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    All My Children CAST - Ryan Lavery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ryan Lavery Played by Cameron Mathison on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Cameron Mathison

    Birthday: 1969-08-25
    Birthplace: Sarnia, Ontario Canada
    Marital Status: Married, Vanessa Arevalo July 27, 2002
    Real Name: Cameron Mathison
    Height: 6'2"
    Web site:


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    An Appetizing Snack.

    Tuesday, June 14 2011

    Jesse and Angie run into Brot in the park as they make their way to Lucy's christening at the hospital. Off to the side, Jesse thanks Brot because he made this day possible. Jesse thinks he can finally stop looking over his shoulder because no one has come forward. Brot walks Angie to the hospital, as Jesse hangs behind to spend time with his daughter. Ryan sees them and has a moment with Lucy. He sadly congratulates Jesse and tells him to have a beautiful day. After Ryan leaves, Jesse tells Lucy they will pray for her sister Ellie today because she will be with them.

    Greenlee tells Madison at Fusion that she should go home due to her devastating loss. She points out a fully paid maternity leave is covered, as well as any after care she might require in the form of therapy. Madison thinks she just wants to keep her away from Ryan. Greenlee insists she just wants to help her. However, she goes on to stake her claim with Ryan, but Madison reminds her they aren't married anymore. Greenlee retorts that Madison isn't having his baby anymore, which Ryan arrives to overhear. Ryan can't believe Greenlee was throwing that in her face. Greenlee defends herself, but Ryan doesn’t think anything can justify what she said. Madison tells Greenlee just to fire her like she wants. Ryan is even more incensed, but Greenlee won't defend herself anymore and leaves. Madison and Ryan talk about Lucy's christening. Madison doesn’t want him to be alone today, so she takes his hand and leads him to the park. Greenlee returns but doesn't find anyone there. After she and Ryan console each other in the park, Madison also returns to work, but finds it empty. She says out loud that she will honor Sara by staying strong.

    Greenlee heads home and finds Ryan. She apologizes for lashing out at Madison, but he say he's not angry. He's not sure he can be today. She knows about the christening and tells Ryan he shouldn't have been alone. Ryan says he wasn't. She assumes he was with Madison. He tells her he's been feeling very isolated and alone lately. She knows he and Madison shared a painful loss, but they share something hopeful and beautiful. It's something worth fighting for. She doesn’t want him to ever forget that.


    Monday, June 13 2011

    Upstairs at Fusion, Ryan comforts a broken down Madison, who can't get over Sara's death. He tells her Scott was worried about her and she explains how she let him have it. She declares she's fine though.

    Silent Partners.

    Wednesday, June 08 2011

    After Ryan and Greenlee make plans for the day at home, a worried Scott drops by looking for Madison. Ryan thinks he might know where she is. Scott starts to follow him out, but Greenlee tells him to let Ryan do it alone. Ryan leaves and Greenlee tells a frustrated Scott that they have to let things play out the way they will. She hates it and doesn’t know how she fits into Ryan's grief right now, but she won't give up.

    Brot finds Madison sleeping on a bench near her daughter's grave. Brot wants to take her home, but she's not ready to leave yet. Brot leaves and Ryan finds her. Ryan tells Madison that Sara wouldn't want her to give up. She would want her to go on and have a wonderful life. Ryan says they can honor her life by living their own. They talk about Scott and Ryan defends him, saying he's a good guy. Scott shows up and Ryan leaves them to talk. Scott tells Madison he wants to be with her and pleads his case. Although she doesn't hate him, she can't forget that he lied to her.

    Greenlee finds Ryan near the cemetery. She tells him she'll stay all night there with him if she has to. He just wants to go home with her.

    Another Time. Another Place.

    Tuesday, June 07 2011

    Greenlee moves the furniture around her and Ryan's place according to the principles of Feng Shui so they can gain peace and happiness. Ryan doesn’t think it's that simple. She wanted them to have a lovely night since Emma is at a friend's place. They discuss the strain on their relationship and Greenlee says she just wants one night to remind him why he fell in love with her. Ryan says he hasn't forgotten why he fell in love with her. Kendall enters with Spike, much to Greenlee's frustration. Kendall says Ian is with a friend and she wanted Spike to be with family. Greenlee leaves to pick up some food, as Kendall asks Ryan what's going on because she feels like she spoiled Greenlee's plans. Ryan plays it off but admits they aren't planning another wedding. Kendall tells him to forgive Greenlee or cut her loose. He owes it to her. Ryan leaves to do something and Griffin shows up. She thinks he's there to talk about the Miranda Center, but Griffin says he's there to see Greenlee. They discuss his leaving and she makes a case for him staying. Griffin reiterates that once the charges are dropped he's leaving town. He thinks a clean break is best for both of them.

    Greenlee runs into Jack at ConFusion. She wonders to her father if she's turning into her mother. Despite her controlling nature and self absorption, Jack assures her she is nothing like Mary. She worries her postponing the wedding was mistake. She states she can't wait around for Ryan to realize he still loves her. She needs to make it happen. Ryan shows up and Jack leaves. Ryan leads Greenlee to a table he had set up for them so they can discuss their relationship. He pours them a glass of wine and she says it's nice to be talking to each other like this. She wants to rethink postponing the wedding. He gets defensive wondering if this is a test. He ultimately says he's not ready. He walks away to get the check and Jack calls his daughter. She says things aren't good, but she won't give up.

    Getting To The Other Side Of The Pain.

    Wednesday, June 01 2011

    Scott and Madison prepare for her baby's funeral in her hospital room. He offers to move out of their apartment if it helps her. Greenlee and Ryan walk in and Madison asks if it can just be her and Ryan. Scott and Greenlee understand.

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