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    All My Children CAST - Babe Carey Chandler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Babe Carey Chandler Played by Alexa Havins on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alexa Havins

    Birthday: 1980-11-16
    Birthplace: Artesia, New Mexico
    Marital Status: Married, co-star Justin Bruening June 2005
    Real Name: Alexa Havins


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    Richie's In Big Trouble!

    Monday, October 08 2007

    Annie asks Richie to hand over Emma but he hesitates, telling Annie how much Emma looks like their mother. Annie takes Emma inside and tells Richie to stay where he is. Everyone questions Babe, making her really nervous about Wes. Tad tells her who "Wes" really is. Babe can't believe it. Annie walks in with Emma, and leaves her inside. She, Adam, Tad and JR go outside but Richie is nowhere to be found! They return inside. Krystal hugs Babe and Annie wonders where Ryan could be. Tad calls Detective Perry, who promises to return to them soon. Babe can't believe that Wes is really Richie and has been stalking her friend. JR attacks her choice to even see Wes/Richie. Adam steps in and defends Babe, telling JR to back off. Babe is having trouble believing that the sweet "Wes" she knew is really Annie's crazy brother. Det. Perry arrives and asks what Wes/Richie did in the cabin and Babe says he was the perfect gentleman and helped with the kids. Annie tells Babe and the detective it was all an act. Babe would rather trust her own instincts and tells Annie so. Annie can't listen to her. Greenlee sticks close to Annie, telling her over and over that she believes her about Richie. Adam tells Krystal and Colby that the Chandler security team is on the case to help track down Richie. Krystal asks why he is being so nice. Outside, Tad reassures Greenlee that Ryan and Aidan will be okay with Richie. He returns inside just in time to hear Adam tell Krystal that he is trying to be a nice guy. She wants to know why. Det. Perry gets a call that Aidan and Ryan left the Pine Cone an hour before. Julia leaves, telling Babe how sorry she is about everything. Ryan calls Annie and tells her that he and Aidan have Richie. She demands to know where they are but Ryan won't tell her anything. He hangs up and that makes Annie even more nervous. The detective asks where Ryan was and Annie tells him that she heard Polka music. He deducts that they must be at the Octoberfest situation. JR gathers little A to leave, on his way out the door he tells Greenlee that she'll understand how he feels about little A if she ever has a child. At the bar Colby, Babe and Krystal wonder how they could have been deluded by Richie. Tad tells them they were simply fooled. Colby wonders if Richie is the honest sibling and Annie is the liar.

    Is Richie Really Crazy?

    Friday, October 05 2007

    JR reacts badly to news that Wes isn't the nice, fun-loving guy he appeared to be. Annie tries to call Babe's cell phone but Wes/Richie answers instead of Babe! He doesn't say anything for several minutes as Annie calls out to Babe, finally she realizes someone else must be on the line instead of her friend. He "accidentally" drops the phone and it breaks apart. Babe returns from her check of the weather. Wes/Richie tells her that phone is broken but since Annie seemed to be in a hurry to see Emma, he says they should leave now. Babe is nervous about his sudden change of heart about leaving the cabin. Wes/Richie holds Babe for a while but Babe can't stop worrying about Annie. She tells him that Annie has fought against a lot of odds to keep Emma with her. He is quiet for a while and then tells Babe more about his family. Wes/Richie pauses, unable to talk freely and Babe tells him he can trust her. He hems and haws a little. Emma and little A wake and Babe realizes the rain has stopped. Wes/Richie isn't sure he wants to leave!

    Everyone settles in to wait for news of Babe and the kiddos. A few minutes later Babe walks in with the kids, stunned because everyone is giving her the third degree about Wes! Annie runs outside, looking for Emma. Richie is there, holding her. "Hey, sis," he says!

    Is Hannah In Love With Zach?

    Thursday, October 04 2007

    A storm is brewing at the picnic but luckily Wes knows just where to go with Babe and the kids - a secluded cabin! They make themselves comfortable and Wes builds a fire, playing with little A and Emma the whole time. The kids are playing in some old newspaper and wrestling around with Wes. He suggests they build s'mores and turns away. Wes pulls the knife from his pocket! Babe pulls out the picnic fixings - carrots and celery and trail mix but Wes digs into the basket for chocolate and marshmallows and tells them a few stories. The kids settle down after a while; Babe and Richie talk about kids and their pasts. She asks about his family, specifically his "crazy" sister! Babe interrupts him to put the kids down for a nap. Wes pulls out the s'more fixings again and they have a snack. Babe asks for more of his childhood stories. He says it is just him and his dad now because his sister isn't part of the family. "Somewhere along the line she stopped putting us first," he says and tells Babe that he wants to find his sister so he can show her how much he still cares. Annie reaches Babe on her cell phone. The connection is bad because of their location. She tells Annie Emma is fine and they are just waiting for the storm to pass. Emma wakes and Babe hands over the phone so Emma can talk. She tells Annie about the house-eating-bunny story that Wes told her earlier! Annie gets nervous and asks Babe to come home immediately. Babe agrees and hangs up. She asks Wes if he wants to meet Annie! Wes leaves to check on the car and the roads. He returns and tells Babe they are stuck for a while because of the rain. Babe isn't worried until Wes says they may be stuck in the cabin all night long.

