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    All My Children CAST - Dr. David Hayward

    Full detailed profile on Dr. David Hayward Played by Vincent Irizarry on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Vincent Irizarry
    Dr. David Hayward

    Actor: Vincent Irizarry

    Who played Dr. David Hayward over the years

    Vincent Irizarry (November 27th, 1997 - March 2nd, 1998; July 8th, 1998 - November 28th, 2006; October 23, 2008 - present)

    Useful information on Dr. David Hayward

    * Gave Adam an injection that nearly caused his death in an effort to frame Jake for murder.
    * Took Liza's amniotic fluid sample from the Pine Valley Hospital lab without permission.
    * Blackmailed Adam in regards to revealing Colby's true paternity.
    * Accused by Tad of sexually harassing Dixie. Dixie persuaded Tad to drop the charges.
    * Spiked Tad Martin's drink with Libidozone, a powerful anti-impotence drug. (Erica ended up drinking the soda)
    * Used hospital funds for unapproved research on a heart drug.
    * Administered an unapproved, experimental drug on Dixie Martin.
    * Kept quiet about Leo violating his parole when he left town for his honeymoon with Greenlee.
    * Hid the truth that Maria Santos Grey was alive and led her to believe that she was someone else.
    * Under threat of blackmail, gave Edmund Grey an unapproved drug for memory recovery.
    * Held Adam Chandler and Tad Martin at gunpoint.
    * Arrested for the possible murder of Michael Cambias.
    * Threatened to turn in Adam Chandler for the murder of Michael Cambias unless Adam dropped trespassing charges against Maggie Stone and Jamie Martin.
    * Used a "stun gun" on Adam Chandler and locked him in a crate.
    * Withheld knowledge that Bess Chandler was actually Miranda Montgomery.
    * Devised a plan to have Diana Cole pretend to be Dixie Martin.
    * Hired Amanda to help take down the Chandler's.
    * Lived at Wildwind with Amanda and their son, until he learned he was not the father.
    * Secretly kept Greenlee alive.
    * Married Greenlee.
    * Helped Greenlee set Erica up in an embezzlement scandal and tampered with her plane, which ended up crashing.
    * Faked his death and set Ryan up for his murder.


    Past: Executive Director of PVH
    Past: Chief of Staff at PVH
    Past: Physician at PVH (blackmailed Palmer to get back on staff)
    Past: Janitor at Pine Valley Hospital
    Past: Physician specializing in cardiac medicine (Licensed revoked Feb 2005]
    Past: Doctor at the Front Street Clinic
    Past: Co-director of the Andrassy Foundation
    Past: Co-head of the Warnerford Chair
    Past: Cardiologist/Cardiac Surgeon at Pine Valley Hospital [Forced resignation Apr 6th, 2001; Reinstated Sep 5th, 2001; Relieved of duty Feb 2002; Reinstated Jun 10th, 2004; Relieved of duty Feb 28th, 2005]
    Past: Associate Director of Cardiology at Stanford


    Dr. David Hayward came to Pine Valley to give a lecture on Cardiology, a subject he knew well. With credentials as the head of that department at Stanford, Dr. Joe Martin immediately snatched up David to work in the local hospital. David's goal was to win back the heart of Allie Doyle, a past love who had dumped him for cheating while still in California. During their relationship, Allie had shared a secret about having her transcripts altered to get into medical school, and David used the information to try to blackmail her into marrying him. Allie turned down his engagement ring and came clean with Dr. Jake Martin, her real love interest.

    Acting as though he was accepting of Allie's decision, David went after Jake by secretly administering medication to one of Jake's patients, Adam Chandler, and inducing a near-fatal heart attack. Jake was suspended while a malpractice investigation ensued. Meanwhile, Jake enlisted the help of Liza and Stuart to trick David into trying to kill Adam, and although his actions weren't caught on camera, his verbal admission was. He was fired and left Pine Valley, but not before declaring an interest in Liza.

    David was brought back to handle Dixie Martin's serious heart problems. He saved her life and her uncle, Palmer, wealthy financier and head of the hospital board, had David reinstated. David's romantic pursuit of Liza failed because she loved Adam Chandler. David devised a plan to ruin their special day by divulging the truth about her insemination deception, but on the way, an ongoing blizzard caused his car to wreck. Passenger, Erica Cane, was left with a huge scar marring her well-known beauty. Erica flipped out, held him hostage in her basement, threatening to ruin his career by crushing his hand. In the end, David whisked her off to South America for successful reconstructive surgery. They were romantically involved for a short time before Erica gave him the boot.

    His ongoing string of women continued with Dixie Martin, but the lies and plots he invented to come between her and Tad eventually backfired on him. Dixie who had earlier professed her love for him, left.

    When a strange drug started circulating among the teens in Pine Valley, David became the prime suspect. After all, he was a pro in using them against his enemies. Someone named Proteus was the culprit, and recently returned WSB Agent Anna Devane, believed it was David. He had been working on drugs, but not the ones in question. David was developing medication to save Dixie from the same heart ailment that killed her mother, and he was successful. He discovered that Dixie was pregnant, and urged her to abort the baby, and when she refused he helped her flee to Switzerland, and away from Tad.

    Anna, who was enthralled with David, knew of his many medical experiments, and when he was arrested for being Proteus, she suggested that they marry so that she couldn't be forced to testify against him. Cleared of the charges, he and Anna's romance deepened and they decided to try to have a child. David, who never had gotten over Dixie, was wracked with grief upon hearing of her death in a car accident abroad. His hate for the Martin clan grew, as he blamed Tad for Dixie's leaving.

