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    All My Children CAST - Dr. Jeff Martin - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Jeff Martin Played by John James on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    John James

    Birthday: 1956-04-18
    Birthplace: Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: John James


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    Mind-Blowing, Overwhelming, Staggering.

    Monday, June 17 2013

    Cassandra is treated by Dr. Anders at the hospital. Later, Cassandra grabs Angie and tells her that they hurt her. Angie promises they will never hurt her again.

    Close Quarters.

    Thursday, March 03 2011

    Cara returns to Tad's and longingly looks at a picture of Jake, as he walks in. He hugs her and she cries. Tad and Mrs. Castillo walk in. Cara's mother asks, "Isn't this the one you divorced?"

    Petey's Got Mail!

    Thursday, February 26 2009

    Amanda corners Krystal and tries to convince her that she misunderstood Jake and Frankie. Krystal doesn't buy it and Amanda gives in. She begs Krystal not to tell David the truth. She accuses Amanda of using JR for his money; she insists JR is only protecting the baby from David so that he doesn't ruin the baby's life. Krystal doesn't believe Amanda's accusations, even when Amanda says David is still after Little A! Jake comes over and backs up Amanda, saying the minute David finds out there is a Hayward bun in the oven he'll drop Krystal like a hot potato! Kendall goes to Zach and finally realizes she didn't mention him in her speech. He says he isn't surprised – because she still hasn't come back to him! He leaves for the casino. Kendall tells Erica things are falling apart. Tad sits down with Taylor, who is upset that she doesn't understand where Brot is coming from. Tad advises her to give Brot time and space because they are rebuilding their trust and love. Krystal finally agrees to keep Amanda's secret but says she is only doing it because the baby is keeping JR from drinking! She makes them promise JR will never know the truth. JR waves at Amanda from across the room. JR joins them as Krystal leaves. Amanda says they were talking about cravings and water weight. He says they can leave soon and goes to see Kendall. David corners Amanda, reminding her again of her deal and obligations. She hands him a check – for the same amount that he gave her! David says this doesn't change anything. JR thanks Kendall for the donation. She leaves the benefit and Erica follows. Kendall says she is going after Zach! Erica and David chat about the benefit and then he turns to watch Amanda with Jake.

    Desperate Times...

    Thursday, May 29 2008

    In the operating room, Joe tells Jake he doesn't have to assist with Tad's surgery; Jake says he wouldn't be anywhere else. Dixie appears next to Tad, telling him to hang on for Kate's sake. The operation begins; Jake finds many bleeding arteries. "He's bleeding out," Jake says, asking for more blood. Dixie returns and watches as Jake finally gets one artery closed. Angie stands with Joe, as Jake tries to save him. Tad begins losing even more blood. They finally get the bleeding stopped and the bullet out. Tad is taken to a recovery room. Jake sits with him, telling him not to give up now. When he is gone, Dixie comes to Tad, taking his hand. He wakes and sees her there! Tad mentions second chances and Dix says they can have another chance. She holds his hand close to her heart as Tad loses consciousness.

    Friends or Enemies?

    Tuesday, May 08 2007

    Outside, Tad runs into Jeff and demands to know where Adam is. Jeff holds Tad back and tells him to go to Jenny. JR follows but Aidan pulls him back, wanting to give Tad some space. Jamie arrives with Amanda and Derek. Derek goes straight to Jeff, asking for access to Adam. Jeff gives him clearance to question Adam. Seeing that no one is around, Amanda asks for a drink and when Jamie leaves heads immediately into Adam's room. "Jenny almost died today because of you," she says! When Adam reaches for the call button, Amanda grabs it and orders him to confess. He won't. Amanda grabs the heart attack paddles and turns them on. "If this can bring back the dead, can it kill the living?" she wonders! Adam dares Amanda to hit him with the volts but she can't do it. She begins screaming at him; Derek hears and pulls her away from Adam. "You did this! You set my mother up!" she yells as Adam tells Derek there is no link between him and Janet.

