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    All My Children CAST - Kendall Hart Slater - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kendall Hart Slater Played by Alicia Minshew on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alicia Minshew

    Birthday: 1974-05-28
    Birthplace: Plantation, Florida
    Real Name: Alicia Minshew
    Web site:


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    Lurking For Any Opportunity.

    Monday, July 08 2013

    Bianca calls Miranda from out of town and tells her she may not be easy to reach. She hangs up and makes Kendall take a pill. Bianca thinks being away keeps the kids from bullying Miranda and will stay until they find out if Kendall’s heart is rejecting the medicine. She urges Kendall to tell Zach but Kendall refuses.

    To Pine Valley.

    Friday, September 23 2011

    Everyone gathers at the Chandler mansion. Even Jamie returns because he's worried about JR. Angie notices that Randi is glowing. She admits to her husband, Jesse, and Angie that she might be pregnant. Meanwhile, Zach and Griffin attempt niceties as Kendall intervenes to say she's glad David is out of their lives. David shows up looking for Adam. JR lurks in the secret tunnel, as Erica and Opal show up and see Jack talking to Krystal. JR pulls out his gun as Adam and the room toast to Pine Valley. Erica asks to talk to Jack alone, as David finds Adam. David is snarky, as Adam doesn’t know how to thank him. David says cash is always a good start. Adam wonders what he's up to, but gives him money anyway. Bianca and Marissa show up after getting a text message. They think it was from Scott, but he denies it.

    Home Where He Belongs.

    Thursday, September 22 2011

    At Kendall's, Greenlee and Ryan give Zach and Kendall a romantic weekend in New York. Marissa and Bianca will watch the kids. The Slaters are floored and anxious to spend time alone together. Erica rushes over and tells Kendall and Zach the writer for the movie wants her help, but Jack is against it. Bianca enters, as Zach leaves. The girls side with Jack and urge Erica to let the screenwriter write the movie. They suggests she write her own ending by marrying Jack. Erica will marry Jack, but it won't be an ending to anything. She also won't compromise her goals just to put a ring on her finger. Kendall tells her mother to do what she has to do, but to be honest about why she's doing it. Later, Zach talks privately with Erica. He recalls their Vegas days and says they're not that different. He respects that she's never abandoned her dreams and tells her not to change.

    It's Been A Hell Of A Ride.

    Tuesday, September 20 2011

    At Kendall and Zach's, Kendall shows Bianca their mother's book. Kendall is irate because Erica discussed their first confrontation in detail. In a personal aside, Kendall tells the camera it was a day she is glad she had, but she doesn’t want to relive it. Bianca defends their mother, so Kendall suggests Bianca keep reading. Meanwhile, Ryan and Zach begin a new partnership with Jacks' help. They decide to call their foundation the Myrtle Fargate Foundation. Jack leaves to pick up Erica, as Kendall organizes their family BBQ. Once everyone has left to pick up supplies, Kendall tells Zach about Erica's book. He thinks she should let it go for today. She tells him how happy she is that he's back. In Zach's aside, he talks about almost dying. He calls Kendall his angel. His saving grace. He hoes Erica doesn't screw up how well they're doing right now.

    The gang returns to the house with supplies as Zach and Kendall make out on their couch. Bianca and Kendall rehash Erica's novel, as Bianca says Natalie Portman should play her in the movie. JR lurks as Kendall thinks Sarah Jessica Parker or Sarah Michelle Gelllar should play her. Erica and Jack show up and Kendall suggests she and Bianca talk to their mother. They pull her aside and while Bianca tries to downplay their concerns, Kendall tells Erica they are pissed that all their personal moments are out for public consumption. Erica gets defensive because it's a story about her life and she won't change a thing for the movie. JR sneaks in when everyone disperses, leaving the kids in the living room. He calls AJ over, but AJ knows he's supposed to tell Mommy he's there. JR just wants to tell him how much loves him. Erica returns and tells JR to leave AJ alone. She ushers the kids to the kitchen and orders JR out of the house. The rest of the adults return and Zach throws JR out. Kendall and Erica resume arguing over her book. Erica promises to tell her story with the respect it deserves but she won't water it down. Zach interrupts them saying Ryan wants to make a toast. Ryan toasts to a sense of family they all feel in the Slater house. He throws it back to Zach, who knows all the bickering is what keeps the family going. It's been a hell of a ride and it will keep going. He toasts to all the families in the room. Kendall and Bianca agree to give Erica the benefit of the doubt. Erica won't disappoint them.