    Years before, David had treated a woman he found washed up on a beach. The experimental drug he used to save her erased her memory. David left her to fend for herself in her new and strange existence. The woman, Maureen Gorman, came to Pine Valley, and turned out to be the missing Maria Santos Grey. Despite his lies to her about what had happened, the truth was finally revealed, and wife Anna, who had become Chief of Police, arrested David and put him in jail. Although she was carrying his child, she washed her hands of him and his deceptions and divorced him. Soft hearted Anna later reconciled with him for a brief time to console him in the loss of Leo, his half-brother, and David stepped in to finish life-saving heart surgery on their unborn child when Anna's doctor suffered a stroke.

    Little Leora, named after Leo, was their miracle child, but she had a heart ailment. Dr. Joe Martin suggested a pacemaker, but David balked, and then relented. During the surgery, he sneaked into the room, and when Leora began to fail, David demanded to take over the operation. Joe had him escorted out, and Leora died. David was devastated by the loss of his little girl, and blamed Anna. Casting her out of his live, he turned his attention to devising a way to get back at the Martins for taking his child.

    David's stint at fatherhood failed again when he learned that Babe Carey was the result of a one-night stand with her mother, Krystal. His vendetta against Babe's husband, JR Chandler, turned his daughter against him even though David truly believed he was helping her rid herself of potential pain and suffering. His assumptions about JR proved true when JR attempted to kill Babe but seriously injured Kendall Hart and her unborn child instead. Still, David's unscrupulous methods drove Babe further away.

    Realizing that he had turned virtually everyone in the town against him, David planned to leave, but not before he created videos exposing everyone's dirty secrets in a last attempt to punish the people he hated. It became clear that any piece of goodness in David's soul had been wiped away when he left a disc outside the Chandler mansion that revealed the true father of Krystal's baby.

    David returned to Pine Valley in 2008 soon after Babe's death. He proposed a new hospital wing - the Babe Chandler Memorial Wing - and convinced Joe to rehire him since the hospital was short staffed. David had a one night stand with Amanda and began to use her to spy on the Chandler family; he also began manipulating Krystal, whom he married until she became fed up with his controlling ways and left him.

    Amanda turned up pregnant with David's baby, and he threatened to take it away. After a complex scheme in which Amanda and new husband, Jake Martin, convinced David the baby died in childbirth, David began moving on and invited daughter Marissa to move in. When Jake and Amanda 'lost' the baby, however, their scheme came to light, and David blackmailed Amanda to move in with him at Wildwind with the baby.

    It was eventually revealed that the baby was actually Jake's and Amanda left him for good.

    David then moved on to his pet project which was keeping a presumed dead Greenlee alive. Once Greenlee was back among the living, she witnessed Ryan and Erica having sex. In order to get revenge, Greenlee married David.

    David ended up falling in love with Greenlee and helped her set Erica up for stealing money from the Miranda Center. He also paid a mechanic to tamper with Erica's plane, which ended up crashing.

    When Greenlee wanted to end their marriage, David blackmailed her into staying with him, until he fell over dead at Caleb's party at the Yacht Club. It was all a rouse though, as David turned up alive and well a couple of months later. He explained he tried to set Ryan up for his murder so he could keep him and Greenlee apart, but it backfired when Greenlee was arrested.

    Realizing Greenlee didn't want to be with him, David granted her a divorce. He laid low for awhile, but then discovered that Jane was impersonating Erica. He blackmailed her into buying the hospital and helping him get his medical license back.


    Krystal Carey Chandler
    Anna Devane


    Liza Colby (slept with)
    Greenlee Smythe duPres Hayward (wife)
    Buffy Sinclair
    Siobhan Ewing
    Krystal_Carey_Chandler (One-night stand)
    Allie Doyle
    "Monica" and numerous other women while involved with Allie
    Leslie Coulson
    Gillian Andrassy
    Erica_Kane (Engaged)
    Amy Carson (One-night stand)
    Julia_Santos(One-night stand)
    Amanda Dillon (one night stand)


    Charles Hayward (father - deceased)
    Vanessa Bennett (mother - deceased)
    Leo du Pres (half-brother - deceased)
    Ben Shepherd (half-brother)
    Gwyneth Stone (aunt)
    Mary Frances Stone (cousin - deceased)
    Mary Margaret Stone (cousin)
    Adam Chandler III (grandson)


    Babe Carey (deceased - daughter with Krystal)
    Leora Hayward (deceased - with Anna)
    Marissa Tasker (daughter with Krystal)


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    Monday, September 02 2013: Fill The Void.

    David taunts Jesse in the square. He offers to put in a good word for him to be a security guard at CorTech - unless he’s cool with wifey taking care of him. One day Angie will realize she can do better.

    David stops by Jesse and Angie’s with flowers for Cassandra. Colby asks if he ruined JR’s reel. He won’t say. She’s sorry his daughters are dead but maybe JR has paid enough. David disagrees and hopes Colby won’t fight for JR. He reminds her who lent her $30,000 when she needed it.

    Monday, August 26 2013: Grind You Into The Ground.

    JR finds Cara in the square and assures her the secret is safe. "As long as I keep quiet about the steroids, right?" she replies. JR later sees David and accuses him of corrupting his file. David suggests JR should have stayed in his coma – people liked him better then.

    Joe looks for Dr. Anders at the hospital, but Dixie hasn’t seen him. Later, Dixie asks Cara if JR has ever had an outburst with her. Cara lies and says no. Dixie is upset that everyone always blames JR. She knows he can be a good man. Later, Cara discovers that Oliver’s bill has been paid by JR. Oliver asks David to visit and David tells Cara that spending this time with Oliver has made him realize what Cara took from him. He isn’t sure he’ll ever truly forgive her.

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