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    All My Children CAST - Zach Slater - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Zach Slater Played by Thorsten Kaye on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Thorsten Kaye (ABC)

    Birthday: 1966-02-22
    Birthplace: Mainz, Germany
    Real Name: Thorsten Kaye


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    Don't Try So Hard.

    Wednesday, September 07 2011

    David shows up at the station after learning about Ryan breaking into his lab. He angrily tells Zach he can't be rocking the boat right now. Besides, that lab is empty anyway. Zach counters that Ryan can't see what's really in there so David needs to press charges to stall him while he cleans it up. David anxiously wonders what Zach did. Zach responds that he's just making sure David can finish his work. David worries about Ryan, but Zach says he will take care of him, whatever it takes. Zach declares his loyalty to David and asks if he trusts him. David appreciates his devotion, but Zach's beef with Ryan is making things more difficult in regards to his other patients. He doesn't want their recovery rushed so he asks Zach to take it down a notch. David asks what he did to Griffin. Zach just says, "Trust," and then asks who else David has stashed away. David tells him there are two people in recovery who are almost ready to be revealed. He pleads with Zach not to screw it up.

    It's Real, But Different.

    Tuesday, September 06 2011

    David questions Cara as she tests herself at the hospital for cancer. Zach enters and after Cara scurries out, he tells David Ryan is a problem that needs to be fixed. Zach tells him the more he knows about Orpheus, the more he can help. David won't tell him anything, so Zach says he'll take care of Ryan to gain his trust.

    Zach returns home to Kendall, who wants things the way things used to be before Orpheus. Zach pulls out Kendall's diamond ring and says it's time for her to put it back on. Kendall tells her husband to show her how much he loves her and he leads her to the bedroom. After they have sex, Kendall wishes they could stay like this forever. Zach gets a call and gets out of bed to take it.

    Adding To The Mystery.

    Friday, September 02 2011

    Erica stops by to see Zach at home. She wants to know what he's hiding about David. Zach doesn't know anything. She just wants to know if there are others out there that David is saving. Zach tells her to let it go because it will only end up hurting people. She wonders why he's protecting David. He counters he is protecting her. Zach tells her to drop it because it's bigger than she realizes. Erica will take her chances and learn what David is up to. He assures her he is on top of things, but if she keeps pushing, she will risk everything. She notes he really knows how to add to the mystery. Zach tells her to do what she has to do regarding her lost love, but to stay away from David.

    A shaved Zach sits with Erica at the airport to make sure she makes her flight. He tells her not to stay away too long or else she will miss all the fun.

    Mommy's Here.

    Tuesday, August 30 2011

    Kendall and Zach meet up at home. She asks where he was. Zach recalls meeting Griffin at the clinic, but just says he had to take care of something. She doesn't like the sound of that. He had to do what needed to be done. Ryan and Greenlee enter and tell Kendall that Zach bought the property Ryan wanted. Zach says it was a business decision for him and David. Greenlee and Ryan lay into Zach, who leaves the room because it's not up for discussion. Kendall follows Zach and asks if he really needed to do this. He thought she was with him. She says she is. He orders her to stop questioning him then. She's taken aback, but Zach asks her to trust him and tells her a secret off-screen. Zach says he had to do it, but she's worried he went so far. Cara stops by worried about Griffin. Ryan wonders if Zach has something to do with his disappearance. Cara gets an email from Griffin on her phone saying he went back to Doctors Without Borders. Cara apologies for freaking out over nothing. Zach walks her out, as Kendall defends Zach to Ryan and Greenlee.

    Zach heads to David's office. David asks Zach what really happened to Griffin. Zach tells him he doesn’t want to know.

    No Drama. No Stress.

    Friday, August 26 2011

    Once Zach returns home, Cara stops by. Zach tells Cara, Griffin and Kendall he wants Cara to take over his care under David's direction. Cara readily agrees. Griffin pleads with his sister to walk away and promises not to go to the FDA if she quits. Zach thinks Griffin is just pissed because he's back, which prevents him from being with Kendall. Zach warns Griffin if he sinks Orpheus he will regret it.

    Griffin gets a text from Kendall to meet him at the clinic. Griffin finds Zach waiting for him instead.

    Not The Same Man.

    Thursday, August 25 2011

    As Zach prepares to leave the hospital, he tells Griffin he wants him to head up a clinic for him. Griffin wants nothing to do with it. Griffin warns that David is holding his power over him. Griffin hopes for Zach's sake as well as his family's he can free himself from it.

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