    Trouble in Pine Valley

    Friday, April 20 2007

    In the hospital hallway, JR runs into Joe and Jeff. The three begin arguing about the strike and how chaotic the hospital is. Joe and Jeff tell JR that the board is responsible, not the nurses! Tad follows JR and listens to the argument for a moment. When Jeff leaves, Tad steps in asking JR to try to fix the strike. Both men leave for the nursery. As they walk, Tad tries to convince JR to take a second look at the budget. They get to the nursery and see Jenny's empty crib! They return to the room, paging Joe but they don't go inside. "Jenny is missing," Tad tells Joe when he comes out of the room. Joe tries to reassure them that the baby was probably just taken to the wrong floor, incensing Tad. "We'll find her," Joe says, heading off to track down the baby. Joe locks down the hospital as Jamie arrives and JR fills him in. "I want answers," Tad demands as JR and Jamie try to calm him down. Tad, though, doesn't think it is a mix up at all. "This can't be happening, not again," he says. Joe returns with bad news: Jenny is nowhere to be found!

    Center of Controversy

    Thursday, April 19 2007

    In the hospital nursery, Jamie introduces himself to Jenny. At the front desk, Julia and Jeff discuss the possible strike. JR stops by, telling her to talk to the head-bean-counter - him! JR tries to explain the hospital board's position on the nurses salary issue. Julia could care less about what the board wants. Jamie comes over, agreeing with Julia! He and JR step away. Still angry because JR sided with Krystal over Jenny, Jamie tells him that as long as he stays at the mansion he is leaving himself open to working with Adam! JR asks Jamie how Tad has turned into a saint for sleeping with a married woman. "I'm ready to move on. So come on or get out of my way," he warns, leaving. Jamie returns to Julia, asking if there is anything he can do. Julia sends him home and waits for word from Jeff alone. He leaves the elevator, shakes his head and the nurses go on strike! "This is where we walk," Julia says and she and the other nurses leave the hospital. Joe meets Jeff in the lobby, both annoyed with the strike and the hospital board. Joe asks him if anything else is bothering him and Jeff talks about Erica and Josh.

    Decisions, Decisions!

    Thursday, March 29 2007

    In Erica's New Beginning's office, she asks Jeff to understand that their relationship has run its course. Jeff can't believe what he is hearing. As far as he is concerned, nothing is over! "Stay with me," he asks, telling her that things can be different and right for the rest of their lives. "If you let me, I'll sweep you off your feet every day for the rest of your life," he says. Erica tells Jeff that the divorce from Jack was just finalized, and that has changed how she feels about everything. "I love Jack, I'm always going to want Jack," she says. Confused, Jeff asks why they finalized then, and Erica can't answer. "He's my heart," she says. Jeff asks what happens if Jack doesnt take her back. Erica isn't sure but she tells Jeff that even if that happens, she won't want to resume their relationship. Assuring him that he wasn't a substitute, she tells him that it's time to be on her own. Saddened, Jeff leaves the office.

    A Man With A Plan!

    Wednesday, March 28 2007

    At her New Beginnings office, Erica is surprised to find Jeff waiting for her. He wants to talk things through and get back together. Saying she forgives him for the situation with Josh, Erica tells him that is all in the past! He mistakes her words, thinking she is ready to move forward. Jeff invites her to dinner, ready to begin the next phase of their relationship! Erica quickly sets him straight. "It's over between us," she says.

    At the Chandler mansion, Jeff arrives to see Krystal who is having stomach pains but no contractions. Krystal is too upset over Adam's being taken away to calm down. Jeff suggests it could be indigestion because her water hasn't broken and there are no contractions. He sends Krystal, with Babe, to walk around a bit and then goes to the terrace to talk with Tad. Assuring him that Krystal and the baby are fine, he asks Tad to have patience with the situation. Jeff leaves and Babe comes to intercede with Tad - she doesn't want him to take the baby from Krystal! "She's a good mother, Tad," Babe says, asking him to reconsider. Tad isn't worried about Krystal's mothering skills, though, he is worried about Adam's interference and he's still very upset that they were going to keep the baby from him! Babe asks him to try to forgive Krystal like she is trying to forgive JR. Meanwhile in the parlor, Krystal is feeling better. Jeff asks her to call if any other pains come and leaves. when he leaves, Krystal asks a newly arrived JR to bring Adam home. "My dad needs to learn that every action has consequences," he says, telling her that he only wants to protect her and the baby. Krystal isn't so sure, and wonders if the stunt is a way to win Babe back! "I love my wife," he tells her, comparing his love for Babe to her love for Adam. He asks Krystal for her help, and in return offers his help between she and Adam. "If I can get Babe back, I'm going to," he says.

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