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    All My Children CAST - Myrtle Fargate (Deceased) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Myrtle Fargate (Deceased) Played by Eileen Herlie (Deceased) on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eileen Herlie

    Birthday: 1920-03-08
    Birthplace: Glasgow, Scotlond
    Real Name: Eileen Herlie (Deceased)
    Height: 5'4"


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    Zach Can't Hold It Together

    Monday, July 30 2007

    In the NICU, Dr. Delano and Joe tell Kendall and Zach about a hole in the baby's heart. They tell them it is a normal thing for a premie of this type and suggest surgery to repair the problem. Joe tells them they will have to collapse one of the baby's lungs in order to do the surgery. Zach asks what Joe would do. Joe tells them he would do it. Zach asks what Kendall wants but she can't answer. She agrees to the surgery. Erica walks in to the room and they fill her in. Erica takes Kendall back to her room but Zach stays to talk with the doctors. "Is he strong enough for this?" he asks. They tell him it is the baby's only hope. Dr. Delano and Joe allow Zach to stay behind with the baby while they get ready for surgery. Zach calls Myrtle but gets her message machine. She has left him a message and as she talks Zach is reassured about the kids. She tells him to let his feelings out, not to keep everything inside. "You're a father now," Myrtle says and the machine clicks off. Zach breaks down, crying and alone in the hallway. He looks into the NICU and then follows the doctors and the baby to the operating room. Zach sits down to wait outside the doors.

    Greenlee: Party Crasher!

    Thursday, May 31 2007

    At the Slater home, Spike's birthday party gets underway. Ryan and Annie enjoy a few moments alone. Erica steps over to speak with Ryan and Annie for a moment, making a kind of peace. Erica asks Julia about the weather, worrying that a storm might be coming in. Ryan places a clown nose on Emma and they sneak up on Annie. The reality camera crew arrives and Erica tries to make them leave. "This is a camera-free zone," Erica says when Pam refuses to leave. Erica won't give up any ground and Pam leaves. Myrtle applauds her actions and tells Erica that she has been watching the reality show - and is voting for reconciliation! "When are you and Jack getting together again?" she asks and is saddened when Erica says reconciliation is out of the question. She tells Myrtle that Jack has taken things too far for her to turn back now!

    Inside their new home, which is nearly ready for them to move in, Kendall takes pictures of Spike and Zach with his new hobby horse. Zach puts a black jewelry box in Spike's hand and they give Kendall a present of her own. It's a mother's ring, with stones representing Spike's birth month, the new baby's birth month and Zach's birth month. Kendall is stunned by the gift and kisses both of her men. They head outside to join the party as a thunderstorm approaches! In a hurry, they move the party inside. Both Josh and Erica asks Julia if she is okay; she tells them she is only tired. Erica Lily and Annie admire Kendall's new ring. A late arrival, hidden behind a huge teddy bear arrives. "Surprise," Greenlee says, and the party grinds to a halt. Lily is the first to welcome the late arrival. Jack steps in, trying to pull Greenlee away from the party. She insists she is simply being nice. "I'm reaching out. Let's see if anyone reaches back," she says! When Zach tries to approach Greenlee, Kendall stops him. Josh talks to her, asking if she wants to leave with him! Erica steals him away. Julia asks Greenlee where she found the bear. She tells Greens about Kathy, but Greenlee gets annoyed, thinking Julia is trying to push her into adoption! Jack asks Ryan to take things easy on Greens, that she is trying to mend fences. Ryan isn't so sure but says he will try. Jonathan talks to Lily for a moment but she quickly leaves him alone. Lily asks Greenlee why everyone is so strange now that she has arrived but Greenlee doesn't answer.Kendall, Erica and Zach return with the cake. Kendall mentions that she should maybe talk to Greenlee, but Erica tells her not to - that Greenlee is only trying to make trouble. Greens prepares to leaves but stops short when she sees Ryan with Emma. Emma mentions the bear and Ryan introduces them. He leaves to get some cake for the little girl. Zach takes his place, telling Greenlee to back off because Kendall doesn't need this kind of stress! "Why don't you just go home?" he asks, but Greenlee refuses. Across the room, Erica makes her apologies and leaves, warning Kendall not to take Greenlee at face value. At the door, Kendall and Greenlee run into one another. She introduces herself to Spike and asking Kendall if she can hold the boy. Kendall holds tight to Spike and leaves Greenlee standing at the door. The party gets quiet and Greenlee talks to Emma for a moment. When Emma mentions wanting another little brother or sister, Greenlee's face falls. She leaves. Zach calls Kendall back to the room, telling her that Greenlee is gone. A nervous Kendall comes back. The lights go out, scaring Emma. Zach heads for the car to find a flashlight as Greenlee returns, soaking wet. "The road is washed out," she exclaims!

