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    All My Children CAST - Zach Slater - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Zach Slater Played by Thorsten Kaye on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Thorsten Kaye (ABC)

    Birthday: 1966-02-22
    Birthplace: Mainz, Germany
    Real Name: Thorsten Kaye


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    Smart Girl.

    Tuesday, May 14 2013

    Backstage at the club, Cassandra throws a costume back at Yuri, the boss. He threatens to hurt another girl who pleads with Cassandra to pick up the costume. Vlad tells her she's a smart girl. Yuri tells her she's up next and slaps the other girl when Cassie hesitates. At the bar, the bartender asks Zach what he interested in, company or extra-curricular activities. Zach says, "Maybe a little bit of both." The bartender nods and Sinnamon approaches Zach and asks how green he is before he can get a backdoor pass. He confirms his wallet is very green and follows her. He misses Cassandra coming out on stage. She dances more freely as Yuri holds a hand to the other girl's throat. In another room Zach asks for some chocolate to go with his Sinnamon. Their time is up and he leaves. Sinnamon gives the bartender her necklace and asks for prints on their guest ASAP. Zach enters the strip room as Cassandra leaves the stage, missing her again.

    What Happened To You?

    Monday, May 13 2013

    At Jane's, Zach calls Chase to search down the owner of a website before meeting Bianca. Bianca's upset about what happened to Miranda. They consider with the internet there are no secrets and worry what will happen when Miranda finds out she was conceived during a rape. Zach offers to be there if Bianca tells Miranda before she finds out on her own.

    In line at a private club Zach gets someone's phone and transfers a bar code to his cell so he can get in. Inside is a strip club.


    Thursday, May 09 2013

    Jesse and Zach go through trash behind the salon. They find a girl in the dumpster and get help. Zach thinks it's time Jesse tells Angie about Cassandra's kidnapping. Jesse holds the girl from the dumpster tight. Zach finds an item with an establishment's name on it in the trash.

    It's Been Nice.

    Wednesday, May 08 2013

    Zach and Jesse meet at Jane's. Angie bumps into them and wonders why Zach is still in town. She asks if Jesse has heard from Cassandra who isn't answering her texts. Alone, Angie asks Jesse what's going on. Meanwhile Jane asks Pete why a good looking guy like him is helping her instead of hanging out with Celia. He thinks Celia's not interested. Celia shows up. Pete brings over her lost locket. She thanks him. He says it's been nice talking to her and walks away. Outside Zach shares a new lead with Jesse.

    Later, in Center City, Zach and Jesse break into the Fancy Finger Nail Salon.

    Make Me Disappear.

    Tuesday, May 07 2013

    At the Hubbard's, Jesse tells Zach he's gotten Ice involved. Zach finds out Koslov's son has expanded the family business. Jesse plans on gathering names of other missing girls in the area. Zach is going to dig up another lead.

    Jesse visits other parents of the missing. He meets Zach in town. They discern there is no true pattern and time is running out.

    Stay Away.

    Monday, May 06 2013

    At the Hubbard's, Zach yells at Jesse that it's not about kidnapping. Jesse gets an FBI agent assigned to Cassandra's case. It's confirmed the Koslov's are extremely dangerous and are branching out into human trafficking. Zach thinks Jesse has to tell Angie now. Alone, after Jesse argues with the FBI, Dixie calls upset. She accuses David of trying to kill JR.

    At the coffee house, Jane breaks up AJ and Hunter and tells AJ to go find Miranda. Jane listens to a cell phone that recorded Hunter and Sally's conversation. She threatens to turn anyone involved into the police for corrupting a minor if she finds anything posted online. Later, Bianca bumps into Zach getting coffee. He asks about Kendall. Bianca says Kendall is moving on with her life and he should too. Jane interrupts and tells her what happened to Miranda. Outside Celia and Pete have coffee after a walk. She gets personal about Evelyn and her mystery guardian. Meanwhile AJ finds Miranda crying on a bench nearby. AJ reminds her that her mom is not a freak and neither is she. She feels bad AJ got hurt. He says it's nothing and takes her home with him. Around the corner out of earshot, Zach meets someone that owes his casino money. The kid tells Zach he has nothing on the Koslov's. He was shut down digging for information and isn't interested in losing his life over money.

    It's Me, Your Old Friend.

    Thursday, May 02 2013

    At home, Angie understands Zach couldn’t work things out with Kendall. He's happy they are safe. Angie reveals David is free. She believes they know and are plotting to put him back in prison. She confesses she's the one that went to the parole board.

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