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    All My Children CAST - Ryan Lavery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ryan Lavery Played by Cameron Mathison on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Cameron Mathison

    Birthday: 1969-08-25
    Birthplace: Sarnia, Ontario Canada
    Marital Status: Married, Vanessa Arevalo July 27, 2002
    Real Name: Cameron Mathison
    Height: 6'2"
    Web site:


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    She's Gone.

    Friday, May 20 2011

    Upon seeing Ryan's fallen face, Madison orders him to go out and come back in to tell her everything is okay. Ryan sits down with her and says, "We lost her." Madison and Ryan both break down as they, process what just happened. Madison says they need to make arrangements, but a teary Ryan tells her it can wait because right now they have to say goodbye to their little girl.

    Ryan brings Madison to the chapel, but she doesn’t know how to say goodbye to their baby. She cries as she says she misses Sara and it's like there's a gaping hole where she used to be. Ryan encourages her to tell their daughter that. Ryan comforts her after she says her goodbyes, as Scott walks in.

    Sara Lavery.

    Thursday, May 19 2011

    Scott brings Madison to see her baby, but she tells him she needs to do this on her own. He leaves her to it and Madison watches over her baby in the incubator. Ryan joins her and they touch their baby through the slots in the incubator. Madison thinks since they are letting them touch her, she must be getting better.

    Ryan brings Madison back to her hospital room and gives her a card from Emma and a list of potential baby names. Madison picks Sara Lavery. Ryan thought she'd want to use her last name, but Madison says North is her old life and Sara is her new one. She'd be honored to give their child his name.

    Out in the hallway, Ryan sees the medical team race to an emergency. He asks Greenlee to keep Madison preoccupied. Greenlee heads into Madison's room and apologizes for everything she's done, especially the fight they got in before she got in her accident. She then pleads Scott's case, but Madison is thinking about is her baby.

    Ryan watches from the window as the medical team works on Sara. Frankie comes out and tells Ryan she has developed pneumonia.

    Proposal At Sunset.

    Wednesday, May 18 2011

    Detecting Ryan's cold tone towards her while looking at the baby at the hospital, Greenlee asks if he blames her for this. Griffin calls Ryan and tells him Ricky wiped out his hard drive. He also tells him Kendall is with Ricky and Ryan says he'll check on her. Greenlee wants to go with him, but he says he has to do this on his own.

    Ryan heads over to Kendall's. They talk about the baby and Kendall offers him encouragement and positive thoughts. Ricky says sometimes good news helps and they tells him they got engaged. Ryan is speechless and Kendall tells him he should go to the hospital. Ricky seconds that and offers his support, but Ryan orders him to stay away. Griffin lurks outside, as Kendall defends Ricky to Ryan, who she pretends is lashing out because he is in pain over his daughter. Kendall asks to talk to Ryan alone and Ricky leaves. Ryan is beside himself trying to figure out what Kendall is doing. She thinks as Ricky's fiancée she will have access to information they need. Griffin walks in and seconds that it's a bad plan. Ryan leaves for the hospital and Kendall tells Griffin she will marry Ricky if she has to so she can make sure he pays for the rest of his life. Griffin worries Ricky may be on to them since he wiped his computer clean.

    Ryan returns to the hospital and finds Greenlee consoling Emma over her baby sister. When Emma sees Ryan, she tells him not to be mad at Greenlee for bringing her there. He says he's not mad.

    How Classy Is This?

    Monday, May 16 2011

    At the hospital, the doctor tells Ryan, Greenlee and Scott that the surgery went well, but both Madison and the baby need time to recuperate. Ryan's baby is wheeled out in an incubator and he is clearly affected. Madison is brought out next and Ryan tells her their baby is in intensive care. She sees Scott and tells him to go away because she can't deal with him right now.

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