    Get Me Off This Island!

    Tuesday, October 02 2007

    Greenlee arrives, late, to Fusion. Ava is missing in action and none of the girls can figure out how to reel her in. Kendall tells them all to get to work and Babe asks for some time off in the afternoon. Amanda asks her if she is going to see Wes. Ava arrives, sees Babe trying on a wedding veil and gets mad. She thinks they are making fun of Jonathan's proposal and won't believe them when they say the veil is just a prop for the photo shoot. She mentions Jonathan and they all realize that Jonathan has proposed. "It's awful," Ava says, crying and pulling Greenlee in to a hug. The Fusion girls try to comfort Ava but she is inconsolable. Greenlee wonders why Jonathan is bringing up marriage with Ava - the woman who looks exactly like his ex! Kendall pulls Greenlee away from the other woman and they begin arguing about intentions and apologies. Babe and Amanda give up and leave the office. Kendall and Greens keep arguing and then Kendall starts to laugh. When she is sure they are alone, Kendall tells Greenlee that she was picking a fight to clear the room so they can talk. She tells Greens about the boys but says they have to be careful about their friendship still because other people won't understand.

    Wes calls Babe as she is on the way out of Fusion. He tells her how excited he is about their outing and then hangs up. Wes finishes up a few preparations for the bar - and puts one of the knives from the chopping board into his backpack! Babe arrives a while later and introduces Emma and little A to Wes. Babe tells Wes about Emma's guard. Wes wonders why the girl needs a guard but Babe doesn't tell him. Together, they all leave for their picnic. On the way out, Babe gives Emma's guard the rest of the day off. Wes tells Emma that she looks exactly like a girl he knew a long time ago.

    Jonathan Proposes to Ava!

    Monday, October 01 2007

    Wes kisses Babe, who is getting in very deep. She asks about his past but Wes doesn't have much to say so she asks about his present and future but Wes doesn't open up about those things either. He tells Babe he heard about Pine Valley from a childhood friend and decided to come there for a fresh start. He also says he isn't CEO material but that he wants to live comfortably. Julia calls Babe to ask her to take care of Emma the next day since Kathy's sick. Babe agrees. She tells Wes about the next day's play-date and he volunteers to help her out! Babe isn't sure what to think about his offer, especially when Wes tells her about a place he knows out of town. Wes charms her though and she agrees to let him tag along. Wes leaves. Babe arrives home and calls Julia. She leaves a message when Julia doesn't answer, telling her that she'll be there to pick up Emma at noon with a friend.

    Wes is Really Richie!!

    Friday, September 28 2007

    After their batting cage date, Wes and Babe head to the park to enjoy some more outdoor fun. Babe tells him about getting hit in the face with a ball as a child and Krystal going after everyone at the park because of it. Wes's mom was the same way. He mentions being a Padres fan and tells her that the team actually drafted him! He gets quiet and tells her that his plans changed, though, so he never played in the majors. Babe tells him her hopes of being a ballerina. Wes encourages her to follow her dreams but Babe says she is too busy being the adult, for little A's sake. Babe shows Wes a few ballet positions and they flirt a bit. Babe asks him about his past but Wes clams up. To get him to talk, he does a few ballet moves of her own. Wes turns things a little serious but Babe backs off, telling him they need to go slow. He agrees to go at any speed she wants and then kisses her.

    Babe is Getting in Deep!

    Thursday, September 27 2007

    Ava meets JR at conFusion and immediately starts coming on to him. Babe walks in, sits down at the bar and orders a drink fro Del, who isn't happy about the new development with Ava and JR. He leaves as Wes walks in with a surprise for Babe. He won't let her see what is inside the large package and she wonders what he has in mind. They chat a while, with Babe talking - a lot! - about JR and his relationships. Finally realizing what she is doing, she clams up. Wes tells her to keep talking, because he is interested in her entire package! He kisses her and then asks if things are truly over between she and JR. She assures him it is and wonders if he is trying to get serious. He says he doesn't want anything serious and she asks him about his plans for the evening. They leave. Wes takes Babe to the batting cages and gives her a few batting tips.

    Keep Your Enemies Close...

    Tuesday, September 25 2007

    JR meets Amanda at ConFusion to tell her about Ava falling into line with his plans. Babe and Wes walk in and Amanda invites them to join the party. Reluctantly Babe and Wes sit down. JR isn't thrilled with the new arrivals. Amanda fills JR in on Wes's job at The Comeback, which makes him even more leery of their involvement. JR offers a toast to Wes for saving Babe's life and then calls for the missing champagne. JR walks away. Wes follows a few moments later. When they girls are alone, Babe goes off on her friend, upset that Amanda asked them over. Amanda doesn't see that she did anything wrong. Babe calls Amanda out, asking why she is so insecure about her relationship with JR.

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