    Drama, Drama!

    Wednesday, April 25 2007

    At the yacht club, workers are preparing for a party. Erica has put together a last minute going away party for Bianca and Zoe! The entire Kane and Montgomery families are there, along with Myrtle. Seeing Jack across the room, Erica approaches him, thanking him for coming to the party. "It's good to have the family together," she says, when Jack asks how she feels about his being there. Kendall and Josh watch as they skirt the real issues. A waiter arrives, announcing that dinner is ready and she leaves. Josh takes Jack aside, telling him that Jeff wasn't invited because he and Erica are no longer an item. Zoe and Zach talk about their pasts, both having come to terms with their fathers. Kendall takes Bianca aside, asking how she is supposed to get through the pregnancy and her life with her sister. Sad because she is leaving but excited about her plans, Bianca tells her that things will be fine. Lily begins talking to Bianca and Kendall about Ava; both are excited to meet her. At the bar, Kendall begins showing pictures of Spike. Across the room, Myrtle captures Erica's attention, telling her that she is happy that Erica and Jack are getting on so well. "Is there some kind of progress?" Myrtle asks, believing that she sees sparks between them. Erica tells her there are no sparks, believing that Jack is unreachable. Myrtle tells her not to give up. The group sits down to dinner and Jack proposes a toast to Binks. Erica gives a toast to Zoe, bringing back a memory of Erica supporting Greenlee. Kendall is next in the toasts, telling Bianca that she won't give birth without her sister by her side. Josh stands to give his own toast but is interrupted when Tad and Jamie burst onto the scene. Telling them that Jenny is gone and that Adam is behind Janet's disappearance, Tad asks Jack for help. Bianca and Zoe rush to the hospital to be with Babe. Tad believes that Adam may have put Janet and the baby on the yacht and demands that the harbormaster give him the slip number. The harbormaster refuses, telling them that the yacht sailed - with no destination point! Jamie calls the Coast Guard and helps Tad get ready to get on the boat that will begin searching for the Chandler yacht.

    The Lights Go Out!

    Friday, March 23 2007

    While decorating her apartment for Miranda's birthday party, Bianca worries about what Adam will do to Krystal. Josh could care less. He feels that anything that happens to Krystal is deserved! Bianca can't believe what he just said and they begin bickering. Zoe arrives to help as Myrtle, Lily and Jack arrive for the shindig. They volunteer to help get things ready. Zoe asks for Lily's help, and she asks, "You look like a man, why are you dressed like a woman?" Zoe explains herself to Lily, who is very accepting. Barbara arrives to apologize to Bianca for her behavior at the Pine Valley Inn - and then asks if she can stay for the party! Reluctantly, Bianca agrees that she can stay. Annoyed, Jack wonders why Barbara would want to attend the party. Erica, Kendall and Zach arrive with presents. Erica suggests that they make their announcement to the group and congratulations are offered all around. Myrtle, especially, is excited about the baby news. Lily stops the party, asking if she can still be an aunt if the divorce goes through. Before anyone can answer, Miranda and the nanny arrive and the party gets started! No one except Binks and Zoe are concentrating on Miranda, though. Josh tells Kendall about Krystal and Tad and when she doesn't jump to tell him he was right, walks away angrily. Lily talks to Erica, telling her that she doesn't like Barbara being around as Sean pulls Barbara away from the party and asks her to leave. When she doesn't leave, Erica pulls her away, reinforcing Sean's words! "You better get out of here fast before we start playing pin the tail on the floozy!" she says. Still, Barbara stays. Across the room, Zach wonders if he will be a good father and Myrtle gives him her vote of confidence. Erica sits with Myrtle, who tells her there is a way back to Jack and encourages her to find it! Meanwhile, Jack offers Kendall his congratulations. As Miranda opens the last present, Zoe says there is one more. She has written a song for Miranda and begins to sing to her! Jack says goodbye and Barbara asks if he'll take her home as well. Zach and Kendall also leave. Bianca and Zoe begin to clean up the party mess and Zoe reaches out to her. Binks thanks Zoe for the song and Zoe moves to leave. Bianca stops her, and the two move close together.

    Ready To Run?

    Thursday, March 08 2007

    At the casino, Kendall asks Zach to let her help him but he won't open up. He kisses her and pulls her close as Myrtle arrives! Comfortable with the older woman, Zach relaxes with his friend. Seeing that he is having trouble dealing with his father, Myrtle tells him that he is a different person from Alexander. "You deserve a wonderful life," she says, telling him there is no reason to carry guilt for Alexander's actions.

