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    All My Children CAST - Dr. David Hayward - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. David Hayward Played by Vincent Irizarry on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Vincent Irizarry

    Birthday: 1959-11-12
    Birthplace: Queens, New York
    Real Name: Vincent Irizarry
    Height: 6'0"
    Web site:


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    Goodbye Princess.

    Wednesday, August 24 2011

    As Zach tells Erica in his hospital room that David may have saved others, he walks in. David tells Erica that with her family's help, the hospital will soon be known for the miracles it creates. Erica reminds him Jane sold him the hospital, not her, so she can shut him down. He taunts if that happens, she won't learn who else he has saved. Erica wants details. David says it's someone she loved, adding she will be grateful if she gives him the hospital. Exasperated, Erica says goodbye to Zach. Kendall gets up to leave as well and moves in for a kiss with her husband, but he brushes her away. The women leave and Zach tells David he got word that Griffin wants to talk to the FDA about Orpheus.

    No One Knows The Whole Story.

    Tuesday, August 23 2011

    As Amanda and Jake prepare to leave the hospital, they talk about adoption. He admits he's angry and sad because he wanted a sibling for Trevor. However, he's cool with adopting. Amanda declares good things are happening even if it's hard to tell. Tad interrupts them and Amanda leaves to see Angie. Tad tells Jake Cara is staying because of David. Jake can't get involved because he has to focus on the people who really need him and suggests Tad just let it go.

    Back at the mansion, Dixie dreams of David examining her. She wonders what he did to her and why she can't remember.

    Cara enters David's office to work and he goes in for a kiss. She backs away and says their sleeping together was a one time thing. From now on it's strictly professional. Griffin joins them to warn Cara David is using her. She defends her position, but Griffin tells her she doesn’t know the whole story. No one does. He makes accusations against David and how he got duped by him. Cara looks offended and says she's not him.

    Zach tells Kendall in his hospital room she should walk away from their marriage so she doesn't get hurt again. Kendall is with him no matter what. He just wants her to be safe and happy. She realizes he found out about her and Griffin. He thinks she needs someone stable who can keep her safe. Kendall gets upset and declares she is with Zach always. Greenlee walks in and the women leave to talk. David stops by and the men talk about Orpheus. Zach reveals that he knows there are other people David has saved. David is grateful for his support, but he doesn’t trust Zach to share anything just yet. Zach vows to earn his trust whatever it takes. Kendall and Greenlee return after David has left. Griffin enters demanding Zach get Cara off the project. Zach says if David wants her there it's good enough for him.

    David finds Cara in the on-call room and invites her to dinner to discuss the project. She agrees and then leaves. Tad enters and warns David away from Cara. David counters if Cara is hurting right now, it's on Tad, not him.

    David returns to Zach's room and warns him not to trust Griffin, stating that he's still in love with Kendall.

    It's On.

    Monday, August 22 2011

    After they kiss in his hotel room, David says he doesn’t want to take advantage of Cara. She assures him she's not a fragile flower. She also doesn’t feel like an outsider with him. He let her in and she likes it. She wants to stay. Cara moves in for another kiss and they end up in bed. After they have sex, David says he wants to keep it a secret for her sake. Cara doesn't have any regrets. They kiss again and David says he can't let her leave Pine Valley. He offers her a job working on Project Orpheus. She needs to think about it. After they get dressed, Cara opens the door to Griffin. David explains he offered Cara Griffin's old position at Project Orpheus. Griffin orders his sister to turn him down. Cara won't let Griffin tell her what to do and says she is considering his offer. She leaves and Griffin gets in David's face. Griffin accuses him of doing something to Zach because he's talking about him like he's the second coming. David chuckles and says the day just gets better and better.

    David enters Zach's hospital room as Ryan continues to question Zach. Greenlee and Kendall return as Zach tells David he wants to partner with him on Orpheus. David shakes his hand and says he's in.

    Not Everyone Hates You.

    Friday, August 19 2011

    David talks to Cara about Tad and Dixie over a drink at ConFusion. He shares his own past with the couple and then gets Cara to admit her marriage to Tad was for her green card. She explains how Tad saved her life and then launches into a recap of her past. She shares how she finally felt like she was part of a community in Pine Valley, until the rug was pulled out from underneath her…and her brother too. David assumes she despises her for that. Cara knows Tad, Dixie and Kathy deserve to be happy. David wonders what she deserves. Tad enters and Cara quickly hides. David smiles in amusement as Tad walks over looking for Cara. The men exchange words and then Tad leaves. Cara returns and thanks David for putting Tad off. She also tells him her flight has been delayed and she has no where to stay. David offers up his place.

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