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    All My Children CAST - Di Henry - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Di Henry Played by Kelli Giddish on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kelli Giddish

    Birthday: 1980-04-13
    Birthplace: Draffenville, KY
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Kelli Giddish


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    That's My Daughter!

    Tuesday, November 18 2008

    Di is brought in to the clinic, dead. Greenlee sees her and calls Jake. Aidan's monitors begin to buzz and she rushes to his side.

    Moving Plans!

    Monday, November 17 2008

    At the hotel, Ryan, Greenlee and Aidan rush into the room and find Di on the ground! Annie says Di took Emma; Ryan rushes to her side and tries to get Di talking. She tells Ryan to ask Annie where Emma is; Annie says she was trying to get Di to tell her the truth when the gun went off. She says she saw Di in the lobby and followed her to the room. Aidan and Greenlee question her. Annie tells them that Di is the only one who knows where Emma is. Aidan looks back, sees Di point the gun and pushes Greenlee out of the way. Di shoots and Aidan is hit! Di collapses and Ryan says she is dead. He and Greenlee try to save Aidan but Annie is frozen. Just then Jesse and several police officers burst into the room. He tries to talk to Greenlee but Annie gets nervous and tells him to rest. The paramedics give Aidan more medications. Two officers question Ryan but when he explains that Di was the bad guy, they don't believe him. Greenlee tries to go with Aidan but the officers stop her. "Not until you are interrogated," the officer says. Ryan goes nuts, yelling at the officers but Jesse shuts him up, saying he'll handle it.

    But, I Love You!

    Friday, November 14 2008

    Annie goes to another room and calls for Emma. Di comes out of another room and says Emma couldn't make the trip – and she knows all about Annie's plans! "You picked the wrong girl and I won't go down for you," she says and pulls a gun on Annie! Annie asks where Emma is but Di won't tell her. They struggle for the gun and it goes off. In the hall, Ryan, Greenlee and Aidan hear the shot.

    Annie Contacts Ryan!

    Monday, November 10 2008

    In her hideaway, Annie hangs up the phone and takes a drink of champagne! She calls Di to check on Emma; Di says the kiddo is fine! She offers to let Annie talk to Emma but Annie says she shouldn't do that. They go over their meeting plans and then Annie hangs up. Aidan arrives and watches her through a window.

    Who Sent the Locket?

    Wednesday, September 19 2007

    At Fusion, Babe’s getting decked out all in sexy black. Amanda guesses that Babe’s got a date. Babe admits that she’s going out with Wes, which she tries to pass off as nothing serious, but admits that he’s cute. Girly squeals erupt as Kendall enters. Hugs all around. “Fusion’s really Fusion again!” Amanda says, thrilled to have Kendall back. Kendall tells them that Ian should be coming home soon and when catching them up on the latest news, lets them know that Annie won’t be in anytime soon. Di shows up, having been asked by Kendall to come for a staff meeting. She tells them that the meeting will be about Greenlee. “I will not let Fusion be torn apart, so I’ve called a cease-fire,” she explains. The girls are shocked, skeptical, and none-too-happy. Kendall assures them that things will work out fine and that she and Greenlee will never be friends again. The girls show Kendall the newest tabloid on Ava. They’re unhappy, but when Babe and Amanda suggest that they drop Ava, Kendall and Di want nothing to hear about it. Greenlee enters and overhears the conversation, then steps in. “Ava is Fusion Green,” she says. “She stays.”

    Kendall Takes Action!

    Friday, August 17 2007

    Aidan meets Di at conFusion. She is obviously uncomfortable and instead of grabbing a table for lunch, she asks him to take a seat so they can talk. She tells him about a new opportunity at Fusion, for her to be a rep for the company in New York. Aidan is annoyed that she decided to take the job without even asking his thoughts on the matter. Di apologizes but tells him it is something she needs to do. Aidan makes light of the situation and the whole breaking up process and asks Di to skip to the "let's be friends" part of the date. He kissing her hand and says he won't have any regrets. Di tells Aidan she is nervous about the move and the job, hoping that a change of scene will help her start a life and stop floating along. They talk about old times a bit. He tells her to watch out for herself. "You take care of you," she says, kisses his cheek and quickly walks away.

    Annie's Father Is Deaf - And Angry!

