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    All My Children CAST - Kendall Hart Slater - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kendall Hart Slater Played by Alicia Minshew on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alicia Minshew

    Birthday: 1974-05-28
    Birthplace: Plantation, Florida
    Real Name: Alicia Minshew
    Web site:


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    Not Everyone Hates You.

    Friday, August 19 2011

    Kendall bumps into Greenlee in the hallway. Kendall says she keeps waiting to wake up and realize it's all a dream. Greenlee assures her it's not and she should know because she had a dream about Leo. Greenlee loves Ryan, but the dream brought up the "What ifs?" She then says David is hinting about Gillian being alive, but she hasn't told Ryan. She worries Ryan could experience the same kind of overwhelming love with Gillian she felt for Leo. Kendall thinks it would be okay because Ryan loves her. Ryan shows up wondering what he just walked in on. The women cover and say they are just floored about Zach being back. Ryan leaves and Greenlee worries to Kendall that she can't compete with Gillian if she is alive. She doesn't want to tell Ryan there's a possibility because they don’t need any more obstacles in their relationship.

    Ryan heads into Zach's room wondering how David happened to be there for him after the crash. Greenlee and Kendall enter, as Ryan asks if Zach his onboard. Zach announces that he's standing by David because he saved his life. He doesn't care if anyone has a problem with it.

    Happiness Is Infinite.

    Thursday, August 18 2011

    At Kendall's, Griffin wonders what Zach remembers about the crash. Kendall says he didn't recall much. She begins to tell him how much he means to her, but Griffin doesn't want to hear the "It's better to have loved and lost" speech. He leaves. Kendall grabs her bag and starts to head out as well, but Ryan shows up. He tells her Ricky is dead. Kendall thinks this gives them closure, but Ryan thinks Ricky was killed for what he knew about Zach's plane crash. Kendall doesn’t want him to tell Zach about this.

    In Zach's hospital room, Greenlee explains Kendall and Griffin's history and tells him about Ricky. Jesse shows up and Greenlee leaves. Jesse tells Zach about Ricky's death and then asks what he remembers about the crash. Zach doesn't tell Jesse anything, but worries if someone else is out there, Kendall could be in danger. Kendall arrives as Jesse leaves in frustration. Zach brings up Ricky with Kendall. He won't let what he did to her and their kids slide. Kendall doesn't want him to go after anyone and get himself killed for real this time. After she gets riled up, Zach tells her to close the door because he has something to tell her that she won't like.

    You're The One.

    Wednesday, August 17 2011

    Kendall panics when she enters Zach's hospital room and he's not there. Griffin wheels him in after running some tests. Zach takes note of Griffin and Kendall's easy rapport. After Griffin leaves, Zach brings up the letter he wrote before he left wondering what Kendall really wanted. Kendall tells him all she wants his him.

    Griffin returns to Zach's room as Kendall and Zach canoodle. Zach and Kendall ask when he can go home. Griffin doesn't have an answer, but declares he's healing faster than expected. Zach wants to rest, so Kendall and Griffin head to the hallway. Kendall asks Griffin for a favor. Later, Griffin examines Zach to make sure he can handle what's to come. Zach questions him, as Kendall brings Spike and Ian into the room.

    After running into Kendall in the hospital hallway, Griffin drives her and the boys home. Once there, Kendall thanks Griffin for saving Zach, but Griffin counters David is the one responsible.

    Angel Or Devil?

    Tuesday, August 16 2011

    In Zach's hospital room, Kendall cries as she tries to process her husband being alive. She asks him what happened. He doesn’t know. It all went dark and then nothing. He asks about Spike and Ian. She says she will bring the boys by, but he wants some time to pull himself together. She shows him his journal and says she reads it all the time because it makes her feel closer to him. He quips that real men don't keep journals. She laughs and then reads some of it to him. They kiss as Griffin walks in to check on Zach. He gives him more meds, which seems to put him to sleep. Kendall tells Griffin she's still getting used to the idea that Zach is there. Griffin wants her to take care of her heart, but Kendall assures him her heart is soaring. Griffin is happy for her, but she needs to take care of herself. Kendall tells Griffin she owes him everything for taking care of her. He says she makes it easy to care about her. After Griffin gets Kendall settled in for the night he leaves. Zach opens his eyes.

    You Can See Your Husband Now.

    Monday, August 15 2011

    Griffin approaches a stunned Kendall at the hospital and sees David bringing Zach in. As David tells Griffin he has to save Zach since he doesn’t have his medical license anymore, Greenlee and Ryan try to explain to Kendall what they know about Zach. Bianca shows up and is shocked to see her presumed dead brother-in-law. Kendall beats herself up for starting to move on and not listening to her heart that Zach was alive. Bianca assures her Zach would have wanted her to live her life. Griffin angrily questions David about his treatment of Zach. He tells his mentor if Zach doesn't make it and Kendall's hope is taken away again, David will wish he is the one who's dead. Greenlee calls Jack, as Griffin walks out to tell Kendall Zach's infection is under control. He tells her to sit down when she starts to have trouble breathing. He wants to give her something for her anxiety, but she just wants to know if he pulled away from her because he knew Zach was alive.

    After Griffin checks out Kendall, Griffin asks Ryan to get her something to eat. Griffin then tells Kendall they never decided what they were to each other, but they are friends. She knows he wouldn't have kept Zach being alive from her. He tells her he's happy for her, as David leaves Zach's room. Griffin tells Kendall she can see her husband now. Kendall walks in Zach's room. He opens his eyes and says, "Kendall."

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