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    All My Children CAST - Dr. David Hayward - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. David Hayward Played by Vincent Irizarry on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Vincent Irizarry

    Birthday: 1959-11-12
    Birthplace: Queens, New York
    Real Name: Vincent Irizarry
    Height: 6'0"
    Web site:


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    It's Been Nice.

    Wednesday, May 08 2013

    Dixie's surprised AJ's in JR's room. She thinks JR would be happy since he loves him so much. AJ believes if that were true then JR wouldn't have brought a gun to the engagement party and ruined all of their lives. Dixie blames David. David catches AJ leaving and apologizes. AJ isn't interested. Dixie comes out concerned. AJ tells her David didn't do anything. Alone, Dixie hears from Tad. David meets Cara and they take a walk. She explains everything that happened before and after the miscarriage and how she sent a courier to the states with a letter so he wouldn't think he had a baby when he didn't. He doesn't believe her and wonders if there's another reason she didn't see him personally. She tells him it's time to let it go. Back inside Angie's happy Cara told David everything but David thinks that was Cara's plan. He believes there's more to the story. Privately, Cara makes a call asserting to someone that no one should know why she was in the clinic. At JR's side, Dixie spills her worries about AJ and David out. She gets up to leave. JR wakes up and says, "Mom."

    Stay Away.

    Monday, May 06 2013

    At the hospital, Dixie freaks when she finds David in JR's room. In the doctor's lounge, Angie lets Cara know that David's out of prison. Cara doesn't get why Angie cares and feels the need to help him. Angie defends him and asks Cara to give him the closure he needs. Cara requests a permanent position on staff. A nurse interrupts about a commotion in JR's room. They find Dixie there claiming she witnessed David's hands around JR's throat. David explains he took a pulse when he saw JR's hand move. Angie asks Dixie to leave to examine JR.

    Jesse meets Dixie and David at the hospital and threatens to arrest him for attempted murder. Angie tells them to shut up. She gives David a chance and offers to put security at JR's door. David gives Angie his prognosis on JR. Inside JR's room, JR opens his eyes.

    What Did You Do?

    Wednesday, May 01 2013

    At the hospital, Cara notices David walk by. Griffin startles her and asks what's wrong. She says, "David." Griffin doesn't care and accuses her of not letting David go. Cara regrets sending a letter about the baby. She considers leaving Pine Valley again.

    David bumps into Angie. She's admits speaking to the parole board since what happened five years ago was just an accident. He's disappointed hearing about Cara's miscarriage in a letter. He's surprised when Angie admits Cara's in the hospital. She asks him not to look for her as he rushes off. David finds Cara and overhears her with Griffin worrying about what he'd do if he ever found out. He asks, "What'd you do Cara?"

    Home Sweet Home.

    Monday, April 29 2013

    A guard lets David out a back entrance of the prison and asks where he's going. David answers, "Home sweet home." He tells the taxi-driver he was that guy from the Chandler mansion shooting. David visits a grave and confesses to his jail time for what happened but now there will be hell to pay.

    To Pine Valley.

    Friday, September 23 2011

    At the station, Cara and Angie plead David's case to Jesse. Cara tells him second chances are important, especially after David brought loved ones back. Jesse isn't going for it, but Liza shows up and relays that Stuart called his friend the judge to get David out on bail. David shares a nice moment with Angie, who sings his praises about bringing Stuart back. Jesse joins in to give a stunned David credit.

    Everyone gathers at the Chandler mansion. Even Jamie returns because he's worried about JR. Angie notices that Randi is glowing. She admits to her husband, Jesse, and Angie that she might be pregnant. Meanwhile, Zach and Griffin attempt niceties as Kendall intervenes to say she's glad David is out of their lives. David shows up looking for Adam. JR lurks in the secret tunnel, as Erica and Opal show up and see Jack talking to Krystal. JR pulls out his gun as Adam and the room toast to Pine Valley. Erica asks to talk to Jack alone, as David finds Adam. David is snarky, as Adam doesn’t know how to thank him. David says cash is always a good start. Adam wonders what he's up to, but gives him money anyway. Bianca and Marissa show up after getting a text message. They think it was from Scott, but he denies it.

    Dixie finds David upstairs. She demands to know who his other patient is. David says she wouldn't believe him even if he told her.

    Home Where He Belongs.

    Thursday, September 22 2011

    Adam and Brooke race to the hospital. They got a call about a family member being brought in and fear it's JR. Adam pushes by Cara and sees Stuart on the gurney. As Griffin tries to save Stuart's life, David tells Adam he needs to wait in the hall. Tad shows up and learns from Cara that Stuart is alive thanks to David. They debate David's actions, but Cara tells Tad David has given her a new life too – she's pregnant. Tad thinks she will be an incredible mother. As David and Griffin fight to save Stuart, Angie brings Adam into the room because Stuart needs the other half of his heart. Adam holds his brother's hand and tells him he loves him and needs him. He begs Stuart to come back to him. Stuart opens his eyes and sees Adam. Adam cries and tells Stuart he is home again, where he belongs. Scott and Madison show up and Scott walks in to see his father. He holds Stuart's hand, as Jesse is forced to bring David back to jail. Adam goes back to Stuart and tells him he was the one who shot him. He knows he doesn’t deserve his forgiveness. Stuart says there is nothing to forgive.

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