    Wednesday, August 15 2007

    Ryan goes to Fusion to find Annie but neither Babe nor Di knows where she is, or at least they pretend not to. Di tries to change the subject but Ryan asks directly where Annie may have gone. Neither answers him, which only makes Ryan more worried. When he keeps going on and on, Di tells him Annie is fine. Ryan wonders how she knows that. She tells him Annie just had a few errands to run but Ryan doesn't buy the explanation and demands to know where she went. Di tells him she is doing research for Spike's condition but Ryan doesn't believe that either. She tells Ryan that Annie didn't want to get his hopes up and that is why she didn't tell him straight out. "She wanted to plan for all the options," Di says but Ryan still doesn't believe her. Babe backs Di up. Ryan leaves and Babe asks what is really going on. Di tells her that Annie told her something in confidence and she doesn't feel right about telling Ryan. Babe is torn between understanding where Di is coming from and her friendship with Ryan. She pushes the issue, asking Di why Annie is keeping secrets. Di tells Babe not to push things because Annie has every right to bury her past - and keep it buried! This only makes Babe more curious but Di won't fill her in on anything. "Annie's had more than her share of bad memories," Di says and asks Babe to drop it.

    Jack Won't Turn On Greenlee

    Tuesday, August 14 2007

    At Fusion, Annie tries to focus on work rather than the drama in her personal life but quickly thoughts of Spike and Ian take over. Di tells her not to worry about work, to let the others do that, and instead go back to her family. But Annie can't. She feels like she needs to act, to do something. Her phone rings, interrupting them, but it is a wrong number and she is disappointed. Di wonders who she hoped that call would be from. "I called him. I had to, for Spike," she says, shocking Di who obviously knows what Annie is taking about. She tells Di she didn't want to call "him" but didn't feel she had a choice because she needed to help Ryan! Di tells Annie that she needs to tell Ryan everything but Annie doesn't feel like she can yet. Instead, she tells Di that she needs to go! Di leaves. As soon as she is alone Annie calls the airlines to make a last minute reservation.

    Will Greenlee Leave?

    Thursday, August 02 2007

    Babe, Amanda and Di are going over a few new plans for Fusion Green. All of them are feeling drained and ready for a break. Babe decides they should take a break for manning the phones and grab some breakfast. They are going over menus when Erica arrives. She congratulates them on the campaign webcast and they ask about Kendall about the babies. Erica tells them the boys and Kendall are doing great and then asks the girls to start rearranging furniture. They have no idea what Erica wants but hop to her orders. A few workers come in with a ton of baby things, hoping the Fusion girls will store the baby things until Ian's ready to come home, so that in case Ian doesn't come home, Kendall and Zach won't have to deal with all of the newborn things. Erica asks Di and Amanda to go after some food so she can be alone with Babe. Erica surprises Babe. "Whatever hurt you've caused our family, you were there for Kendall and Ian and I'm grateful," she says and asks Babe to keep continue working hard at Fusion, for Kendall! Babe can't believe her ears. Di and Amanda return and they begin unpacking all the things from boxes and wrapping the gifts. Di gets a call and leaves. Erica asks Amanda for some water and continues her talk with Babe. She asks Babe to keep a close eye on Greenlee, because the other woman is going to keep trying to steal Kendall's life, family and business away. She wants Babe to come up with a plan to maneuver Greenlee out of Fusion!

    The Babies Are Okay!

    Tuesday, July 31 2007

    Babe and the others are celebrating the virtual launch when Greenlee walks in the door. She sits down to work as they tell her about the virtual launch. Babe escorts Ava to the elevator, thanking her for her hard work and reminding her to "just say no". Back in the office, Di is baiting Greenlee, telling her that they have been getting along just fine without her. Amanda tries to be gentler with Greens but Di just keeps hammering her. Unable to take it any longer, Greenlee gives them her version of events but none of them buy it. Di reminds her she was headed away from Pine Valley. Babe pipes up, telling Greenlee that it is her fault that Kendall could lose both her children! Babe compares her keeping Miranda to Greenlee trying to kidnap Spike. Greenlee still won't admit what she did. Babe asks what would have happened if Spike would have died and reminds Greenlee that she couldn't have just missed a turn because she was miles in the opposite direction. Di steps in, giving Greenlee a status report - while Kendall was in labor with the new baby and Greenlee was kidnapping Spike, they were saving the company! Amanda tells the other girls to back off but neither Babe nor Di will. Babe gets a call from a reporter, asking for Greenlee. She puts her on hold to ask Greenlee how they should deal with this since the reporter wants information about the Amber Alert for Spike and not the launch. Greens takes the phone and makes up a new story about the accident with Spike - she tells the reporter that she saved Spike's life! "You are a piece of work," Di says. Babe tells Greenlee to look for sympathy elsewhere. Amanda takes over with Greenlee, feeling sorry for her. "I was raised by Janet-from-another-plant," Amanda says, "so you're still sort of human." Babe and Di leave to tell Kendall about the launch. She warns Greenlee to stay away.

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