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    All My Children CAST - Ryan Lavery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ryan Lavery Played by Cameron Mathison on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Cameron Mathison

    Birthday: 1969-08-25
    Birthplace: Sarnia, Ontario Canada
    Marital Status: Married, Vanessa Arevalo July 27, 2002
    Real Name: Cameron Mathison
    Height: 6'2"
    Web site:


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    Krystal Tells Babe to Fire Josh

    Tuesday, August 22 2006

    Jonathan confronts Ryan about ...luring... Terry back into town. How is Lily going to be protected by this sicko yells Jonathan? Jonathan turns to Annie and tells her that Terry was looking for Lily while he just stumbled onto her. Ryan tries to convince Jonathan that luring Terry back here will finally land him in jail and he agrees that Lily requires extra protection.

    Emma asks her mom to go to the carnival but Annie tells her they can't. Ryan interrupts and tells Annie he'll find a way. He makes some phone calls and runs to Emma telling her she gets the entire carnival to herself for a whole hour! Annie and Emma thank him! She asks Ryan how he pulled that off but he just smiles and says he won't divulge his ...sources....

    Jeff Goes to Babe For Advice

    Monday, August 21 2006

    JR confronts David and tells him he's useless. David slams back asking him ...what if he knows where his little sister Kate is? JR glares at him telling him to take a hike because he doesn't know anything. But David insists, and assures JR that he has knowledge of Kate's location. JR again tells him he's full of crap and to take it somewhere else because no one wants him around here anymore. He storms out.

    Listening in on their confrontation, Krystal tells JR his ...self restraint... is admirable. They turn the subject to Babe and JR's concern about Josh getting closer to Babe. Krystal tells him that Babe loves him and not to concern himself. She asks him to ask himself ...what is Josh doing for Babe that he isn't?.... JR brainstorms but cannot really put his finger on it. Krystal tells him that if JR pushes Babe too far, she'll back away from him. So just love her and be supportive and you'll keep Babe at your side.

    IN a flash back, David goes to Dixie and tells her he found Kate but he wants to keep her from Dixie. He thinks Kate would be worse off with Dixie as her mother. Dixie pleads with him that she loves him and please help her. David tells her Kate is his daughter and he's going to take her far away from Dixie and no one will find her. (flashback over).

    Emma (Annie's daughter) throws a ball and accidentally knocks coffee all over David. stunned looks on. Annie comes to get her daughter while David scolds the child for throwing her ball at him and the little girl tells him she's sorry. Annie shakes her head and tells the ...stranger... that' ..." that's enough, she's just a little girl. A bodyguard rushes in to make sure everything's ok.

    After the park incident, Annie returns to Ryan's office and tells him about the ...jerk... in the park with Emma. But she thanks him for the bodyguard.

    Meanwhile, David breaks into Dixie's hotel room to search for photos of Kate. Finding what he needs and sees Emma in one of the pictures!

    Erica asks Ryan if he loves Kendall. She tries to convince him to help Kendall. Ryan tells her Erica knows how he feels about Kendall but there's a chance she'll forgive Zach. But Erica tells him to step in because Zach will continue hurting her over and over. Erica suggests he take his son and Kendall to Paris and go visit Bianca. He tells her the baby is far too young for a trip like that. Ryan insists that he would want Kendall to come to him for her reasons, not because he's trying to romance her. Erica persists, but Ryan tells her Kendall is not ready for anything at all. He will just be there for her as a friend.

    Ryan continues that he's leaving it all to fate. He's not going to ...convince... Kendall of anything any longer. It's up to her. Erica gets suspicious, asking if he's interested in Annie to try and get over Kendall. He tells her he's just ...helping... Annie, that's it. He tells her to go and knock on Josh's door to help him and leave him and Kendall alone.

    Erica, taking a walk in the park meets up with Jeff and she asks if he talked with Josh. HE tells her how it went and that he asked for Babe's advice. Erica can't believe what she just heard.

    Annie Goes to Ryan for Protection

    Friday, August 18 2006

    Annie tells Ryan that Terry found them and wants to take Emma away. Annie panics not knowing what to do next. She feels like she can't trust anyone anymore. Ryan swears on the life of his baby, she can TRUST him.

    She talks about what they can do when there's a knock on the door and a package arrives for Annie. It's a picture of Emma and Terry with a note ...give this to Emma, Annie and tell her I'll see her soon....

