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    All My Children CAST - Zach Slater - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Zach Slater Played by Thorsten Kaye on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Thorsten Kaye (ABC)

    Birthday: 1966-02-22
    Birthplace: Mainz, Germany
    Real Name: Thorsten Kaye


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    Ryan Comforts a Raging Kendall

    Wednesday, August 16 2006

    Kendall goes home and tears apart everything Zach owns but Zach is close behind with another audience to witness their ...breakup.... He asks if he can explain but Kendall tells him to go to hell. He tells her he slept with Dixie but he wants Kendall back. Ryan intervenes and attempts to calm Kendal down but she picks up a hammer asking Ryan to break Zach's knee caps. She jumps up flying at Zach but Ryan catches her and holds her down.

    Zach again asks Kendall to talk but Ryan tells him now is not the time and he should leave but Zach tells him to go outside so he can talk to HIS wife! All alone, Kendall continues to yell and Zach laughs holding up his hands telling him he gives, they're alone now. He reaches out to grab her, telling her she's a very good actress but she pushes him away asking him what makes him think she doesn't mean every word of it! Kendall tells him this ...plan A... she thought was a last resort, only a tentative alternative but then she turns on the TV to see her husband kissing the wrench!

    He reaches out again to hold her and they embrace with a passionate kiss. She smiles as he states that it's far too quiet in here, they'll think you killed me! She tells him one more kiss and then screams for him to GET OUT NOW!

    Zach comes outside and Ryan asks him what he wants to do for a woman who fought her way from near death back to health to come to Zach and this is how he repays her. Zach remains smug and walks away.

    Ryan returns to the house and tells Kendall everything will work out and be fine because her performance just now was so incredible he almost believed it. Kendall looks on shocked at his statement. He tells him that was worthy of an Emmy! She tells him that throwing out these wild ideas make him happy? But he replies back that he knows her, if she lost Zach it would kill her and she'd be far more devastated than angry... and he already knows for a fact that Zach and Dixie DID NOT sleep together. Kendall is at a loss for words. Ryan tells her that he may believe Zach is capable of possibly murdering Madden but he'd never for a-moment-believe Zach would ever cheat on her!

    Kendall tries to deny it and starts to throw Zach's clothes out. Ryan tells her it's easy enough to see that this gives Zach and Dixie an alibi and that he would do anything to help make Kendall's life right! She tells him to just continue being a great dad to Spike and her world is fine! But he tells her that he can help make this ...Zach n' Dixie... affair more believable. He wants to make people believe that ...they're... going to have an affair as well, but she tells him that's a very bad idea.

    Babes' husband JR is at the bar crying the blues to Erin and she tells him she's trying to keep Josh's attention away from Babe but so far, hasn't got very far. How long will it take for Babe to realize what a creep Josh is, asks JR. She tells him she's off to ...spy... on what's going on at the office and she'll be back later to give an update!

    Zach joins JR for a drink telling him about his alibi for the time of Madden's murder.

    Zach & Dixie's Affair

    Tuesday, August 15 2006

    Dixie tells Zach she loves him and he gets very uncomfortable for a moment but she reassures him she'll be just fine. She understands that it is not something she expects in return from him. Dixie tells Zach that her most important thing at the moment is to stay out of jail so she can continue looking for her daughter Kate. Zach tells her that he'll do whatever it takes for that to happen.

    Kendall storms into Dixie's room with the media right behind & confronts both of them. She puts on a great show. Dixie slams back telling her how Kendall is so selfish and keeps around a ...spare... man meaning Ryan just in case she's alone.

    Kendall tells Zach the locks are changed, marriage is over and she will happily go home and burn all his items. Dixie snaps back and Kendall tries to attack her but Ryan holds her back.

    Lily Discovers Jonathan's Secret!

    Monday, August 14 2006

    Zach explains to Dixie about the alibi he cooked up and Kendall is on board and ok with it all. They can tell others they spent the entire night together and couldn't have buried Madden. Dixie tells him this ploy could actually ruin his marriage but he assures her Kendall and him are solid.

    David knocks on Dixies door to find Zach there alone. David asks him about the affair but just then, Dixie walks in. Zach goes to her and holds her tight telling him that good news must travel fast. David tells them this must be a sick joke, but she tells him that her and Zach became close when she was searching for Kate. Dixie thanks David for his help but she's found that Zach is who she wants to be with.

    David tells Dixie that he can keep her out of prison.

    Jack Takes Lily to Trial!

    Friday, August 11 2006

    At home Zach and Kendall continue to talk. He tells her what it will involve, that everyone has to believe Dixie and Zach are having an affair. He tries to explain to Kendall why it will work. But Kendall tells him that the whole world will think you broke my heart, she says. That her and baby Spike needs him so much and if she can't be there through this ordeal, how will they get through it. Zach tells her how it'll kill him to turn his back on her and Spike, but insists this way, it'll work, it'll keep him out of jail. It would give him an alibi. Kendall pauses and asks him if Zach didn't kill Madden, why would he need an alibi? Zach explains to her he doesn't, it will just give the judge and everyone what they need to hear for proof, that Zach couldn't have been there.

    Kendall jumps into his arms telling him to make love to her, she needs him right now!

