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    All My Children CAST - Simone Torres - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Simone Torres Played by Terri Ivens on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Terri Ivens

    Birthday: 1967-06-23
    Birthplace: Newport Beach, California
    Marital Status: Married, Mark Osgood July 2, 2004
    Real Name: Terri Ivens


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    Zach Drops JR!

    Thursday, November 01 2007

    Kendall walks over to the hospital with Spike. From outside the NICU, Kendall watches over Ian for a while. She tells Spike that Ian is alright because Greenlee won't hurt Zach's child - but she isn't so sure Spike is fine. "But by the time this day is over, Greenlee will be done," she says and walks with Spike to a storage closet. A nurse comes outside, recognizes Kendall and suggests she wait in the chairs area. She walks away and Kendall wheels Spike into the storage closet. Just then Julia walks up and sees them! Kendall makes up a story about needing blankets and then talks about not being able to sleep (because of the problems with Ian and with Spike). Julia suggests she talk to someone but Kendall says she thinks she is turning the corner. Julisa leaves and Kendall begins to search the area. She grabs a bottle of chloroform, hides it in her bag and then leaves. Julia returns a few minutes later with some blankets for Kendall. She leaves. Kendall and Spike continue on to the park and she begins to organize her next meeting with Greenlee. Simone appears! Kendall tells her that her timing stinks and reminds Simone that she is dead and out of touch. Simone won't just go away, though, and challenges Kendall. She tells Kendall to throw her revenge plans in the trash because she will only wind up hurting herself. Kendall refuses, believing that Greenlee will hurt Spike. She tries to escape Simone but Simone just follows her into the boathouse. Finally, Kendall says this is all her fault - Ian's troubles, Spike's troubles, all of it - because she let Greenlee get too close. "She will always be a threat to Spike," Kendall says and orders Simone to leave. As suddenly as she appeared, Simone disappears.

    Spike is Mine!

    Friday, June 08 2007

    Meanwhile, Kendall, who is busily packing for the big move to the big new Slater house, unearths some memories of her own. She, too, is leafing through photos of Greenlee and herself – happy, smiling, best friends, sisters – and finds herself walking through the past as well. Zach urges Kendall to let go of the past and just concentrate on the future, but Kendall can’t help but feel sad when, in packing, she runs across the spoon that she, Greenlee, and Simone used to mix Fusion’s very first batch of lipstick in Kendall’s kitchen. All this emotion and work catches up with Kendall, who suddenly doubles over in pain. Is the baby in trouble? Zach calls the doctor and it turns out Kendall is just fine, but now she has the guilts about the new baby. “I can’t mess this up,” she tells Zach. “You need this baby.”

    Goodbye, Simone

    Tuesday, December 05 2006

    Babe rushes down to conFusion to get help for Simone. 911 is called, and while they wait, Josh examines Simone and delivers the terrible news that she's dead. Everyone is shocked; Zach once again has a vision of the young, long-haired woman. He tells everyone not to move Simonesuspecting foul play.

    Chief Frye arrives and asks why Zach says "Simone was killed." No sign of struggle, no trauma, no weapon.

    Derek takes everyone from the alleged crime scene to the roof to be questioned. Derek suggests that Simone's death might be suicidean accusation to which Kendall reacts vehemently.

    Babe tells Josh goodbye

    Monday, December 04 2006

    Ryan and Annie are at conFusion, her "first date in ages." He has concert tickets and a helicopter waiting to whisk them there.

    Zach and Kendall come to the Fusion office and invite the staff to join them downstairs to celebrate their new house. Kendall finds Zarf and Bianca together and invites him to celebrate with them, but he declines, claiming his "aura needs cleansing." Simone stays in the office while the rest of them go down to the club to celebrate. She's working at her desk when she's startled by Zarf, who tells her she's "spectacularly beautiful," and asks her out. No thanks, says Simone, and asks him to leave.

    At the conFusion bar, while ordering, Zach keeps having visions of a beautiful, long-haired womanthe same visions he had at the new house.

    Annie and Ryan are sitting with Kendall, who is bummed when Ryan shows her the photo of him, Spike and Annie with Santa that they had taken at the mallshe wanted to take Spike to see Santa herself.

    Babe returns to the Fusion office and finds Simone on the floor, lifeless.

    Zarf is in the house!

    Thursday, November 30 2006

    Simone and Erin discover a naked, meditating Zarf in the Fusion office. He's "come to clear their wayand protect Babe's vision." He goes on about "fusion of body and souland agrees to stay and work on the campaign." He wants them to disrobe, and when Kendall arrives with Spike, she wonders what in the world is happening!

    She gets the girls to dress, and they discover that Zarf has full veto control over Fusion's use of his song and the personnel who work on them. Zarf acts like a prima donna and refuses to work with anyone but Babe, who finally arrives.

    "I felt the tug of your soul on mine, says a moody Zarf. He's about to leaveand return on the next full moonwhen he runs into Bianca, and is smitten.

    Ryan comes over to gives some papers to Kendall and pick up Spike. He says that Spike's the most important thing in his life. When she asks if he's in love with Annie, he doesn't answer.

    Truth telling

    Friday, October 20 2006

    Kendall and Babe discuss Josh. Kendall tells Babe that she's stupid to choose JR over Josha man who truly loves her. They both agree that they're attracted to bad boys.

    Babe tells her that JR's changed and is devoted to Little Adam.

    Kendall replies all they can do is love their menuntil something else happens. She doesn't give second chancesexcept to Zach.

    An irritated Simone tells Kendall about Josh leaving Fusion. They both blame Babe.

    Family Matters...

    Wednesday, October 18 2006

    At Fusion, Josh shows up and tells Simone that he can't accept her offer to work for her. Simone cattily tells Babe that it's her fault; Babe counters with telling her to stop gossiping and stay out of her life. She and Josh are not, and never have been, a couple!

    Bianca arrives and tells her she wants to talk to her about what going on with her brother.

    Tell It To The Police

    Tuesday, October 10 2006

    Kendall returns to work at Fusionand into the gossip fire. The girls all want to know about Ryan and Zach, but she insists on putting her attention on work. She doesn't want to "chat" or talk about her relationshipsever again!

    Pine Valley mourns Colby Chandler.

    Tuesday, September 26 2006

    At the Fusion office, Simone tells Josh the campaign is "awesome." They're shocked when he tells her, Danielle, and Erin that he's been fired. She says Babe chose JR over him. Simone says she needs him for a project and hires him back. He says she has to check it with Babe. Danielle says JR is a "jerk" and offers her help.

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