total domination, women empowerment line idea called Fierce. A stunned Greenlee and Kendall call her concept amazing, but think they have to shape it. Madison believes it's complete, but the bosses think it's too intense for the consumers. Randi offers that there's nothing wrong with a little tweaking. Madison is offended and leaves. Greenlee and Kendall discuss the line and then Kendall brings up Griffin. She says she'll miss him, but again gets defensive about how she really feels. Greenlee leads her away to get her out of her bad place.

    Grabbing Happiness When They Can.

    Wednesday, June 29 2011

    Kendall stops Griffin from leaving her house to ask for his address. He reminds her she can email him and asks for updates on the Miranda Center, Cara and her boys. After she offers to give him her camera so he can send her pictures too, she takes a photo of them together. She then says one of them has to figure out how to really say goodbye. Griffin states he isn't good at saying goodbyes. She quips he's not good at saying hello either. She tells him he meant a lot to her coming into her life when he did. He calls her a real experience. She kisses him on the cheek and he leaves.

    As Ryan frantically waits for Greenlee to return home, Kendall stops by and Ryan asks her to be a witness at the wedding. Ryan calls Jack to tell him he is throwing Greenlee a surprise wedding and he needs her home now. After hanging up with Jack, Ryan asks Kendall what's going on with her. She tries to blow it off, but Ryan wonders if the wedding is bringing up memories. She just says it's making her nostalgic because everyone she knows is getting what they wanted. Jack walks Greenlee home. She runs into Ryan's arms when she learns he planned a surprise wedding. The informal ceremony gets underway. As scenes from their past play out, Ryan tells Greenlee he loves her now more than ever and calls her his soulmate. He has always been deeply connected to her. Greenlee notes all the things that tried to keep them apart never could and she could never stay away. It's always been him. She's always been deeply connected to him. They exchange rings and Tad declares them husband and wife.

    Walking Away Clean.

    Tuesday, June 28 2011

    Griffin meets with Kendall and Bianca at the Yacht Club. He tells them he's leaving Pine Valley to go to Chile immediately. Once he's gone, Bianca asks her sister why she didn’t ask Griffin to stay. Kendall says it doesn't matter now because his assignment is court ordered. Bianca thinks he could get it changed and declares if she had the guts to put herself out there then Kendall should too. She tells her sister she admitted her feelings to Marissa, but it wasn't reciprocated.

    Griffin visits Kendall at home because he couldn’t leave without seeing her again. He gives Kendall her file in case her new doctor has any questions. He listens to her heart and says it sounds good. They recall their patient/doctor relationship and how they got off to a rough start. Kendall apologizes for everything that went down with Ricky and how she didn’t believe Griffin from the start. Griffin calls it water under the bridge because that's how friends roll. He jokes around about how much she will miss him. They get more serious and both admit they will miss each other. Kendall turns the tables and listens to his heart, as they continue to make lighthearted digs at each other. They share a sexually charged moment and then hug goodbye. Griffin heads to the door, but Kendall says, "Wait!"

    Let It Go.

    Friday, June 24 2011

    Greenlee stops by Kendall's and is surprised to see Madison there. Madison leaves and Greenlee thinks Madison is putting on an act to gain Ryan's sympathy. Kendall points out that Madison didn't call him after fainting in the park. Greenlee responds that Madison is smarter than she thought. Kendall assures her even if Madison is trying to get Ryan, there's no way she can take him away from her. Greenlee retorts Kendall doesn't have to try and help her and leaves.

    Madison shows up at Fusion. Randi wants to take her home, but Madison insists she's fine. She needs to work so she can forget. When she's not there all she does is obsess over Sara. Randi recalls her miscarriage and how having Frankie and his family around helped her. Madison reminds her she doesn’t have a family, but Randi points out she has Scott. Madison is only reminded of why he befriended her in the first place and who set that up, as Greenlee walks in. Greenlee delegates work to Randi and Madison. Kendall shows up and, alone with Greenlee, says they are going to finish their conversation. Greenlee knows Madison will find a way to get Ryan's attention over this. Kendall thinks Greenlee should stop worrying about Madison and be grateful she has a great guy who loves her. It bothers Greenlee that Madison thinks she can still have Ryan. Kendall tells her to get over it because she would give anything to be living with the love of her life.

    In The Moment.

    Thursday, June 23 2011

    Griffin follows Kendall to the park. He wonders what he said that scared her off. She explains that after her recent ordeal she forgot how to stop running and just catch her breath. She just wanted to be there in the moment on this beautiful day. He asks what she wants to do now. She challenges him to a race. After they play around, Griffin grabs her close. Just as it seems they are going to kiss, Kendall sees a disoriented Madison. They race over to her and Madison passes out in Griffin's arms. Griffin wants to take her to the hospital, but Kendall says she shouldn't have to wake up in the place where she lost her baby.

    Madison wakes up at Kendall's house. Griffin tells her she's suffering from extreme exhaustion. She needs to eat and then sleep. Madison says it sounds good as long as she doesn’t wake up. Kendall assures her one day the pain will subside and the sun will shine through all the dark clouds. Madison falls asleep and has a dream that she confronts Greenlee with a gun.

    Off The Clock.

    Wednesday, June 22 2011

    Greenlee finds David making plans at the hospital. She tells him she never would have sold the hospital to "Erica" if she new he was involved. He thought she would have been happy to be rid of the hospital because it now allows her to focus on her personal life. He says, "You do still have one don't you?" He taunts that his dark side allows him to understand her in a way Ryan never can. Once Greenlee has left, Kendall shows up to confront David. His shooting comes up and Kendall tells him she has her life back now because the man who killed Zach is behind bars. She asks David to not screw "Erica" over so they can all have a chance of working things out. Griffin joins them and asks if everything is okay. She says it depends on his mentor. Kendall leaves for work and Griffin warns David not to make him regret supporting him. David reminds his protégé he is leaving town, so why does he even care?

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