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    All My Children CAST - Myrtle Fargate (Deceased) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Myrtle Fargate (Deceased) Played by Eileen Herlie (Deceased) on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eileen Herlie

    Birthday: 1920-03-08
    Birthplace: Glasgow, Scotlond
    Real Name: Eileen Herlie (Deceased)
    Height: 5'4"


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    Thanksgiving "celebrations" continues

    Tuesday, November 28 2006

    At the Kane Thanksgiving, Erica asks Jack if it's ok she invited Jeff and Josh, since his invitation of Brooke means "anybody" can come.

    There's a disagreement at dinner about who should say grace—when Erica suggests Jeff do it rather than the host, Jack. Myrtle interrupts and says the grace. Erica continues to spread harmony by asking for Jeff to carve the turkey.

    Annie tells Kendall that the DNA results prove she is Emma's mother, and that she owes it all to Ryan and Jeff. Later, Kendall suggests to Ryan that he not let Annie and Emma remain in the penthouse. Ryan wants to know why she cares about it.

    She tells him it's Spike—and Ryan says that Spike is his life, and no one can take his place.

    Jeff tells Erica that it's clear she invited him to get back at Jack, and the more she does that, the closer he gets to her. When Erica asks who Annie "is", she gets back as good as she gives, when Annie asks her "how many of your husbands are invited?"

    The conversation gets nastier when Jack questions Josh about his "attempts to destroy Babe's marriage" and Jeff makes comments about Erica's unhappy marriage.

    Sean leaves in a huff, and Erica stomps off to the powder room, followed by Bianca, who confronts her with a question: Why is she so unwilling to come home? Erica agrees to stay for dinner. As she walks into the dining room, she hears Lily say "you're right Dad…you and Erica don't belong together."

    "Maybe you're right, Jack," says Erica. "Maybe we should get divorced!"

    Facing the truth in Pine Valley.

    Thursday, November 02 2006

    Myrtle is in Zach's office, discussing his marriage. She says Kendall loves him, but isn't in love with him. She advises him that he has to give Kendall "time to breathe."

    Sydney knows the truth about Colby

    Wednesday, October 11 2006

    Zach is sitting morosely at his desk, and doesn't respond to anything Di says to him. Myrtle comes in, and he offers her a drink. He tells her he'll be a free man soon—that's what Kendall wants. She reminds him that Kendall loves him, but it's hard for her to face the dark parts of Myrtle. Why doesn't he let her talk to Kendall for him?

    Everyone's at the courthouse as the trial begins.

    Thursday, September 28 2006

    Kendall tells her staff that they have to continue working and not focus on the trial. "Consider this an official memo: Zach Slater and the trial is not a subject for this office. Zach Slater doesn't concern me anymore."

    At that moment, Myrtle enters. She sits down with Kendall, and tells her to go to the trial. She's sure that Zach is innocent—because he told her. Myrtle says she knows Zach and what's deep inside him. Kendall believes he's guilty and that Zach did the murder for Dixie. Myrtle tells here that sometimes we know…"zip."

    Derek Thinks Jonathan Intended to Kill Terry

    Friday, September 15 2006

    Myrtle comes to visit Zach in jail. Zach asks why she's hanging around the jail as an officer brings in coffee and doughnuts. Myrtle whispers that the officer has a crush on her and Zach agrees, stating she truly is an amazing woman. She asks Zach to stop playing games and tell her what's really going on. He thanks her for the coffee and doughnuts but he has nothing further to say. She tries to explain that his stint in jail could turn into 20 or 30 years. Myrtle calls him hopeless and reminds him that he lost Maria long ago and will now lose another woman he loves. Zach asks if he told her now that he didn't kill Madden, would she believe him? Myrtle replies that she certainly would but Zach interrupts stating Kendall doesn't and Tad's lying. Myrtle explains that his pride is far too much for him because he has everything a man would ever want and need. She kisses him goodbye and heads out.

    Babe is Rescued!

    Tuesday, August 08 2006

    Erica confides to Myrtle. She's so worried that her son is out there somewhere and maybe dead. Myrtle asks if there's anything Erica needs or can help her with and tells her the overwhelming feeling of Guilt is tough. Erica gazes at Myrtle, guilt she pauses. It's what Erica is feeling and desperately tells her she wants another chance with Josh to make things right. To be the mother she wants to be to him. Jeff rushes in to tell them they found everyone ALIVE! Gleaming, Erica says ...Josh is coming home...!

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