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    All My Children CAST - Kendall Hart Slater - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kendall Hart Slater Played by Alicia Minshew on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alicia Minshew

    Birthday: 1974-05-28
    Birthplace: Plantation, Florida
    Real Name: Alicia Minshew
    Web site:


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    I Killed Your Husband.

    Thursday, May 26 2011

    On the yacht, Kendall asks Ricky to tell her that he would kill for her and to admit he's done it before. Ricky says he has. He announces, "I killed your husband." Kendall pretends to be happy they have all their secrets out in the open now, but she wants to know how he made it look like there was no foul play. He explains what he did, but marvels how it was just business until he fell in love with her. He says now that he has fallen in love he won't let her go. He starts to kiss her and asks if it's turning her on. He opens her shirts and finds the recorder. He angrily asks, "What the hell is this?" She responds, "Your ticket to hell." Ricky is furious, but thinks she couldn’t handle his love. He ominously declares that he loves her and will continue to do so even after she's gone. Kendall thinks Griffin will come for her, but Ricky thinks otherwise. He wonders who will save her. Kendall declares she doesn’t need saving as she aims her gun at Ricky.

    Feeling Nothing.

    Wednesday, May 25 2011

    Griffin drags Kendall to the abandoned house in hopes of preventing her from confronting Ricky on the yacht miles from land. Kendall needs it to end and plans to pretend that she's okay with Ricky killing Zach in order to set him up. He eventually agrees to her plan, but he wants Ryan's guy to make sure the yacht can't go out into the water. He also wants to be onboard the yacht so they can end this together.

    Ricky meets up with Kendall on the yacht and as he puts a flower behind her ear, she loses her earpiece. Panicked, Griffin calls Ryan's guy, who Ricky previously saw in the park, but he appears to be dead. Griffin starts to head out, but he's stopped by a cop. Kendall picks up her earpiece when Ricky leaves the room, but she can't hear Griffin. She then realizes the boat is moving.

    Speaking From Her Heart.

    Tuesday, May 24 2011

    As a panicked Griffin listens in, Ricky springs an impromptu wedding on Kendall at her house, with "Erica" and Bianca standing by. Through the earpiece, Griffin urges her to call it off. Kendall tries to stall, but Ricky tells the reverend they are ready. The wedding gets underway, as Griffin continues to appeal to Kendall to call it off. Ricky says his vows, but when it's her turn, Kendall stalls. Bianca tries to help, but "Erica" encourages Kendall to speak from her heart. Jack walks in, surprised to see what's going on. After learning they will be going on a cruise on the yacht for their honeymoon, Kendall says she is ready to speak from her heart. She tells Ricky she trusts him so now she needs him to trust her. She wants her day to be special and everything she has dreamed about, so she needs more time. She suggests they head to the yacht and take a cruise, just the two of them. "Erica" tells a taken aback Kendall to enjoy her romance on the high seas and then leaves with Jack. Kendall shoos Ricky out so she can pack and then tells a worried Bianca she has to do this. Bianca exits and then Kendall tells Griffin through her earpiece that she will end this. She thanks him for his help and then takes out her earpiece. Bianca returns with Miranda and then leaves the room for a minute. Ricky also returns and asks Miranda to be a flower girl. She agrees and they hug. Bianca sees them and after Ricky goes to the kitchen, Bianca tells her daughter to stay away from Ricky. Once they leave, Ricky walks back in the room with a menacing look on his face. After Ricky exits once again, Griffin walks in the house and argues with Kendall about her plan. He realizes she has a gun so he picks her up and carries her out.

    That's What Family Is For.

    Monday, May 23 2011

    Kendall returns home to an angry Ricky, who wonders why she lied to him about telling the boys about their engagement. She says the time isn't right and she needs him to stop pressuring her. When he expresses his doubts that she loves him as much as he loves her, she convinces him otherwise. He kisses her and then leaves. Kendall wipes off her mouth in disgust and calls Griffin, who tells her to get over to the house now.

    Kendall heads to the house and watches a video Griffin discovered of Ricky and Diana rolling around on cash from a casino other than Zach's. Griffin declares he's going to check out said casino. Kendall gets upset thinking about how much she hates Ricky and Griffin calms her down. He promises this won't go on for much longer. The boy Griffin met last week stops by with a car Griffin asked him to get.

    Kendall finds an upset Cara at Krystal's. As they talk, Cara sees Kendall's engagement ring. Kendall informs her she's engaged to Ricky, saying he's a good guy. Cara doesn’t believe that and doesn't think Griffin does either. Cara admits Griffin had feelings for her and she thought it was reciprocated. Kendall tells her they are just friends. "Erica" calls Kendall and asks her to meet at the house.

    "Erica" meets with Kendall at her house. "Erica" says she and Jack are taking her and Bianca out to celebrate her homecoming. She then instructs her to get dressed for a wonderful night. Griffin listens in as "Erica" gives Kendall a rose and answers the door to Bianca. She then opens the door to Ricky and a minister. Ricky announces they are getting married right there, right now.

    She's Gone.

    Friday, May 20 2011

    Ricky returns to his hotel room as Kendall and Griffin restore the files from his laptop. Griffin hides as Kendall explains to her fiancé she was creating a wedding website. He can't wait to tell her kids about their engagement. She lies and says she already told the boys. He wants them to love him as much as they loved Zach. Greenlee calls Kendall and tells her Ryan and Madison's baby died. Kendall tells Ricky she needs some time alone and Ricky leaves the room. Kendall goes on the terrace and Griffin, who has been listening in, asks if she is okay. She says she's not. Griffin tells her to go to Ryan and to send his condolences. Ricky returns and asks if he can go to the hospital with her. She agrees and they head out.

    Kendall and Bianca meet up in a waiting room. Bianca says she saw their mother with Ricky and she wants to clue her in. Kendall thinks they should wait because Jack said "Erica" hasn't been herself. Ricky finds Kendall, who tells him he doesn’t need to stay because she will be there all night. He says she's a good friend and leaves. As Griffin looks through the files they restored from Ricky's laptop, Griffin talks to Kendall through their earpiece. She tells him he's amazing for doing this and wishes she could be there to help. He tells her to be with her friends and he'll take care of it. Kendall later comforts Greenlee and suggests she just be on call for Ryan whenever and whatever he needs.

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