    Ryan asks her if she's going to fight or hide from the rest of the world? She tells him it's not that easy but he assures her there are several ways to stand up to this guy. She takes a deep breath and tells him ok, she won't run from this and she will stand up and fight to protect her daughter.

    Ryan and Kendall Share a Kiss

    Thursday, August 17 2006

    Ryan and Kendall are at the bar trying to figure out how to make everyone believe that they're together. Kendall gets and idea and picks up her drink, shouting to everyone for a toast whoever really killed Madden, she salutes them for killing a low life piece of crap.... Josh walks up on them telling him he'll pass on the whole toast thing. He's angry that she hit below the belt and she admits to Josh it was a cheap shot. Her and Ryan glance around wondering if it worked at all. But it's not enough she says, so lets' push this further.

    She puts her arms around Ryan's neck and asks him if he feels like kissing her. He glances up seeing Zach return and then lays a heavy kiss on Kendal! Zach tries to pull Kendall away from him but Ryan tells him hands off. She's MY WIFE says Zach and tries to punch out Ryan. Kendall tells him to get out and Ryan leads him outside.

    Once they're outside Zach smiles and tells' him he's figured it out hasn't he?! Ryan tells him he will do anything to help him and Kendall. Back inside a sad and depressed Kendall just sits there but Ryan walks back in to retrieve her and take her home.

    Ryan Comforts a Raging Kendall

    Wednesday, August 16 2006

    Kendall goes home and tears apart everything Zach owns but Zach is close behind with another audience to witness their ...breakup.... He asks if he can explain but Kendall tells him to go to hell. He tells her he slept with Dixie but he wants Kendall back. Ryan intervenes and attempts to calm Kendal down but she picks up a hammer asking Ryan to break Zach's knee caps. She jumps up flying at Zach but Ryan catches her and holds her down.

    Zach again asks Kendall to talk but Ryan tells him now is not the time and he should leave but Zach tells him to go outside so he can talk to HIS wife! All alone, Kendall continues to yell and Zach laughs holding up his hands telling him he gives, they're alone now. He reaches out to grab her, telling her she's a very good actress but she pushes him away asking him what makes him think she doesn't mean every word of it! Kendall tells him this ...plan A... she thought was a last resort, only a tentative alternative but then she turns on the TV to see her husband kissing the wrench!

    He reaches out again to hold her and they embrace with a passionate kiss. She smiles as he states that it's far too quiet in here, they'll think you killed me! She tells him one more kiss and then screams for him to GET OUT NOW!

    Zach comes outside and Ryan asks him what he wants to do for a woman who fought her way from near death back to health to come to Zach and this is how he repays her. Zach remains smug and walks away.

    Ryan returns to the house and tells Kendall everything will work out and be fine because her performance just now was so incredible he almost believed it. Kendall looks on shocked at his statement. He tells him that was worthy of an Emmy! She tells him that throwing out these wild ideas make him happy? But he replies back that he knows her, if she lost Zach it would kill her and she'd be far more devastated than angry... and he already knows for a fact that Zach and Dixie DID NOT sleep together. Kendall is at a loss for words. Ryan tells her that he may believe Zach is capable of possibly murdering Madden but he'd never for a-moment-believe Zach would ever cheat on her!

    Kendall tries to deny it and starts to throw Zach's clothes out. Ryan tells her it's easy enough to see that this gives Zach and Dixie an alibi and that he would do anything to help make Kendall's life right! She tells him to just continue being a great dad to Spike and her world is fine! But he tells her that he can help make this ...Zach n' Dixie... affair more believable. He wants to make people believe that ...they're... going to have an affair as well, but she tells him that's a very bad idea.

    Zach & Dixie's Affair

    Tuesday, August 15 2006

    As the staff at Fusion watch on, the Media has a frenzy with Slaters affair with Dixie. Kendall, watching from Fusion, looks on shocked and heartbroken.

    Babe tries to convince Kendall the TV show is just gossip and there's no way Zach would cheat on her. But some of the staff chide in stating that there's no way they can fake someone shoving their tongue down Dixie's throat.