    Kendall Discovers Dixie's True Feelings For Zach!

    Thursday, August 10 2006

    Zach walks up to Tad and flattens him to the ground. Threatening Tad to leave Kendall and Dixie alone. To concentrate on finding his daughter instead. Tad, getting up off the ground, threatens back that he'll go and tell Derek everything if Zach or anyone he knows comes at him again.

    Later, Krystal questions Tad about her sleeping with him and that Adam is very suspicious. Tad tells her that Dixie saw them and Krystal panics knowing if Dixie is holding a card like that, she'll ruin her marriage to Adam. She tells Tad that despite
    what happened the other night between them that she loves Adam. She tells Tad to STOP swinging at Dixie and or she'll take both of them down.

    Kendall, pushing her way into Dixie's room demands an answer about Dixie's feelings for Zach. Dixie smartly replies ...I could be, what are you going to do about it?... Kendall tells her that she's going to stay the hell away from her husband and that Kendall will take her out before she tries anything further.

    Dixie snaps back that Kendall doesn't deserve someone like Zach, that she has everything but still remains so self-centered. She snidely tells Kendall that if she keeps pushing Zach away with her insecurities and distrust, Dixie will gladly come after him. Kendall warns Dixie once again to keep her distance.

    Knock at the door, Dixie turns to open it boasting ...oh excellent timing!... seeing Zach standing there. Kendall storms out, shaking her head but Zach stays behind. He pleads with Dixie to understand Kendalls jealousy, to try and put herself in Kendalls place and give her a break.

    Zach leaves to go home to Kendall. He walks in and they embrace, passionately kissing each other then the baby cries.

    Erica, Jeff & Josh Have a Heart to Heart.

    Wednesday, August 09 2006

    Tad tells Zach that Kendall just overheard me stating that you slept with Dixie. Zach gets in Tads face, but Tad doesn't relent claiming he knows what he saw. Tad goes on to explain the passionate intense lip lock in the hotel room before Zach slammed the door on him. Kendall insists Tad is lying to her, that Zach would never cheat on her. Tad keeps baiting Zach. Later Kendall and Zach discuss Tads' accusation. Zach tells Kendall that Dixie did kiss him. Kendall runs out yelling ...I'm so sick of that stupid bitch....
    He catches her assuring her ...never was, never will be, not intereted, enver gonna happen, anything between him and Dixie........ Kendall believes him. She asks him to keep Dixie out of their lives, and end the friendship and begs him not to share an attorney. After wearily attempting to defend Dixie's innocence, Kendall leaves.

    Babe is Rescued!

    Tuesday, August 08 2006

    Judge enters the courtroom after Zach and Dixie arrive. He listens to both sides debate the evidence before the Judge. He finally puts a stop to the bickering and tells them there's enough evidence to go to trial. A decision is set on bail and the Judge leaves.

    Zach easily obtains bail but Dixie wonders what she's going to do. Then she's told she's received bail. Dixie rushes outside the courtroom to see her Uncle Palmer. He embraces her telling her he knows he's been very hard on her but the likes of Madden dead, no matter how he died is a good thing and Dixie should be out there looking for her daughter. She thanks him for the opportunity.

    Tad's furious about this knowing now that Dixie is out on bail and finds Kate, he'll never see either of them again. Derek approaches Zach and demands to know why he has such hostility towards Dixie getting bail. Tad tells him his thoughts and continues to tell him that Dixie also started sleeping with Zach. At that moment, Kendall walks in behind them.

    Everyone Questions Dixie And Zach's Innocence.

    Monday, August 07 2006

    Dixie, looking at Zack with desperation, asks him how they're going to get out of this? He just shakes his head not knowing what to say.

    In a dream scene, sleeping in her cell, Dixie wakes up and struggles to see who's walking towards her. "Kate? Kate is that you? Do you know who I am Kate? I'm your mommy. I miss you so much Kate. I've looked for you since you were a baby." Pictures of Kate old and young start falling everywhere. Then the little girl walks away and Dixie wakes up.

    Zach asks if she's okay. Dixie sits up and whispers, "Kate. Oh yes, just a dream," she tells Zach. Just a dream. Zach assures her he'll find her little girl one day. Dixie tells Zach she doesn't want to live, to live in this world of reality. She'd rather sleep because if that's where she sees Kate then she can live with her daughter like that. She can't take it anymore. But Zach demands her to fight!

    In walks Tad telling Dixie she should listen to Zach! Tad strides over to Zach and tells him he spoke with Zach's wife. That Kendall is pretty paranoid and even asked if Dixie and Zach were having an affair. But Tad tells them that he's even more upset than Kendall is. He growls to Zach that he killed the one man who would have led them to his daughter Kate. He's tired of being played by Dixie too. Dixie slashes back, asking him what he thinks he knows about her and Zach.

    Tad tries to continue saying he knows the night that Madden disappeared, Dixie and Zach... But Zach yells, "Enough!"

    Tad glares back at Dixie saying that Zach must really have control over her. Zach snaps his fingers and Dixie just shuts down.

    Dixie tries to tell Tad that her and Zach are innocent but she can't say anything to convince him otherwise. Tad snaps back that it's not him she has to convince and walks away.

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