    Old Habits.

    Friday, September 16 2011

    Zach decks out the living room in Red Wings paraphernalia as he looks for the game on TV. Kendall comes out and kisses him, but Zach is more interested in the game. He curls up with his Red Wing snuggie and munches on snacks, much to Kendall's irritation. She starts to leave the room, but he pulls her down with him to watch the game. He hits the remote to show her a video he made of them and the kids. He tells her it's good to be home and kisses her. He asks if she's happy. She responds, "Very." She can't believe he's really back. He says, "We're back," and kisses her again. She pulls out a ring and puts it on his finger to replace the one he lost. She says, "Now, we're back."

    In The Middle Of The Night.

    Tuesday, September 13 2011

    Greenlee drops by Kendall's as their men give their statements to the cops about David. Greenlee was restless at home and wanted to share her idea for Fusion with Kendall. She wants to create a computer program to help women see what they will look like in the future and provide products to help them fix what they don't like and accentuate what they do. Kendall loves it, but she doesn't want to neglect her family for work right now. Kendall suggests Greenlee go someplace romantic with Ryan and forget everything else for awhile. Greenlee doesn't want to forget everything else. Kendall wonders what's got her so spooked. Greenlee admits she felt alone when she came up with her idea when no one was home with her. She recalls feeling that way growing up and worries that while she has Ryan now, he could be gone tomorrow. Kendall assures her she won't lose Ryan, but after pretending that Ryan was dying, Greenlee realized that someone could take him from her at any moment. Kendall consoles her. Ryan shows up and says Zach is probably still at the station. Greenlee hugs Kendall and tells her she loves her. Kendall returns the sentiment.

    David Makes A Confession.

    Monday, September 12 2011

    Cara meets Kendall at Krystal's to tell her she's pregnant. Kendall is excited for Cara and knows she will make a great mother. Cara corrects Kendall when she assumes Tad is the father, declaring it's David. Kendall warns her about how obsessed he can be with his children. Cara points out all the good David has done, but Kendall counters with all the bad. Kendall wants to be happy for her, but she doesn't think it will end well. As Kendall promises not to tell anyone about the baby, she gets a message on her phone.

    At the lab, Ryan is shot after tussling with Zach. David tries to call an ambulance, but Zach grabs the phone out of his hands. David shouts that Orpheus was supposed to save lives. He won't have another death on his hands, even if it is Ryan's. As Zach continues to let Ryan bleed without getting help and then threatens Greenlee as well, David says Zach's partners were right to try and kill him. He should have let his plane sink and references that he knew about Ricky. David admits he was a silent partner in the whole casino mess, but he didn't kill anyone. David thought Greenlee was on the plane and that's why he was there when it crashed – to save her. David points out he saved Zach instead. Zach wonders who will save him and fires his gun, which is loaded with blanks. Greenlee reveals a tape recorder with David's confession on it as Griffin jumps up off the stretcher alive and Ryan stands up unharmed. The group reveals it was all an act and that Zach put the pieces together of what David did while he was in recovery. David accuses them of being blinded by their petty grievances, making them unable to see the amazing work he's done. As he turns to leave, Kendall and Cara show up. Cara embraces her brother and says she heard the whole story from Kendall. David wants to explain things to Cara, but Greenlee interrupts asking who else David has saved. He says he'll be taking that secret to the grave, as Jesse arrives.

    It's Real, But Different.

    Tuesday, September 06 2011

    At ConFusion, Greenlee and Kendall bemoan the fact that their men are obsessed with David. Greenlee plans to fix that by seducing her husband. Kendall fears this whole thing with Zach isn't real. Greenlee assures her it is, but it won't be the same, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. After Greenlee leaves, Kendall calls Zach to tell him she needs him.

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