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    All My Children CAST - Kendall Hart Slater - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kendall Hart Slater Played by Alicia Minshew on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alicia Minshew

    Birthday: 1974-05-28
    Birthplace: Plantation, Florida
    Real Name: Alicia Minshew
    Web site:


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    Take Me Home.

    Friday, August 12 2011

    Cara shows up at Kendall's upset about Tad and Dixie. She calls it karma because she came to town for Jake and wasn't undeterred when she found out he was married. Kendall reminds her Jake didn’t leave Amanda for her, so Tad could stay with her. Cara points out they don’t have the history Tad and Dixie do. She says they are a legend like Kendall and Zach. Kendall states that Zach is gone. Cara knows about the Orpheus Project, but Kendall doesn't want to hear anymore theories. She's gotten over the fact that Zach died and now she's looking ahead. Kendall says she's going out of town until it all blows over. Cara hopes when it does she and Griffin can work things out. After Cara leaves, Kendall prepares to take the boys out of town, but discovers she needs to fill Spike's allergy medication.

    As Kendall picks up Spike's medication at the hospital, she sees David rush in with Zach.

    Taking The Blame.

    Thursday, August 11 2011

    Jack brings Jane to Kendall's. Kendall is thrown to see Erica's look-a-like and then rails at her for kidnapping her mother. Erica tells Jane no one believed her story so they need her come forward. Jane doesn't want to go to prison, but Erica encourages her to do the right thing. Jesse comes over as Jane agrees to corroborate her story. Jesse is shocked. Jane declares that Ben was her only accomplice, but Erica believes David has to be part of this. Jane insists she didn’t know David before and she has no knowledge of someone else being held where Erica was. Jesse brings up Project Orpheus, but Kendall can't talk about David bringing people back from the brink. She storms out. Erica thinks she's free now since Jane can back up her story, but Jesse reminds her she stabbed David. Jane interrupts and says she stabbed him. When Jesse takes a call, Jack and Erica question Jane about taking the blame for the stabbing. She wants to make up for what she put Erica through. Jesse returns to them and takes Jane away. Once alone, Erica tells Jack she won't stop until she sees David punished. She believes Jane doesn’t know anything about Dixie being held, but she wonders if Ben does. When Jack takes a call, Erica slips out.

    Kendall heads over to the hospital and tells Griffin they should be together. Griffin thinks she's too afraid to admit Zach could be alive, so she's latching on to something else. Griffin is just trying to make it easier between them for when she finds out her husband is alive. Kendall says if Zach were alive he would have come back to her by now.

    Tad's Good Taste In Women.

    Wednesday, August 10 2011

    Jesse brings Angie to a hotel room so they can have some privacy. He tells her he lent Maya out to Jake and Amanda to watch Trevor while Amanda has her surgery, so Lucy is with Frankie and Randi. Angie uses the drops David gave her, despite Jesse's concerns. He then kisses her, which serves as a great distraction from David. As they start to head towards the bed, someone knocks on the door. Jesse answers to Ryan and Kendall, who expected to find David. They tell them about the tracking device Ryan put in David's phone. Ryan asks to look through Angie's purse and finds the device David obviously found. Jesse asks why they are following him. Ryan explains that he is worried about Greenlee and how David is bringing people back from the dead, namely Dixie. Ryan worries that David will hurt Greenlee, but Angie thinks he loves her too much. She defends his ability to do good and urges them to work with David, not against him. Ryan is incensed, but Kendall thinks Angie has a point. She doesn’t think David will hurt Greenlee. Ryan isn't comforted and looks at Angie's eye drops. After Kendall and Ryan leave, Angie continues to defend David to her husband. She believes that David's work can save people, but Jesse believes he belongs behind bars.

    At the Yacht Club, Ryan vents his frustration about David. He also can't understand why Kendall doesn’t believe Zach could be part of David's miracles if she trusts him now. Griffin walks in and laughs at the idea of Kendall now believing in David when he doesn't anymore.

    Tell Me Everything.

    Tuesday, August 09 2011

    Jesse comes to Kendall's door and asks Kendall if Erica is there. He warns her not to lie. He comes inside. She says she believes Erica's story. She continues that Jackson is in Brazil now talking to the plastic surgeon and getting the whole story. Ryan arrives and Jesse leaves. Ryan tells her Greenlee is missing and Dixie is alive. He tells her that Janet saw Dixie Martin. Kendall admits she saw Janet and Dixie too. She says when David’s name was mentioned Dixie took off. She wonders if Dixie could be at the hospital. He wants to call Griffin to give him a heads up. He tells him Dixie is alive. Griffin says he’ll handle everything on this end. Jessie wants to know what’s up. He says they are bad liars. Ryan feels that David is on the move.

    Are You Real?

    Friday, August 05 2011

    After hearing about a fire at Oak Haven, Bianca and Kendall start to head out, but are stopped by Erica who is at the door. They think they should take her back, but Erica won't go. She's not insane and did not set the fire. She knows who did though. Bianca carefully asks if it was Jane. Exasperated, Erica says no and then calls for Janet to come in. Erica begs her stunned daughters to help them and the others. Janet says she'll go to the park and bring the other ladies back. Later, Marian and Dixie come to the door, shocking Kendall and Bianca. Marian relays that Janet is at the hospital because she had injuries resulting from the fire. Kendall and Bianca realize Erica's kidnapping story isn't so farfetched if Dixie can be back from the dead. Erica pulls her girls aside and tells them she thinks Dixie was held at the same place she was. Marian tries to explain to Kendall why she tired to shoot her after Stuart died. Kendall understands because she felt the same way after Zach's death. Kendall relays how she tried to kill David, which Dixie hears, making her run off.

    See For Yourself.

    Tuesday, August 02 2011

    Kendall ignores a call from Griffin at home and becomes short of breath again thinking that Zach could be alive. She composes herself and runs out the door.

    Kendall heads to the hospital where she tries to avoid Griffin, who is worried for her health. She's furious that he's working with David, but he declares he's done with David and working with Ryan now. He urges her to let him check her heart. She reluctantly complies. He says her heartbeat is slightly elevated, but there is no cause for concern. She thinks it will go down once she's away from him.

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