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    All My Children CAST - Zach Slater - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Zach Slater Played by Thorsten Kaye on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Thorsten Kaye (ABC)

    Birthday: 1966-02-22
    Birthplace: Mainz, Germany
    Real Name: Thorsten Kaye


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    Something Like That.

    Friday, November 19 2010

    At home, Kendall tells Spike, Daddy Zach will be home in time for his Thanksgiving play. She calls Zach's phone and leaves another message saying they miss him and love him. After she hangs up, Kendall takes a nap on the couch, hoping Zach will kiss her awake. Kendall dreams of Zach waking her up. She tells him she misses him, but he tells her there's no need. He says she will hear and feel him through their boys. Wind in her hair, sun on her face - he's there. Kendall is awoken by a knock and finds a sullen looking Erica and Ryan at the door.


    Monday, November 15 2010

    Greenlee and Ryan panic in the shack as they hear sirens circling them. Zach enters and tells them he will lead them to a small airstrip so they can look for Nick. Zach starts to exit the shack, but says it's too late because the cops are there. Ryan and Greenlee hide as the cops question Zach about Greenlee. Zach puts them off and then takes off with Ryan and Greenlee.

    Ryan, Greenlee and Zach go to a cave on an island and Zach leaves to go back to the plane. Outside the cave, Zach reads the letter from Kendall that says she wants him. Always. Only him. Back inside, Ryan assures Greenlee this will be over soon. He kisses her and heads out to look for Nick. He returns but didn’t find any evidence of Nick on the island. Ryan builds a fire, they talk about their relationship and kiss. She thinks maybe they should wait until after the trial, but Ryan can't wait and doesn’t think she can either. They kiss again and fall back on the ground.

    Bianca drops by Kendall's to hang out with her sister. Kendall informs Bianca she has ordered pizza and she has a ton of reality TV on tap for them to watch. Bianca first asks Kendall if she's okay and Kendall responds that as soon as Zach left, she felt lonely. Bianca knows Zach is helping Greenlee and that he did it because of how much he loves her. The conversation turns towards Bianca's life and Kendall wonders why her sister is there without her wife. Bianca loves Reese as much as the day they got married, but she can't give up her family. Bianca wonders what makes Zach her soulmate and Kendall tells her she wasn't a person in full before him. They are a part of each other. Bianca says she loves Reese and is in love with her, but her soulmates are Kendall and Erica – the Kane women. Kendall gets a call from Zach who is now in a room somewhere. He tells her he found Ryan and Greenlee and they should be flying home tomorrow with evidence to free Greenlee. He tells her he read her note. She meant every single word. He believes her and says what he wants is her. Kendall is grateful he's helping Greenlee, but she wants him home. They express how deep their love is and Zach promises to be home as soon as he can.

    The Grass Isn't Greener.

    Friday, November 12 2010

    Erica sees the footage of Asher confronting Caleb on TV at Kendall and Zach's place. She's furious and then gets a call from Caleb, who sees the same footage at ConFusion. He says they have to talk. Once Erica is gone, Zach gives Kendall the sand dollar he gave her in the Bahamas. They reminisce some more and Zach tells her they will go back to the secluded beach some day. She doesn’t need to because she has her paradise right there. They notice they have a message on their phone and listen to Ryan's message. Kendall wants to help, but Zach insists they are fine. Kendall begs Zach to help and he agrees, but only for her. Zach prepares to leave and says goodbye to his boys. He knows she put something in his bag, but she doesn't want him to read it until he gets to his destination. They express their love for each other and she knows what it means that he's doing this for her. She feels silly for tearing up noting she'll see him in a couple of days. He says he'll see her soon and they kiss goodbye. After Zach has left, Kendall gets a call but the person hangs up when she answers.

    Everything I Need.

    Thursday, November 11 2010

    Kendall and Zach wake up on the couch and Zach is ready to pick up where they left off from last night. However, Jesse knocks on the door to ask about Greenlee, who gave his cops the slip last night. He thought she might be at the Slater home, but they don't know where she is. Jesse notes there was a jet that took off with no flight plan, but they can't help him. Jesse leaves and Kendall worries the cops will track the plane, but Zach thinks they'll be safe. He understands that she wants to help her friends, but she has two boys who need her there. Spike and Ian enter the room and Zach learns Spike got the lead in the Thanksgiving play and they rehearse. Zach's lawyer stops by for Zach to sign papers making the sale of the casinos a done deal. He also cleaned out his yacht and brought him the items he requested. Kendall wonders what it is and Zach tells her it's the story of them. She finds their scrapbook and they take a romantic trip down memory lane. Kendall thinks they are finally happy and they are going to stay that way. Everything she has ever wanted in is right there in the house. He wants something too, but it's in the bedroom.

    Safe And Sensible.

    Wednesday, November 10 2010

    At Ryan's, Zach is incensed Kendall wants to use their boys for cover in order to help Greenlee jump bail. Ryan and Greenlee insist they would never take Kendall up on her offer, but they have to find Nick and get him to admit David was behind his confession. Greenlee and Ryan say their goodbyes and leave.

    Zach and Kendall return home and she apologizes to him. She says she didn’t think it through, but in that moment she felt like she had to do something. He can't believe she would offer up their boys, reminding her she promised to put their family first. He knows she loves Ryan and Greenlee, but if she wants their marriage to work, she has to show some restraint. She responds that she is passionate and impulsive and doesn’t always look before she leaps. Zach just wants her to use some common sense. She doesn't know why she does the things she does, but as much as she loves Zach and the boys, she can't change who she is. He doesn't want her to change, he just wants her to be safe and sensible. They end up in a kiss and start taking off their clothes.

    Not Exactly As Planned.

    Tuesday, November 09 2010

    As Kendall and Zach discuss the holidays, she gets a call from Ryan. She says she’ll be right there. Kendall thinks it's just about the holidays and Spike and she leaves.

    Zach gets ice cream with the boys at Krystal's as Liza walks in. She expresses concern over how Kendall will handle the jury's verdict based on her track record. Zach pulls her aside and warns her to never come at him again when he's with his boys.

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