    David arrives at Fusion to find Kendall, admitting to taking the picture of Zach and Dixie kissing because it proves that they're innocent. He tells Kendall he didn't do it to hurt her, he did it for Dixie and Zach. Ryan pulls Kendall away from David telling her they need to get out of there.

    Later that day back at Fusion, Babe and David talks about what has happened. Simone gets in the middle asking her if she's happy that Kendall's a wreck. Babe gets in her face and tells her to shut it for a change! She tells her that she's not happy about any of this and wants to get back to work and back to our lives. Babe tells Simone she's far too busy with her real life to get off on someone else's pain like her. She's through with Simone's games and through with keeping score between them!

    Dixie tells Zach she loves him and he gets very uncomfortable for a moment but she reassures him she'll be just fine. She understands that it is not something she expects in return from him. Dixie tells Zach that her most important thing at the moment is to stay out of jail so she can continue looking for her daughter Kate. Zach tells her that he'll do whatever it takes for that to happen.

    Kendall storms into Dixie's room with the media right behind & confronts both of them. She puts on a great show. Dixie slams back telling her how Kendall is so selfish and keeps around a ...spare... man meaning Ryan just in case she's alone.

    Kendall tells Zach the locks are changed, marriage is over and she will happily go home and burn all his items. Dixie snaps back and Kendall tries to attack her but Ryan holds her back.

    Jack Takes Lily to Trial!

    Friday, August 11 2006

    Lily goes over things with Erin and Jonathan for the hearing. Lily goes to the courthouse to practice on the witness stand making certain she can be clear about her ability to make the right choices.

    Back at the apartment, Erin and Jonathan are talking when Ryan walks in and tells him he's had quite the talk with Jack. Looking suspiciously at Jonathan, Ryan asks him WHY would Jack think that Jonathan is fully recovered? Erin chimes in stumbling and Ryan looks at Jonathan with disbelief realizing its true. Oh my God, exclaims Ryan. Jonathan jumps in to tell him it is true and he doesn't want Ryan to be angry explaining why he's trying to protect Lily. Ryan assures him that he could never be angry and he's just ecstatic that his brother is back! Jonathan tells Ryan he won't let Lily feel alone ever again, that he truly loves her. OK, replies Ryan, the lets go win this for Lily!

    Everyone Questions Dixie And Zach's Innocence.

    Monday, August 07 2006

    Ryan, cuddling baby Spike, walks around the home trying to sooth him to sleep. Talking out loud he tells Spike how everything is going to be okay. Really okay.

    Livia talks with Ryan telling him they'll be lucky if the judge allows bail. She goes on stating how Kendall needs her husband home with her but just doesn't know how the judge will allow it to happen. Ryan questions Livia asking her if she thinks they buried Madden? Before she can answer, Spike starts to cry. Livia rushes over and starts to coo over the baby, telling him how lucky he is to have the family he does. And Spike needs his mommy happy, reminds Ryan.

    Kendall walks in. "Oh there she is," says Ryan. He tells her he just put baby down and asks if she wants to talk. Kendall falls into the chair whining how her brother is missing, she cannot get a hold of Bianca and her husband is in jail for a murder he didn't do. But Ryan worries, asking quietly if she's really okay. She replies that she's just tired. As Ryan walks over to Kendall, he soothes her, telling her to relax, pulling her shoes off, covering her up he moves to the back of the chair to rub her shoulders. Kendall leans into the massage having a flashback to her conversation with Tad earlier. With Tad telling Kendall if she insists on looking into Zach and Dixie's true relationship she's not going to like the answers she finds.

    Later, in a dream scene, Kendall awakes to hammering sounds. She gets out of her chair and quietly walks toward the backyard door. Seeing Zach and Dixie hammering a coffin shut, Zach looks at Dixie telling her he can't be without her. Dixie, knowing Kendall is watching, gives her wicked a look and smiles. Kendall yells at them both that they can't do this, they can't bury Madden alive!

    Startling herself awake, she looks up at Ryan and proclaims, "They did it. Zach and Dixie killed Madden." Ryan reassures her it's just a dream. But Kendall tells Ryan of her talk with Tad. How Tad told her Dixie has men all around her. She's very bewitching, that Dixie can make men do anything she wants! Ryan asks her what Zach told her. Kendall replies that Zach said he's innocent. So Ryan proclaims to her to ignore Tad and believe in her husband! If Zach says he didn't do it, he didn't do it!

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