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    All My Children CAST - Dr. David Hayward - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. David Hayward Played by Vincent Irizarry on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Vincent Irizarry

    Birthday: 1959-11-12
    Birthplace: Queens, New York
    Real Name: Vincent Irizarry
    Height: 6'0"
    Web site:


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    Tad Accuses Zach of Hurting JR

    Wednesday, August 23 2006

    Ryan and Annie watch Emma on the carnival rides. Annie thanks him over and over. Ryan tells her he understands completely. Meanwhile, David lurks closer to get a better look at Annie's little girl. The bodyguard pulls David around to face Ryan and Annie. He tells the guy to get his hands off of him and for Ryan to tell the guard who he is. But Annie interrupts, saying he's the guy that was talking to her little girl in the park the other day. Ryan demands an answer from Hayward!

    David tries to explain his way out of the situation. But Ryan doesn't buy his story but he can't imagine David being any threat to Annie or Emma. David then looks at Ryan and asks her if she knows what a dangerous man Ryan is?! He goes over Ryan's past and all the things he's done to harm & hurt people and Ryan tells him to shut up! David's beeper goes off and heads out.

    Krystal Tells Babe to Fire Josh

    Tuesday, August 22 2006

    David finds Emma's picture in Dixie's possession and realizes it might be Kate. He heads out to leave Dixie's room and runs into JR. He tells JR that ...mommies not in.... JR grabs a hold of David to find out what he has in his hands. There's a scuffle between them and the photo falls to the ground. They argue and JR tells him what a worthless piece of crap he is and he's glad that David's out of Dixie's life! David yells back telling JR that he would have done anything for Dixie, he'd go to hell and back for her. JR looks at him suspiciously, accusing him of killing Madden. David adamantly denies killing Madden but JR tells him he's setting Dixie up! David screams that Dixie doesn't deserve anything and all she's done to everyone including him, and she deserves to fry.... JR attacks him! After throwing punches, David lands on the floor unconscious. JR tells him he's going to prison for framing Dixie. David suddenly kicks him in the head and tells him ...I don't think so...! Knocking out JR, David picks up the photos and walks out.

    Jeff Goes to Babe For Advice

    Monday, August 21 2006

    JR confronts David and tells him he's useless. David slams back asking him ...what if he knows where his little sister Kate is? JR glares at him telling him to take a hike because he doesn't know anything. But David insists, and assures JR that he has knowledge of Kate's location. JR again tells him he's full of crap and to take it somewhere else because no one wants him around here anymore. He storms out.

    Listening in on their confrontation, Krystal tells JR his ...self restraint... is admirable. They turn the subject to Babe and JR's concern about Josh getting closer to Babe. Krystal tells him that Babe loves him and not to concern himself. She asks him to ask himself ...what is Josh doing for Babe that he isn't?.... JR brainstorms but cannot really put his finger on it. Krystal tells him that if JR pushes Babe too far, she'll back away from him. So just love her and be supportive and you'll keep Babe at your side.

    IN a flash back, David goes to Dixie and tells her he found Kate but he wants to keep her from Dixie. He thinks Kate would be worse off with Dixie as her mother. Dixie pleads with him that she loves him and please help her. David tells her Kate is his daughter and he's going to take her far away from Dixie and no one will find her. (flashback over).

    Emma (Annie's daughter) throws a ball and accidentally knocks coffee all over David. stunned looks on. Annie comes to get her daughter while David scolds the child for throwing her ball at him and the little girl tells him she's sorry. Annie shakes her head and tells the ...stranger... that' ..." that's enough, she's just a little girl. A bodyguard rushes in to make sure everything's ok.

    After the park incident, Annie returns to Ryan's office and tells him about the ...jerk... in the park with Emma. But she thanks him for the bodyguard.

    Meanwhile, David breaks into Dixie's hotel room to search for photos of Kate. Finding what he needs and sees Emma in one of the pictures!

    Zach & Dixie's Affair

    Tuesday, August 15 2006

    As the staff at Fusion watch on, the Media has a frenzy with Slaters affair with Dixie. Kendall, watching from Fusion, looks on shocked and heartbroken.

    Babe tries to convince Kendall the TV show is just gossip and there's no way Zach would cheat on her. But some of the staff chide in stating that there's no way they can fake someone shoving their tongue down Dixie's throat.

    David arrives at Fusion to find Kendall, admitting to taking the picture of Zach and Dixie kissing because it proves that they're innocent. He tells Kendall he didn't do it to hurt her, he did it for Dixie and Zach. Ryan pulls Kendall away from David telling her they need to get out of there.

    Later that day back at Fusion, Babe and David talks about what has happened. Simone gets in the middle asking her if she's happy that Kendall's a wreck. Babe gets in her face and tells her to shut it for a change! She tells her that she's not happy about any of this and wants to get back to work and back to our lives. Babe tells Simone she's far too busy with her real life to get off on someone else's pain like her. She's through with Simone's games and through with keeping score between them!

    Lily Discovers Jonathan's Secret!

    Monday, August 14 2006

    Zach explains to Dixie about the alibi he cooked up and Kendall is on board and ok with it all. They can tell others they spent the entire night together and couldn't have buried Madden. Dixie tells him this ploy could actually ruin his marriage but he assures her Kendall and him are solid.

    David knocks on Dixies door to find Zach there alone. David asks him about the affair but just then, Dixie walks in. Zach goes to her and holds her tight telling him that good news must travel fast. David tells them this must be a sick joke, but she tells him that her and Zach became close when she was searching for Kate. Dixie thanks David for his help but she's found that Zach is who she wants to be with.

    David tells Dixie that he can keep her out of prison.

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