    An Emotional Day

    Friday, February 16 2007

    At the cemetery, Ryan shows Jack the most recent note from the killer, wondering why the killer has chosen to communicate with him. Jack doesn't have any answers. He surprises Ryan with his next words. "I've heard from Greenlee!" She contacted Jack after hearing about the killings. Hearing from Greenlee has made Jack realize all he has to lose and he swears to help protect Kendall. Tad and Derek arrive as flower delivery men bring in gardenias and white ribbons! Derek takes the flowers away as the guests begin arriving. Amanda stands over Babe's coffin with Jonathan and Aidan. Bianca hugs Tad and then moves to comfort Krystal. Palmer and Opal make a beeline for Dixie's casket. Myrtle and Dr. Joe Martin arrive and speak with Zach. When Zoe arrives, the gathered crowd turns to watch. Erica arrives with Jeff, causing Jack to look twice. Zach remains near the entrance, almost as if he is standing guard. Adam opens the floor for others to talk about Babe and Dixie. Bianca steps up, telling them that she had forgiven Babe for taking Miranda and that she wished Babe could know. Tad remembers the first time he met Dixie at Myrtle's store. After being so strong, Tad breaks down a little. "I could see my future," he says, crying. "I could see our future." Jamie comes up, to lead Tad back to his seat. Di steps up, saying "I'm going to miss her every day of my life!" In tears, Krystal throws herself on top of Babe's casket. Adam and Colby quickly lead her back to her seat. Zoe stands up and begins to sing, "You Lift Me Up". She continues to sing as the rest of Pine Valley file by the caskets. Finally stepping forward, JR reaches out to touch Babe's casket and begins to cry.

    Home for the holidays

    Tuesday, December 26 2006

    Myrtle is visiting a depressed Erica on Christmas Eve. When she tells Erica that it's clear she still loves Jack and should be home, Erica says that if Jack still loves her, he's the one who should come to her and apologize. Palmer arrives to escort Myrtle to dinner.

    Sean comes to see Erica and tell her that Jack wants her to come home. He also hands over another "J" gift—a chocolate heart.

    Josh next comes to see Erica, and he tells her that if he's had any part in the problems between Erica and Jack, he's sorry. Erica suddenly makes a decision and takes Josh and goes home, where she has a happy reunion with Jack. After she arrives, Sean texts Colby to let her know their plan worked.

    Farewell to Simone and Erin

    Wednesday, December 20 2006

    The two lost women of Fusion "fought like warriors" for the people they loved, says Kendall in her eulogy.

    Jon tries to pay tribute to Erin, but is too broken up to continue with his eulogy for his sister.

    The remaining Fusion women place roses on the coffins and hold hands, surrounding their lost friends.

    After the service, Tad and Aidan ask Derek to let them help him find what appears to be a serial killer. He tells them to "stay out of his way"—and keep an eye on their loved ones.

    Tad declines to go to the post-funeral reception, and stays to keep vigil at the cemetery. Brooke tells Dixie that Tad's gone off to a place where they can't reach him. What can they do?

    Zach tells Kendall he'll be late getting to Fusion. He's going to look for answers. Tad is alone at the cemetery, except for Zach, who approaches and says he wants to hire Tad. Tad is surprised and asks who Zach wants investigated. "Me," Zach replies.

    Does this have anything to do with the murders, asks Tad? Zach says there's a message in it—a message to him. He gives Tad a packet of information that he claims is "everything about him" and to do whatever he need to do to find answers. But what does this have to do with Zach, asks Tad? "Gardenia…and a single white ribbon."

    Secrets and lies

    Wednesday, November 29 2006

    Erica challenges Jack as everyone in the dining room looks on—and says that it appears that divorce is what he wants, and flounces out of the room. Bianca and Kendall are unsure about what to do, but Josh goes up to see Erica in her room. He says he just wanted to see if she was ok. She ends up telling him that she wishes she could do something to ease his pain, but he insists he's "fine."

    Jeff tells Jack he's "an idiot" and that Erica planned to return home. If their marriage ends, it'll be Jack's fault. He tells Jack that "the battle for Erica is just beginning. I just want to make sure it's a fair one."

    Jeff goes up to see Erica, who insists that her marriage is over. She claims that Jack doesn't understand her—and expects her to act like a conventional housewife. Jack is 100% responsible for the end of their marriage!

    "Erica, you don't really want a divorce, do you?" asks Jeff. Why else would she be so worked up? He admits that he wants her…but that the rest is up to her.

    Myrtle asks Zach if it's possible if Erica is headed for Divorce #10—and the maitre d' tells him that this is the last Kane Thanksgiving at the Valley Inn!

    Kendall, Bianca, and Josh are discussing their mother—and Kendall and Bianca agree that Jack and Erica are soulmates. Also, they insist that Josh's defense of Erica at dinner demonstrates that he's now "one of them."

    Brooke thanks Jack for being a good friend, and tells him that the only way he can lose Erica to Jeff is if he wants to.

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