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    All My Children CAST - Simone Torres

    Full detailed profile on Simone Torres Played by Terri Ivens on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Terri Ivens
    Simone Torres

    Actor: Terri Ivens

    Who played Simone Torres over the years

    Terri Ivens (October 10, 2001 - December 2006)

    Useful information on Simone Torres

    * Marital Status - Single.
    * Arrested for revealing information about the Proteus investigation.
    * Defacing public property with Fusion advertising material.
    * Arrested for prostitution (soliciting a police officer).
    * Arrested for breaking and entering - Broke into the school.
    * Arrested for unlawfully broadcasting a Fusion commercial over WRCW's national feed.
    * Locked Maggie Stone in a bathroom stall at SOS.
    * Accidentally discharged a gun and shot a hole in Officer Lyman's patrol car door.
    * Car was booted due to 23 outstanding parking tickets.
    * Broke into a fertility clinic and to assist Greenlee in the theft of Ryan's sperm specimen.
    * Found dead on the floor of fusion. Autopsy showed cause of death as drugs. Assumed murder, but no suspects.


    Past: Co-Owner of FUSION cosmetics
    Past: Marketing executive for FUSION cosmetics
    Past: Waitress at BJ's
    Past: Co-author of a book about Vanessa Cortlandt with Leo du Pres
    Past: Writer for Tempo magazine
    Past: Waitress at Sounds of Salsa
    Past: Go-between for Edmund and Mateo


    Simone took a job as a waitress at Haley and Mateo's nightclub during the Proteus drug lord time. As part of the Tempo Magazine investigation, Edmund Grey hired her to pretend to be Mateo's mistress to hopefully find leads that would aid in stopping the harassment of Mateo and his family. When Simone leaked information that resulted in Chris Stamp's death, Mateo ordered Simone to leave. She tried to leave Tempo, but Edmund and Brooke refused her resignation.

    Simone sublet a loft in the same building as Greenlee Smythe, and after she and Leo had a falling out, Simone offered to let him stay with her. Fearing that Leo might be lost to Simone, Greenlee bought the loft and booted Simone out. She later learned that Simone was not interested and Leo, and the two became friends, and Simone took a job as Greenlee's secretary at Revlon.

    Simone began an affair with Roger Smythe, unaware that he was Greenlee's dad, and when she discovered the truth, she tried to call it off. Her needy side kept drawing her back to Roger's arms. Mary Smythe, Greenlee's estranged mother, found out about the affair and threatened to expose it to her daughter, but on Greenlee and Leo's wedding day, Roger was killed by someone trying to shoot the groom. The secret would have been safe except for the fact that in his delirium, Roger called out for Simone in a very sexual way and Greenlee was there to hear him.

    Roger died a few days later, and Greenlee, irate with Simone, barred her from the funeral and called a halt to their friendship.

    Simone found a new start when she was asked to join the Fusion Cosmetics company and agreed. She tried to make amends with Greenlee, part of the founding trio. Simone's ridiculous antics kept drawing negative attention to the organization, and Greenlee tried to get her fired, but failed. Poor Simone just couldn't find a fit romantically, as all the men she found attractive were more attracted to her co-workers. She was proposed to by the company attorney, but turned him down because there was no love involved on her part.

    She buried herself in finding 'The Sexiest Man in America' for a cosmetic campaign, and tried to solve the financial problems of the fledgling business by accepting a substantial loan from Michael Cambias, who was an arch-enemy of the business. As a result, he ended up owning Fusion.

    Michael disappeared, and Kendall, claiming to be his wife, also claimed the business back. Simone had begun dating Tad Martin, agreeing to a non-committal relationship, but she fell hard for him. When sexy Krystal Carey surfaced, Tad began romancing her. When he came to Fusion one day, to tell her something important, she expressed her love. Hoping to hear him return the sentiments, he only questioned her about the night Michael disappeared. Simone had a story that could possibly implicate her, but Tad promised to keep her safe. After he left, Liza came to see Simone to let her know that she and Tad were seeing each other again. When Simone confronted Tad, he so much as admitted that he and Liza had slept together, but said he was swearing off women.

    Kendall was eventually jailed for Michael's murder, but set free when Bianca remembered everything that had happened the night she blacked out. Simone buried herself in Fusion to get over Tad and had finally found love with Kendall's ex, Ethan Cambias. Life was beginning to look rosy when he proposed and she accepted. But the night of the Mardi Gras ball, Ethan died as a result of explosives planted by crazy, Janet Green.

    Simone hadn't gotten over the loss of the love of her life, but had managed to pick up the pieces and was beginning to see light again, until someone snuffed it out. Simone was found mysteriously murdered in the Fusion building, leaving her friends to wonder who would want her dead.




    Mateo Santos (kissed)
    Roger Smythe (lovers)
    Frank Hubbard
    Boyd Larraby (dated)
    Kenny Adler (kissed)
    Tad_Martin (lovers)
    Ethan Cambias (engaged - deceased)


    Zeke McMillan (father)
    Anthony McMillan (brother)




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    Thursday, November 01 2007: Zach Drops JR!

    Kendall walks over to the hospital with Spike. From outside the NICU, Kendall watches over Ian for a while. She tells Spike that Ian is alright because Greenlee won't hurt Zach's child - but she isn't so sure Spike is fine. "But by the time this day is over, Greenlee will be done," she says and walks with Spike to a storage closet. A nurse comes outside, recognizes Kendall and suggests she wait in the chairs area. She walks away and Kendall wheels Spike into the storage closet. Just then Julia walks up and sees them! Kendall makes up a story about needing blankets and then talks about not being able to sleep (because of the problems with Ian and with Spike). Julia suggests she talk to someone but Kendall says she thinks she is turning the corner. Julisa leaves and Kendall begins to search the area. She grabs a bottle of chloroform, hides it in her bag and then leaves. Julia returns a few minutes later with some blankets for Kendall. She leaves. Kendall and Spike continue on to the park and she begins to organize her next meeting with Greenlee. Simone appears! Kendall tells her that her timing stinks and reminds Simone that she is dead and out of touch. Simone won't just go away, though, and challenges Kendall. She tells Kendall to throw her revenge plans in the trash because she will only wind up hurting herself. Kendall refuses, believing that Greenlee will hurt Spike. She tries to escape Simone but Simone just follows her into the boathouse. Finally, Kendall says this is all her fault - Ian's troubles, Spike's troubles, all of it - because she let Greenlee get too close. "She will always be a threat to Spike," Kendall says and orders Simone to leave. As suddenly as she appeared, Simone disappears.

    Friday, June 08 2007: Spike is Mine!

    Meanwhile, Kendall, who is busily packing for the big move to the big new Slater house, unearths some memories of her own. She, too, is leafing through photos of Greenlee and herself – happy, smiling, best friends, sisters – and finds herself walking through the past as well. Zach urges Kendall to let go of the past and just concentrate on the future, but Kendall can’t help but feel sad when, in packing, she runs across the spoon that she, Greenlee, and Simone used to mix Fusion’s very first batch of lipstick in Kendall’s kitchen. All this emotion and work catches up with Kendall, who suddenly doubles over in pain. Is the baby in trouble? Zach calls the doctor and it turns out Kendall is just fine, but now she has the guilts about the new baby. “I can’t mess this up,” she tells Zach. “You need this baby.”

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